Choosing a Magento Agency: Best Magento 2 Agencies in 2024

Choosing a Magento Agency: Best Magento 2 Agencies in 2024

Choosing the right Magento agency can help you build and manage your Magento store with expert advice and support. If you're new to Magento, or even if you've been using it for years, hiring a Magento agency can give your business the boost it needs. But with so many agencies, how do you choose the right one? This guide will help you understand what to look for when choosing a Magento agency.

Key Takeaways

  • A reputable Magento agency offers expert guidance and support to enhance the functionality of your Magento store.

  • Selecting the right Magento agency can bring significant business growth, especially for Magento newcomers.

  • The large number of Magento agencies necessitates careful consideration to ensure the right choice.

  • Crucial factors in selecting an agency include their experience, portfolio, client feedback, and understanding of Magento filters.

  • This guide offers a comprehensive list of 10+ Magento agencies to help you make an informed choice.

What is a Magento agency?

Role and services of a Magento agency

A Magento agency specializes in services related to the Magento ecommerce platform. These agencies have experts skilled in all aspects of Magento, including Magento hosting, development, design, consulting, and support. They work with businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises, helping them build and maintain successful online stores.

Why Choose a Magento Agency?

Choosing a Magento agency brings many benefits, all contributing to a powerful and effective e-commerce solution. These professional teams have an extensive understanding of Magento’s features list, including extension optimization, theme plugins, and modules. They are adept at upgrading, ensuring your Magento site remains fresh and competitive.

Having a Magento agency at your side means having a dedicated company that knows the ins and outs of brands' UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface). They are technology experts, well-versed in creating sites that maximize user experience. Whether your company is based in the UK or has offices in New York, a Magento agency can cater to your needs.

Magento agencies partner with merchants in a way other companies simply cannot, bringing their industry-specific knowledge to bear on your ecommerce solution. They provide web design and implementation services, tailoring your website to your customers and brand. Furthermore, these agencies work with various industries, offering tailor-made solutions to brands, whether small startups or large, established companies.

7 Key Services that an Efficient Magento Agency Offers

  1. Research and discovery: Agencies gather insights into client requirements and goals. They perform market research to collect crucial data on target audiences, channels, and competitors and analyze existing Magento websites to assess positioning.

  2. Strategy development: Prior to starting a project, the team engages in thorough discussions and devises a tailored strategy that aligns with client needs. They provide inventive concepts and approaches across multiple domains, including development, marketing, and design.

  3. Magento Hosting: Agencies should have access to reliable and secure hosting options designed for Magento stores. Right Magento hosting offers various supplementary services, including SEO, social media marketing, PPC, content marketing, version upgrades, product data entry, migration, backup, security, and more.

  4. Magento Development: Agencies assist Magento store owners with technical aspects, constructing personalized themes, extensions, and integrations to suit business requirements.

  5. Design: Magento agencies create compelling designs and user interfaces that lower cart abandonment rates and increase sales. They maintain consistency by designing with the brand's visual identity in mind.

  6. QA testing and launch: Experts conduct quality assurance (QA) before and after launching final products to ensure proper functionality. Once everything is running smoothly, they make the websites live.

  7. Training: Magento agencies develop websites and train clients, empowering them to manage their online platforms effortlessly.

10 Tips for Choosing the Right Magento Agency

1. Specify your business needs

Specifying business needs for Magento

Before contacting a Magento agency, define your business requirements. This involves analyzing market insights, customer demands, product range, and more. A clear vision and well-defined plan will help you choose specialized developers for your project. Don't leave room for confusion - be prepared and set your business up for success.

2. Set your approximate budget

Setting the right budget for your business is crucial. While allocating 3%-5% of total revenue for building an E-commerce store is recommended, remember that each business is unique. Building a Magento website involves hosting, themes, extensions, customization, and more costs.

These costs may vary based on agencies' experience, expertise, and working process. Finding the right Magento agency that meets your expectations at an optimized cost is essential. Be mindful of any additional fees and hidden costs before finalizing the agency for your website.

