How to Enable Magento 2 Product Reviews?

How to Enable Magento 2 Product Reviews?

Using Magento 2 product reviews is essential to improve credibility and conversions. Around 60% of consumers look at the website reviews of a business. Reviews aid in customer decision-making. They also offer valuable feedback for store owners. This tutorial helps you learn how to enable product reviews in Magento.

Key Takeaways

  • Magento 2 product reviews are essential for the success of your online store.

  • Leveraging product reviews can boost consumer confidence and drive engagement.

  • Learn to activate product reviews in Magento 2 to boost customer satisfaction and sales.

  • Advantages of reviews include better Magento SEO, refined product offerings, and increased customer loyalty.

  • Get tips on managing product ratings and reviews to enhance your Magento 2 store.

What are Magento Product Reviews?

What are Magento 2 Product Reviews

Magento product reviews let customers leave feedback and ratings. They can rate products they bought from your online store. This feature is essential for customer engagement.

It also builds trust with potential buyers. Product reviews attract visitors to your store. They maintain their engagement. Often, this leads to purchases.

Magento offers built-in product review features. These are accessible through the Admin panel. Alternatively,  you can also improve your review management by installing an extension from the Commerce Marketplace.

Why Use Reviews in Magento 2?

Here's the information converted into a table format:

Benefits Description
Boosts Consumer Confidence Product reviews serve as social proof. They significantly boost consumer confidence. Customers are more likely to trust and purchase from a Magento 2 store that showcases real feedback on its products or services. Reviews highlight the reliability and quality of your offerings.
Enhances SEO and Traffic Reviews contribute fresh, unique content, which is favorable for Magento SEO. A Magento 2 product review extension can automate this process. It encourages more reviews and keeps your site content dynamic. This improvement in SEO drives more traffic to your store.
Improves Product Selection Customer feedback offers valuable insights into what works and what doesn't. Recognizing products with high ratings helps refine your product selection. Identifying areas for improvement is based on the number of reviews. It focuses on what your customers truly value.
Increases Engagement Encouraging customers to leave a review keeps them engaged with your brand beyond the purchase. Features like a review reminder can prompt customers to share their Magento store experiences. It maintains an active connection with your Magento 2 store and encourages repeat visits.
Facilitates Decision-Making Reviews provide detailed information about the user experience. They aid potential buyers in making informed decisions. Knowing that a product has been reviewed positively or that there's a product or service pending reviews can influence a customer's choice to buy.
Enhances Customer Satisfaction Providing a platform for feedback shows customers that their opinions are valued. It leads to higher satisfaction. When customers see their reviews are taken seriously, their loyalty increases. This applies whether they praise a product or suggest improvements. Seeing their feedback lead to real changes reinforces this loyalty.

How to Enable Product Review Features

  1. The Commerce Product Reviews function is enabled by default.

  2. In the Magento Admin sidebar, navigate to Stores > Settings > Configuration.

Configuring Magento 2 Product Reviews

  1. Expand Catalog in the left panel and select it.

  2. Open the Product Reviews section.

  3. Change Enabled to Yes to activate product reviews.

Active Magento 2 Product Reviews

  1. Change Allow Guests to Write Reviews to Yes to let customers write reviews without an account.

  2. Click Save Config when done.

How to Create Custom Ratings

The Commerce Product Reviews feature lets customers rate products. They can given ratings in categories such as quality, price, and value. They can submit product reviews with these ratings. It supports custom ratings, too. The average five-star ratings are displayed on catalog pages for each product.

  1. In the Admin sidebar, select Stores > Attributes > Rating.

Rating in Magento 2 Product Reviews

  1. Click Add New Rating in the top-right corner.

Add New Rating in Magento 2 Product Reviews

  1. For the Rating Title field, input the Default Value of the new rating. Where applicable, include translations for each store view.

Add Default Value in Magento 2 Product Reviews

  1. In the Rating Visibility area, choose Visibility In for the specific store view where you want the rating to appear. To pick more than one store view, press and hold the Ctrl key (for PC) or the Command key (for Mac) and select each option.

  2. To set the Sort Order, input a number that specifies this rating's position when displayed alongside others.

  3. To display your rating on the storefront, make sure to check the Is Active box.

  4. Once finished, select Save Rating. The catalog product grid page will then show the average rating from all reviews for each product.

Save Rating in Magento 2 Product Reviews

Magento Product Reviews Storefront of Customers

The native product Magento reviews function lets customers leave reviews for any product. These are accessible from the product page. Reviews are managed through a tab. 

This tab lists all reviews and includes the submission form. The store's configuration determines if reviewers need an account. It enhances review quality by preventing anonymous submissions.

Storefront of Magento 2 Product Reviews

In the customer account dashboard, the "My Product Reviews" area is visible. It displays all the customer's approved reviews. Each review summary includes the submission date. There are links to the product page. Details of the review are also shown.

Example of Magento 2 Product Reviews

The customer selects My Product Reviews from the account sidebar and clicks See Details to view the full review.

Full Magento 2 Product Reviews


1. How do I enable product reviews in Magento 2? 

In the Magento 2 admin panel, go to Stores > Settings > Configuration > Catalog > Advanced Product Reviews. From here, you can enable the product reviews. You can also manage the review settings. It includes star rating visibility and review approval processes.

2. Can customers leave a "star rating" along with their product review in Magento 2? 

Yes, Magento 2 lets customers rate products with a star system. It is part of submitting a product review. It can be set up in the Ratings settings of the Magento 2 admin. Here, you can also manage the visibility and sort these ratings in order.

3. How can I manage and filter the reviews received on my Magento 2 store? 

In the Magento 2 admin, you can filter and manage reviews. Navigate to Marketing > User Content > Reviews. Here, you can approve, disapprove, or delete reviews. It includes managing Advanced Reviews and Ratings for better product testimonials.

4. How do I encourage customers to leave a positive review in my Magento 2 store? 

Encourage customers to leave a positive review by simplifying the review process. Directly ask for feedback after a purchase. Use a Magento 2 extension for advanced product reviews and ratings to enhance the customer experience. Dedicated Magento hosting ensures the best Magento UX and leads to positive reviews.

5. Is it possible for a product in Magento 2 to get product reviews automatically displayed as "verified purchase"? 

Yes, you can use the default Magento 2 settings. Alternatively, specific Magento 2 extensions for advanced reviews are also available. It allows you to display reviews from verified purchasers. It adds authenticity and trust to the product testimonials.

6. How can I be the first to review this product in Magento 2, and how are early reviews highlighted? 

Magento 2 does not automatically highlight early reviews. However, you can customize your Magento 2 extension. This customization can notify and encourage early reviewers. You might offer them incentives. Early reviews are critical for product validation. They can be filtered in the review settings for prominence.


Magento 2 product reviews boost consumer confidence and drive engagement. Key features include:

  • Boosting consumer confidence with authentic feedback

  • Enhancing SEO and driving more traffic to your store

  • Improving product selection based on valuable customer insights

  • Increasing customer engagement and satisfaction through review management tools.

Ready to optimize your Magento 2 store? Explore managed Magento hosting.  It ensures your product reviews work to increase sales. It also improves the overall shopping experience for your customers.


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