Magento 2 Yotpo Reviews Extension: 4 Integration Steps

Magento 2 Yotpo Reviews Extension: 4 Integration Steps

Looking to boost your online store's trust and sales? Magento 2 Yotpo Integration is your solution. It allows you to add the Yotpo Reviews extension to your Adobe Commerce store. This extension helps collect and display reviews, enhancing customer loyalty and trust. This article will guide you through creating a Yotpo account and integrating it with Magento 2 (Adobe Commerce). It'll show you how to set up the Yotpo Reviews extension seamlessly.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover how the Yotpo Reviews Extension for Magento 2 enhances trust.

  • Explore the benefits of using the Magento 2 Yotpo Extension for conversion rates.

  • Learn how to set up the Yotpo Reviews Extension in Magento 2 from installation to configuration.

  • Discover how to map order statuses sent to Yotpo to ensure accurate synchronization between your Magento store and Yotpo.

  • Learn how to add Yotpo's Reviews Widget to Magento 2 product pages to provide valuable social proof to potential buyers.

  • Explore how to place Yotpo’s Star Ratings on Magento 2 category pages to showcase overall product ratings.

What is Yotpo Reviews Extension for Magento 2?

The Yotpo Reviews extension for Magento 2 (Adobe Commerce) helps store owners collect and show customer reviews on their sites. This extension is important for any Magento store owner who wants to build trust and increase positive customer feedback.

After a customer makes a purchase, the Yotpo Reviews extension sends them a request to leave a review. Customers can then write reviews for the products they bought, which the store owner can display on their website. This process helps future customers make better decisions and makes the store look more trustworthy.

The Yotpo extension makes sure that collecting and showing reviews doesn't cause any problems for the store or the customer's shopping journey. It also makes sure that product and order information is shared between Magento and Yotpo. This way, sending out review requests is automatic and easy.

By using customer reviews throughout the buyer's journey, stores can improve and attract new customers. Positive reviews act as proof that other people have had good experiences, which encourages new customers to buy from the store.

Benefits of Using Magento 2 Yotpo Extension

1. Enhancing Search Engine Visibility with User Reviews

The Magento 2 Yotpo extension incorporates user-generated reviews to increase Google's SEO rankings. Reviews not only boost your website's SEO but also initiate customer conversations. When prospective buyers see positive feedback from others, they are more likely to make a purchase. For eCommerce platforms like Adobe Commerce (Magento), this user-generated content is invaluable.

It enhances SEO across social media, improves search engine result page (SERP) rankings, and more. With the Yotpo Reviews extension, you can highlight customer feedback. It includes product reviews and testimonials, further boosting your website's SEO.

2. Boosting Conversion Rates with Precise Tracking

Yotpo's advanced tracking system begins monitoring when a customer interacts with Yotpo Reviews. It also monitors related widgets on your website. This tracking observes if the customer proceeds to make a purchase, offering insights into Magento conversion rates.

It tracks Reviews Widget, Star Rating, Q&A Widget, Reviews Carousel, Reviews Tab, and On-site Galleries. This feature provides an understanding of customer engagement and its impact on sales.

3. Building Trust and Credibility

Yotpo assists over 10,000 Magento stores in increasing trust and sales through customer reviews. Positive feedback from customers boosts a store's credibility significantly. Yotpo's seamless integration with Adobe Commerce (Magento 2) allows businesses to grow. It does so by earning customer recommendations and repeat business.

4. Gaining a Competitive Advantage

The Yotpo extension leverages the latest technology to provide businesses with the tools needed for growth. It helps both small and large businesses. By utilizing positive reviews, businesses can achieve higher conversion rates. It gives them a competitive edge.

Yotpo's integration employs social proof to influence buyer decisions. Its interactive features keep users engaged. Additionally, analytics offer insights for crafting tailored ecommerce strategies. It ensures your business stands out in the marketplace.

