Guide For Feefo Magento 2 Integration With Magento 2.X

Guide For Feefo Magento 2 Integration With Magento 2.X

Are you looking to enhance your Magento 2.X store with the power of customer reviews? Feefo Magento 2 integration is the perfect solution to boost your online presence. Feefo is a renowned customer feedback and reviews platform. This tutorial will guide you through the process of integrating Feefo with your Magento 2.x store.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn how to integrate Feefo with your Magento hosting platform seamlessly.

  • Discover the step-by-step process for installing and configuring the Feefo Magento 2 integration.

  • Understand the best practices for ensuring a smooth and effective integration.

  • Explore how Feefo can help you collect and display genuine reviews from verified customers.

  • Learn how to monitor and respond to customer reviews effectively.

  • Discover the benefits of Feefo Magento 2 integration for your ecommerce business.

Feefo and Magento 2. X Integration

What is Feefo and Magento 2. X Integration

Feefo integration with Magento 2.X improves customer experience.

It also helps build a good brand reputation with real feedback. This integration links Magento merchants to the Feefo platform. It allows for the automatic collection of reviews. It also displays product and service reviews from customers directly.

Integrating Feefo with Magento 2.X provides several functions:

  • Automated Feedback Requests: Automates the review request process after each purchase. It streamlines the collection of honest reviews from real customers.

  • Display of Reviews: Adds the Feefo widget on product pages to showcase customer reviews. It assists potential buyers in making informed decisions.

  • Multi-store Management: Supports Magento’s multi-store capabilities. It allows centralized review management across various stores from a single Feefo account.

  • Advanced Features: Includes tools like Net Promoter Score (NPS) and insight tags. These tools help analyze customer feedback and identify areas for improvement.

Benefits of Integrating Feefo with Magento 2. X Using Appy Pie Connect

Benefit Description
Seamless Integration - Feefo provides a seamless integration with Magento 2.x.
- It allows ecommerce businesses to connect their Feefo account easily and start collecting verified customer reviews.
- The integration process is straightforward using the Feefo plugin for Magento 2.
Improved Customer Experience - By integrating Feefo with Magento 2, businesses can display Feefo's rating widget on their product pages.
- It allows potential customers to read honest reviews from real customers, helping them make informed purchase decisions.
- The Feefo integration helps improve the overall customer experience and builds trust in the brand.
Automated Review Collection - Feefo's integration with Magento 2 automates the feedback request process.
- After a purchase, customers automatically receive a feedback request, encouraging them to leave a review.
- This automation saves time and ensures a steady flow of fresh reviews without manual effort.
Enhanced Brand Reputation - Displaying Feefo reviews on a Magento 2 store helps enhance the brand's reputation.
- Feefo is a trusted source of consumer feedback, used by thousands of brands worldwide.
- By showcasing genuine, verified customer reviews, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction.
Valuable Insights - Feefo provides businesses with valuable insights and analytics based on customer feedback.
- Magento merchants can access the Feefo Hub to view detailed reports, track Net Promoter Score (NPS), and identify recurring issues or trends using Feefo's Insight Tags.
- These insights help inform business decisions and drive improvements.
Multi-Store Support - The Feefo integration is compatible with Magento 2's multi-store functionality.
- Businesses running multiple stores can easily configure the Feefo module.
- They can collect reviews and display widgets across all their stores.
- It provides a consistent customer experience.
Increased Conversion Rates - Displaying Feefo reviews on product pages can significantly increase conversion rates.
- Positive reviews and high ratings instill confidence in potential customers, encouraging them to make a purchase.
- By leveraging the power of social proof, the Feefo integration helps drive more sales.
Customization Options - The Feefo integration offers customization options to match the look and feel of the Magento store.
- Merchants can customize the appearance of the Feefo widget to ensure it blends seamlessly with the brand's design.
Reliable Support - Feefo provides dedicated technical support to assist with the integration process and any subsequent issues.
- Magento merchants can reach out to the Feefo support team for further assistance, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted experience.
Compatibility and Updates - The Feefo integration is compatible with the latest versions of Magento 2, including Magento 2.4.x.
- Regular updates and compatibility tests are conducted to ensure seamless functionality with future Magento releases.