3. Research the reputation and size of the agency

When choosing a Magento agency, it's important to consider its reputation, size, and resources. Look at their portfolio, completed projects, and client testimonials to assess their quality of service. Additionally, check if they contribute to the Magento community through blogs, social media, and engagement on platforms like StackOverflow.

Ensuring the agency has enough developers to provide ongoing support and fulfill client commitments is also crucial. Avoid agencies with limited resources that may struggle to handle multiple projects simultaneously.

4. Consider the experience and skills of a Magento agency

When looking for a Magento agency, it's important to consider their certifications, number of projects, and certified developers. Experience and market knowledge are essential to becoming a successful Magento agency. Additionally, it's recommended to ask about their multi-channel sales strategies, add-ons, and sector expertise (B2B and B2C).

While a new agency can be considered, choosing one with 5 to 10 years of experience and a strong client portfolio is advisable. The more experience a Magento agency has, the better equipped they are to handle the complexity of Magento.

5. Pay attention to the Magento hosting they offer

Magento is a resource-heavy platform, and hosting plays a significant role in its performance. Ensure the agency offers reliable and high-performance managed Magento hosting options for your website.

Ask about their disaster recovery plans, backup systems, security measures, and any extra services included in the hosting package. It's also important to consider whether they provide 24/7 technical support for hosting-related issues.

6. Think of data integrity and security

Importance of data security in Magento

Protecting data when outsourcing can be challenging, but there are practical ways to minimize the risk. These include signing an NDA, ensuring code transfer, and limiting access to sensitive information.

A reliable Magento agency with transparency and experience can provide added security and peace of mind.

7. Examine their transparency and communication

Effective communication is a crucial attribute to consider when choosing a Magento agency. Language barriers and different time zones can pose challenges in today's global landscape. Selecting an agency that understands your needs and can communicate effectively is important.

Don't limit your options to local agencies. Offshore developers in Asia are gaining popularity for their excellent communication skills, high-quality work, and competitive pricing.

When talking to potential agencies, be clear, transparent, and honest about your needs. They are committed to building a productive, long-term partnership with you.

8. Investigate their quality testing and deployment

To create a successful Magento business, prioritize quality testing and deployment. Top Magento agencies offer high-quality services, ensuring consistency and efficiency. They use Scrum or Agile-based approaches to meet deadlines and reduce errors. Understanding the deployment process is crucial for a smooth customer experience.

Ongoing support and maintenance are essential for optimal performance. The best agencies provide dedicated maintenance and 24/7 support.

9. Inquire about their pricing

When choosing a Magento agency, it's important to inquire about cost estimations and get a breakdown of how the cost and time are allocated for the tasks. This will provide a clear understanding of your solution goals.

Additionally, ask about charges for additional work, like unique design or custom functionality, to ensure transparency. A clear pricing policy from the Magento development agency is essential to prevent any misunderstandings or confusion.

10. Read customer reviews and feedback

To choose the right agency, consider checking customer reviews and feedback. Look for excellent customer experiences, openness to discussion, prioritization of emergencies, and how problems were handled.

Explore platforms like Google, Clutch, and LinkedIn for honest feedback. Gather feedback from multiple sources and weigh the pros and cons to find a Magento agency that aligns with your needs.

10+ Best Magento Agencies Around the World

1. Magenest

Profile of Magento agency Magenest

Magenest, established in 2015, is a reliable Magento 2 development service provider for B2B and B2C clients. We offer comprehensive digital solutions, specializing in eCommerce systems, ERP, CRM platforms, Cloud Infrastructure, and Digital Marketing. Our solutions are highly customizable to meet the specific requirements of your industry and business. With expertise in Magento development and integration, we also provide extensions, add-ons, and support services. Contact us for a free quotation today!

2. Corra

Overview of Corra Magento agency

Corra, a Magento partner since 2008, is one of the top Magento agencies globally. With a highly qualified team and extensive experience, they offer Adobe Commerce services, including Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Target, and Adobe Analytics. Corra's expertise in Magento 2 Enterprise Cloud projects has resulted in significant improvements for their clients, including increased conversion rates and reduced bounce rates.