Set Up Yotpo Reviews Extension in Magento 2

Step 1: Install the Yotpo extension

1. Installing Through Adobe Commerce Marketplace

  1. Visit the Adobe Marketplace.

  2. Search and add the Yotpo module to your cart.

  3. Complete the checkout. This step is free, and no payment information is needed.

  4. After checkout, choose "Install" and pick the version that matches your Magento setup.

  5. The marketplace provides instructions for the installation. Follow these steps carefully to install the Yotpo extension on your Magento store.

2. Installing with Composer

  1. Access your server's command line interface.

  2. Navigate to your Adobe Commerce 2 (previously Magento) installation folder.

  3. Execute the commands below in sequence:

    • composer require yotpo/module-review (For specific versions, see the note below.)
    • php bin/magento maintenance:enable
    • php bin/magento setup:upgrade
    • php bin/magento setup:di:compile
    • php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy
    • php bin/magento maintenance:disable
    • php bin/magento cache:flush

Note: Version Compatibility

  • For Adobe Commerce 2.0.X, use composer require yotpo/module-review:2.4.5 for the Yotpo Plugin.

  • For Adobe Commerce 2.1.X, use composer require yotpo/module-review:2.7.5.

Step 2: Create a Yotpo Account

  1. Go to the Yotpo website to start the account creation process.

  2. Fill in Account Details:

Magento 2 Yotpo create account process

  • Full Name: Enter your desired account name.
  • Email Address: Provide your email for Yotpo communications.
  • Password: Choose a secure password for your account.
  • Click "Create Account" to proceed.
  1. On the "We’re Almost Done" screen, provide additional details about your store.

Magento 2 Yotpo almost done screen

  • Set Platform: Select "Magento 2" from the options.
  • Website URL: Input the URL of your Magento store.
  • Monthly Orders: Select the appropriate range for your store's average monthly orders from the dropdown menu.
  • Phone Number: Enter a contact number for your account.
  1. Finalize by clicking "Finish".

Step 3: Get the API Key

  1. Access your Yotpo dashboard by logging in.

  2. Click the Profile icon located in the top right corner.

  3. Choose Store Settings from the menu.

  4. Find your app key listed at the bottom of the General Settings section.

  5. To obtain your secret key, click on Get Secret Key within the General Settings.

Magento 2 Yotpo get API key

  1. Check your email for a verification code sent to the email address linked to your Yotpo account.

  2. Enter the verification code received via email and click Submit.

  3. Your secret key will be displayed on the next screen. Keep this key secure and only share it with trusted individuals.

Step 4: Enable the Yotpo Module

  1. Navigate to Stores > Settings > Configuration in the Admin sidebar.

Magento 2 Yotpo enable module admin sidebar

  1. Use the dropdown to select Default Store View.

Magento 2 Yotpo enable module default view

  1. Choose Yotpo configuration.

Magento 2 Yotpo enable module Yotpo configuration

  1. Input your Yotpo App Key and Secret Key in the Setup area.

  2. Change Enable Yotpo to Yes.

  3. Click Save Config.

  4. For multiple store views, repeat these steps for each one via the Store View menu.

  5. Magento automatically sets default values for Widget and Sync settings upon completion.

How to Map Order Statuses Sent to Yotpo?

Order Statuses are a key element that triggers orders to be sent to Yotpo. You can choose which orders will be sent to Yotpo by customizing the order status:

  1. Log into your Adobe Commerce Admin page.

  2. Select Stores.

  3. Go to Configuration.

  4. Pick the relevant store view.

  5. Click on Yotpo.

  6. Choose Reviews and Visual Marketing.

Magento 2 Yotpo map order statuses

  1. Open the Sync Settings menu.

  2. Scroll to Order Sync Statuses. Here, you can map and customize your order statuses.

  3. Choose the order statuses you want to sync with Yotpo.

How to Add Yotpo's Reviews Widget to Magento 2 Product Pages?

  1. Log into Magento Admin.

  2. Select Stores > Configuration.

  3. Pick the relevant store view.

  4. Click Yotpo.

  5. Go to Reviews and Visual Marketing.

  6. In Yotpo Configurations Page, set Show Reviews Widget to No.

  7. Insert the code <?= $this->helper('Yotpo\Yotpo\Helper\Data')->showWidget($block) ?> in your theme where you want the widget.

