Best Magento Marketplace Multi-vendor Extensions

Best Magento Marketplace Multi-vendor Extensions

Magento marketplace extensions allow merchants and vendors to use your website as their e-store.

You can transform your website to sell products from multiple vendors.

The extensions help manage the different sellers on an intuitive dashboard. It also includes managing orders and sales in the store.

We look at the best Magento marketplace multi-vendor Magento extensions.

What is Magento 2 Marketplace Software?

Magento Marketplace is a next generation application store. It offers solutions to convert your store into a multiple vendor shop.

You can share product options from many vendors on the same platform. The multi-vendor marketplace lets you improve store conversions.

It lets you interact with the vendors and customers. You get many admin functions to manage the Magento backend.

Features of a multi-vendor Magento Marketplace include:

  • Separate seller, vendor profiles, and microsite.
  • Product management
  • Multi currencies and multilingual sites
  • Vendor management
  • Multiple themes and templates
  • Payment & shipping support
  • Report system

9 Best Magento Marketplace Multi-vendor Extensions

1. Magenest

Best Magento Marketplace Multi-vendor Extensions -Magenest

The multi-vendor Magento extension will convert your store into a marketplace. You can manage many vendors with different products and sales reports.

It allows you to set commissions for each vendor and manage the data on a unified platform.

Features of Magenest Magento Marketplace:

  • Manage orders and their products efficiently.
  • Set commissions for each vendor
  • Enable vendors to forward queries to the owner of the marketplace
  • Let customers purchase products from a number of vendors
  • Allow customers to provide vendor feedback

The extension also offers toolkits to boost product sales. It helps increase the traffic and purchases for your Magento 2 stores.

2. Webkul

Best Magento Marketplace Multi-vendor Extensions -Webkul

The Webkul module can turn your store into an online marketplace with multiple sellers.

The sellers can manage components of the marketplace such as:

  • Product listings
  • Inventory
  • Orders and shipment
  • Seller profile page
  • Seller collection page

You can add many types of products. It includes simple, configurable, virtual, and downloadable.

Webkul Multi-Vendor Marketplace extension has many marketplace plugins. It includes DHL, PayPal, Stripe, Mangopay, and Aramex.

The top features include:

  • Intuitive Interface

Get a clean interface for customers and sellers. Admin can allow the sellers to have their separate dashboard for showing the information.

  • Auto/Manual Vendor and Product Approval

The store owner can manage the seller's approval manually or automatically. You can also auto approve the products that the seller has added.

  • Vendor and Order Management

The seller can manage all the functions related to the order from one page.

The admin should enable the function to allow the seller to manage orders from the backend.

Some of the seller functions include:

  1. Creating Shipment of the order.
  2. Cancel the order.
  3. Print the order.
  4. Create an invoice.
  5. Send an email to a customer.
  6. Create a Credit Memo.
  • Multiple Vendor Checkout

Customers can checkout with different seller products in a single process.

  • Flexible Commission Management

The admin can set a commission on a global level or at the seller level.

  1. Global Commission management for all vendors/sellers.
  2. Vendor Based Commission management.

A separate dashboard view is shown in the admin panel for managing all the sellers' commissions in one place.

  • Notifications and Alerts

The Webkul marketplace module provides alerts for various store events to keep you updated.

Some of the notification features include:

  1. Seller Approval Notification.
  2. Product Approval Notification.
  3. The customer support team, contact us, support alerts
  4. Order Notification and shipping for sellers or admins.
  • Marketplace Email Templates

You can select the email templates for various marketplace events. The templates are set for both sellers and the store admin.

Some of the templates include:

  • Seller approved and requested template
  • Unsubscribe template
  • Product deny by admin template
  • Product edit approval request to admin
  • Ask a question to the seller regarding the product
  • Ask a question to the seller

3. CedCommerce

Best Magento Marketplace Multi-vendor Extensions -CedCommerce

CedCommerce offers to scale the commerce marketplace. You get business analytics and reports for the store’s performance.

The marketplace solution offers functions for store owners, admin, sellers, and customers.

The primary features include:

  • Online B2B and B2C marketplace
  • Local Courier Support: Magento 2 marketplace built to support courier services like FedEx, Aramex, and UPS.
  • Offer headless PWA marketplace
  • Multi-currency support
  • Alerts and notifications

Admin features include:

  • Manage Service level agreements
  • Assign and remove products
  • SEO friendly store
  • Create specific vendor profiles
  • Manage commissions for different vendors

Customer features for CedCommerce include:

  • Review and rate sellers on the marketplace
  • Directly contact vendors for any queries
  • Social login with Google, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Order history feature
  • Price comparison for multiple vendors
  • Mark your favorite seller and see their products first.