3. Mageplaza

Mageplaza Magento agency details

Mageplaza is a trusted Magento eCommerce agency with over 9 years of experience in the market. They provide a wide range of solutions for B2B enterprises, including a vast ecosystem of over 230 extensions that enhance various aspects of Magento 2. Their services include Magento development, support and maintenance, hiring Magento developers, and Magento upgrades.

4. Inchoo

Capabilities of Inchoo in Magento

Inchoo, a full-service eCommerce development agency, was founded in 2008 in Osijek, Croatia. They specialize in Magento migration, building fresh online stores, and optimizing existing stores for better results. Focusing on long-term customer relationships, Inchoo offers after-service support to help businesses achieve their growth goals.

5. A&H Digital Solutions

A&H Digital Solutions for Magento

A&H is an agency based in Australia that specializes in creating social impact and striving for excellence. With a strong passion for the community, they specialize in Magento eCommerce store development, offering expertise in web and software solutions. Their team of Magento Certified Developers utilizes the latest technologies to build responsive, engaging, and high-performing online stores for their clients.

6. Atwix

Atwix agency's Magento expertise

Atwix is a renowned full-service Magento agency founded in 2006. They specialize in end-to-end implementations, design and development, performance enhancements, and ongoing maintenance and support. With over a decade of experience, Atwix has successfully served businesses of all sizes globally. Their expertise extends beyond site development, as they also excel in upgrading and providing regular support.

7. BSS Commerce

BSS Commerce agency's Magento services

BSS Commerce is a trusted eCommerce agency specializing in B2B, B2C, and B2B2C businesses. With a decade of experience and a track record of serving over 75,000 global customers, they offer comprehensive services and solutions. From building robust sales channels to integrating back-office systems, they can help businesses thrive in the digital landscape. Additionally, as a reputable Magento extension provider, they offer a wide range of extensions with positive customer reviews.

8. Mageants

Mageants agency in Magento development

There are several Indian Magento 2 extension and development agencies known for their high-quality services and good reputation. One such agency is Mageants, a market leader established in 2016. With over 7 years of experience in Magento, Mageants offers more than 85 Magento 2 extensions and has served over 500 happy clients worldwide. Their highly experienced, dedicated developers provide daily updates to ensure quality work. Mageants also offers various Magento services, including theme development, migration, and support.

9. Space48

Space48 agency and Magento offerings

Space48 is a UK-based eCommerce agency with 14 years of experience. They specialize in international projects and fast-growing brands, offering premium services with a base rate starting at $300/hr. Their core focus is on eCommerce marketing, website and app development, strategy, and consulting. With their expertise as a Certified Magento Developer and Master, they have worked with renowned retailers such as Silent Night, Gro,, Better Bathrooms, Charlotte Tilbury, and Naylors.

10. Vaimo

Vaimo's proficiency in Magento

Vaimo is a leading expert in digital commerce and customer experience, based in Stockholm, Sweden. With a team of 300 individuals, they have established themselves as a trusted partner for businesses worldwide. From consulting to analytics services, Vaimo offers a full-service option for businesses of all sizes and industries. They strongly focus on Magento, having worked on well-known Magento 1 stores like Bjorn Borg, Gant, and Jack Daniels. As a top-level Magento 2 developer and an Adobe Gold Partner since 2020, Vaimo continues to help businesses grow globally.

11. Forix

Forix agency's role in Magento

Forix is a highly experienced Magento agency, offering comprehensive eCommerce optimization and maintenance services. With a strong track record of working with high-profile clients like Adidas and Asics, Forix is well-equipped to help your B2B or B2C business grow. Their team of over 60 Magento-certified professionals can serve as your trusted advisors, ensuring your success in the ever-evolving world of Magento. Recognized as the Best Magento Agency of The Year in 2019, Forix is the go-to agency for all your specific eCommerce needs.

12. Unified

Unified agency's Magento solutions

Unified is a leading agency resulting from the union of Diligent Commerce and LogicSpot. With a larger team of experts, they offer all-in-one solutions for seamless UX, design, technical build, and digital marketing. Their Magento services include B2B, Magento 2, Adobe Commerce design & build, integrations, support, and upgrades. With a focus on strategy and growth, they provide site audits, consulting, and support, making them the go-to Magento agency for businesses building their online stores.