How to Place Yotpo’s Star Ratings on Magento 2 Category Pages?

The Yotpo star rating feature compiles and displays an overall star rating for your products on both the product and category pages.

You can install the Yotpo star rating on two different pages:

  1. Log into Adobe Commerce Admin page.

  2. Click on Stores.

  3. Select Configuration.

  4. Choose the relevant store view.

Magento 2 Yotpo place star ratings category pages

  1. Click on Yotpo.

  2. Go to Reviews and Visual Marketing.

  3. In Yotpo Configurations Page, set Show Star Rating on category pages to No.

  4. Insert <?= $this->helper('Yotpo\Yotpo\Helper\Data')->showBottomline($block, $_product) ?> in your theme at the location you want the star ratings to appear.

Best Practices for Yotpo Extension in Magento 2

To optimize your use of the Magento Yotpo Extension, consider these best practices:

  1. Customize Review Request Emails: Before enabling the Yotpo module, tailor the automatic review request email template. This personal touch can improve customer response rates.

  2. Implement the Widget on Product Pages: Placing the review widget on product pages is proven to lift conversion rates. It provides immediate trust signals to potential buyers.

  3. Send a Follow-up Reminder: For customers who haven't responded to the first review request, send one additional reminder. It ensures engagement without overwhelming your customers.

  4. Provide an Unsubscribe Option: Yotpo values customer preferences. Ensure each automatic review request email offers an option for customers to unsubscribe. It prevents any perception of Magento spam.

  5. Clarify Manual Review Requests: When sending manual review requests, be clear that you're seeking feedback. This feedback should be on their overall shopping experience. This clarity can encourage more comprehensive reviews.


1. Can I sync different Adobe Commerce versions with Yotpo?

Yes, you can integrate various Adobe Commerce versions with Yotpo. The process remains consistent across different versions, ensuring seamless integration. Whether you're using Adobe Commerce 2.0.X or 2.1.X, Yotpo's plugin version accommodates these versions for smooth integration.

2. How do I know if a new Yotpo plugin version exists for Adobe Commerce?

Regularly check the Adobe Marketplace. It helps you stay updated on the latest Yotpo plugin version that is compatible with Adobe Commerce. New plugin versions may offer enhancements or fixes, ensuring optimal performance. You can easily upgrade to the latest version to leverage new features and improvements.

3. What steps are involved in upgrading the Yotpo Reviews Extension for Magento 2?

Upgrading the Yotpo Reviews Extension involves a few simple steps. First, check the Adobe Marketplace for any new versions available. Then, follow the installation process outlined in the tutorial to upgrade seamlessly. Ensure compatibility with your Adobe Commerce version before proceeding with the upgrade.

4. Is it possible to integrate a new Magento store with Yotpo?

Yes, you can integrate a new Magento store with Yotpo by following the steps outlined in the tutorial. The process involves creating a Yotpo account and obtaining the API key. Next, enable the Yotpo module in your Magento store's configuration. It ensures that your new store benefits from Yotpo's review management features.

5. How can I install the Yotpo Reviews Extension for Magento 2 on my existing store?

Installing the Yotpo Reviews Extension on your existing Magento 2 store is straightforward. Simply follow the installation instructions provided in the tutorial. It helps you install it via Adobe Commerce Marketplace or Composer.


Magento 2 Yotpo Reviews Extension ensures seamless integration of customer reviews into your Adobe Commerce store. By seamlessly integrating customer reviews into your Adobe Commerce store, you can:

  1. Enhance your search engine visibility through user-generated content.

  2. Skyrocket your conversion rates with precise tracking and analytics.

  3. Build a strong reputation by showcasing positive customer feedback.

  4. Gain a competitive edge in the marketplace by leveraging social proof.

This tutorial covered the process of installing and setting up the Yotpo Reviews Extension on your Magento 2 store. It also includes how to map order statuses and add the Reviews Widget and Star Ratings.

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