4. LandOfCoder

Best Magento Marketplace Multi-vendor Extensions -LandOfCoder

The LandOfCoder marketplace extensions fulfill the seller's and buyers' demands. You can active multi-vendor marketplace like Amazon, Etsy, or eBay.

The extension supports all Magento 2 themes and is compatible with custom web designs.

Some of the feature highlights include:

  • Support for multiple currencies
  • Mobile optimized marketplace
  • Compatible with Magento 2 multi-vendor marketplace themes
  • Upload various products in bulk
  • Build unlimited sellers with store font
  • Create seller profiles
  • Instant vendor messaging system
  • Support all types of products such as Simple, Configurable, Bundle.

5. Magetop

Best Magento Marketplace Multi-vendor Extensions -Magetop

agento marketplace extension by Magetop offers many features. You can use it to convert your Magento website into an ecommerce marketplace.

  • Allow Vendors/Sellers to record and sell their products
  • Charge commissions for each vendor
  • Control the Products with a responsive seller cpanel.
  • View Orders from the seller panel
  • Manage commissions
  • Simple order management

You will not see any significant performance decline as you add more products. The marketplace extension scales well and offers many native functions.

6. Apptha

Best Magento Marketplace Multi-vendor Extensions -Apptha

Apptha Marketplace is a flexible platform with many customizing features,

It can be hosted on the cloud and offers different currencies, languages, and payment gateways,

Some of the feature highlights include:

  • Seller Dashboard: Admin and sellers get high quality dashboards to control real-time sales in the multi-vendor store.

  • Vendor specific URL: The vendor's URL of the store’s profile can be their brand name or a keyword with a high search volume.

  • Portfolio: You get a whole profile page to promote the seller's brand and products and add more details to the customers.

  • Custom Attributes: The admin can create custom attributes, which sellers can use while adding their products.

  • Admin Dashboard: The dashboard offers real-time notifications, product approvals, and insights on sales. You can check the best sellers, subscriptions, average order values, and more.

  • Flexible Commission: You can set various commissions for specific vendors based on the items they sell.

7. Magebay

Best Magento Marketplace Multi-vendor Extensions -Magebay

The marketplace offered by Magebay is scalable and helps grow your online business.

The platform allows multiple vendors to sell products and orders on your website.

It includes a membership option, custom commissions, and scheduled payment for a vendor.

The primary features of the platform include:

  • Secure contact between customers and sellers
  • Unified dashboard to manage sellers and customers.
  • Supports multiple languages and currencies.
  • Compatible with any smart device.
  • Import/export of multiple products
  • Social sharing and online promotion.

8. Vnecoms

Best Magento Marketplace Multi-vendor Extensions -Vnecoms

Vnecoms's Magento 2 marketplace extension allows a custom storefront.

The owner and the seller can manage the store using any device. It also offers SEO features to increase traffic and conversions.

Get complete control of the seller panel to manage products, sales, and invoices.

The features of the Vnecoms extension include:

  • All default Magento product types are supported.
  • Flexible commission management.
  • A personalized dashboard for each seller
  • Simple order management
  • Custom seller attributes
  • Manage the profile form via the My Account section

9. Bigziel

Best Magento Marketplace Multi-vendor Extensions -Bigziel

Bigziel offers all access to the platform’s unique features. You get a one-time payment process and lifetime license platform.

It supports custom user experience, highly scalable software for many customers, and data information.

Customers get an enriched feature mobile app for both Android and iOS systems.

It allows you to turn your marketplace into a fully-fledged platform with a dedicated mobile app.

The primary features of the platform include:

  • The one-step checkout to increase the conversion rate.
  • Supports various payment methods.
  • One-time payment and lifetime license.
  • Filter options that enhance user experience.
  • Layered navigation extension that speeds up the buying process.
  • Exclusive mobile apps that support both android and IOS.
  • You can export orders with any shipping and payment method.

The engaging UI will bring more traffic to your site.

The interface is user-friendly, and you get fast loading performance and less bounce rate.


The multi-vendor Magento extension helps turn your website into an online marketplace.

It allows multiple buyers and sellers to use a single platform to boost sales.

We have covered the nine best multi-vendor extensions for Magento 2. The platforms offer all the tools to manage sellers and products in your store.

To learn more about the Magento platform, check out the MGT-Commerce blog.

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