Magento Hosting Services

Overview of Magento hosting services

Managed Magento hosting services are essential for successful eCommerce operations. They fully manage a business's Magento infrastructure, handling server setup, software updates, backups, and security. This allows businesses to focus on their core operations and ensures a smoothly functioning online store.

Managed Magento hosting services offer several benefits, including improved site performance, enhanced security, regular updates, and superior customer support. With these services, your Magento store stays fast, secure, and up-to-date, providing an optimal user experience for your customers.

MGT-Commerce hosting services offer fast and secure hosting for your online store. With a page load time of under 0.3 seconds, you can prioritize performance and security. Enjoy fully managed Magento hosting and expert support to stabilize your ecommerce operations.


1. What are some leading Magento agencies in different countries?

Magento professionals are spread throughout the globe. In Europe, you can find specialists in Germany like TechDivision, and in Latvia, there's Scandiweb. Atwix operates outside Canada for America, while A&H is based in Australia. There are also strong Magento partners in Asia, such as Vaimo in Singapore or SmartOSC in Vietnam.

2. What technology partners provide eCommerce solutions for Magento?

Several technology partners like Adobe, Adyen, PayPal, etc back Magento. Both provide robust eCommerce solutions. Magento also has a suite of functionalities, including CMS and GDPR-compliant tools, offering customization options for shipping, payment, and catalog operations.

3. What does transitioning from Magento 1 to Magento 2 involve?

Transitioning requires careful planning and assistance from Magento agencies or solution partners. The process involves several core areas, including migrating data, implementing customizations and extensions, setting up the new checkout process, and testing everything thoroughly before going live.

4. How important is mobile commitment and app development in modern eCommerce solutions?

With more people shopping via mobile, eCommerce solutions must offer mobile-friendly website design and Android apps for better navigation. Innovations like PWA (Progressive Web Apps) by ScandiPWA provide superior user experiences for digital marketing strategies.

5. Which Magento agencies have a broad presence and a focus on digital marketing?

Inchoo and Vaimo agencies have a significant global presence. They specialize in Magento and focus heavily on digital marketing. Their approach involves a dedication to innovation, flexibility, and the ability to fit their clients' needs, often pushing boundaries in eCommerce.

6. Do Magento agencies have technology partners in India and Poland?

Absolutely. Magento agencies often collaborate with technology partners across the globe to deliver comprehensive solutions. For instance, RIGA, a digital marketing agency based in India, is a prominent technology partner for several Magento agencies. In Poland, you'll find solution partners like Divante, known for their robust eCommerce offerings and impressive capabilities.

7. What added benefits do retailers get when they opt for Magento providers for order fulfillment?

Order fulfillment is a critical aspect of eCommerce, and Magento providers offer a variety of solutions in this regard. Magento agencies often visit the retailer's website, view their operations, and provide tailored solutions based on staff size, order volume, and specific needs. It's not uncommon for these agencies to integrate third-party order fulfillment options to streamline processes. This enhances operational efficiency and gives retailers more time to focus on other critical aspects of their business.

8. How often should a Magento agency evaluate website functionality to find a reliable page solution partner?

Magento agencies prioritize understanding their client's needs and operations to provide the most effective solutions. Therefore, no set number of times an agency should visit the website; it varies depending on the complexity of the client's operations and specific requirements. The key is ensuring nothing crucial is overlooked during these visits, guaranteeing a robust page solution partnership.

9. Can a Magento agency observe and change a website without interrupting ongoing processes?

Magento agencies are adept at conducting thorough site visits and reviews without disrupting the client's ongoing operations. Their expertise allows them to strategize and implement changes seamlessly, keeping disruptions to a minimum. This flexibility is one of the many benefits of working with a Magento agency, ensuring that nothing in the client's regular operations is compromised while exploring better options for enhancement.


Selecting the correct Magento agency ensures the prosperity and expansion of your eCommerce venture. Each agency brings its unique expertise, experience, and services. Researching and evaluating multiple agencies before making a decision that aligns with your business goals and values is essential.

Consider contacting a Magento agency for managed Magento hosting services to ensure top performance and security for your online store.

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