How to Integrate Feefo with Magento 2. X

1. Verify URL Match

  • Check that the URL on your Feefo Hub account matches the website on which you're installing the plugin.
  • Go to Settings > Brand Profile and find the Website Forwarding URL.
  • Ensure that the URL is an exact match (no '/' at the end).
  • If installing the plugin on a URL, not on your contract, notify Feefo before proceeding.

2. Open Terminal

  • Open your terminal window.
  • Change the current directory to your Magento 2.x installation directory.

3. Create Directory

  • Create a directory app/code/Feefo/Reviews/.
  • Copy the module files to this directory.
  • Use the following command: mkdir –p app/code/Feefo/Reviews.

4. Ensure Permissions

  • Ensure that you have permission to execute the bin/magento file.
  • Run the command php bin/magento.

5. Enable Feefo_Reviews Module

  • Enable the Feefo_Reviews module using the command:
  • php bin/magento module:enable Feefo_Reviews --clear-static-content.

6. Execute Installation Scripts

  • Execute the module's installation scripts with the command:
  • php bin/magento setup:upgrade.

7. Compile Module

  • Compile the module using the command:
  • php bin/magento setup:di:compile.

8. Deploy Static Content

  • Deploy the static content with the command:
  • php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy.

9. Flush Cache

10. Access Feefo Ratings & Reviews

  • Login to the admin panel of your Magento 2.x instance.
  • You should see a Feefo Ratings & Reviews menu option under the Marketing tab.

11. Configure Feefo Ratings & Reviews

  • Click on Feefo Ratings & Reviews to start the module installation process.
  • If you have multiple stores, select the store to add Feefo Ratings & Reviews.

12. Registration or Login

  • If you are a new customer, you will see a registration form.
  • If you already have a Feefo account for the website domain, you will see a login page.
  • Complete the installation

13. Post-Installation Configuration

  • To configure the module post-installation further, go to Marketing > Feefo Ratings & Reviews tab.
  • Enable/disable all methods of review integration.
  • Customize the placement of the product page and category-level review integration.
  • Enable/disable the native Magento reviews system.

15. Whitelist IP Addresses

IP Address

For security reasons, it is advised to whitelist these IP addresses. It helps when connecting Feefo with Magento 2.x through Appy Pie Connect.

16. Verify Installation

  • In the Feefo Hub, click on your name in the top right corner.
  • Check that your merchant identifier is the same as before to ensure installation on the intended account.
  • Go to Sales > Data Sources and verify that the installed plugin is listed.

Best Practices for Feefo and Magento 2. X Integration on Appy Pie Connect

Best Practices for Feefo and Magento 2. X Integration on Appy Pie Connect

1. Ensure Compatibility

Verify that the Feefo integration is compatible with your Magento 2.x version. Check the compatible release lines and conduct tests to ensure seamless functionality. Stay updated with the latest versions of both Feefo and Magento 2.x for optimal performance.

2. Secure Your Integration

  • Implement proper security measures to protect your ecommerce store and customer data.
  • Follow Feefo's guidelines for securely connecting your Feefo account with Magento 2.X.
  • Whitelist the necessary IP addresses provided by Feefo to ensure secure data exchange.

3. Configure Settings

  • Carefully configure the Feefo integration settings in the Magento admin panel.
  • Customize the appearance and placement of the Feefo widget to match your store's design.
  • Enable or disable features based on your preferences. These features include product reviews, service reviews, and the native Magento reviews system.

4. Automate Feedback Collection

  • Leverage Feefo's automation capabilities to streamline the feedback request process.
  • Set up triggers and actions to automatically send feedback requests to customers after a purchase.
  • Customize the feedback request emails to align with your brand's voice and style.

5. Display Reviews Effectively

  • Showcase Feefo reviews prominently on your product pages to build trust and credibility.
  • Utilize the Feefo rating widget to display overall ratings and customer feedback.
  • Ensure that reviews are easily accessible and visible to potential customers.

6. Monitor and Respond to Reviews

  • Regularly monitor and manage customer reviews through the Feefo Hub.
  • Respond quickly to both positive and negative reviews. It shows your commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • Use insights from reviews to find areas that need improvement. Make business decisions based on data.

7. Leverage Feefo Features

  • Use Feefo's extra features, such as Insight Tags and Campaign Manager.
  • These tools help you understand customer feelings and preferences. Track your Net Promoter Score (NPS) to gauge customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Implement Feefo's latest AI-powered features to identify recurring themes and sentiments in reviews.

8. Optimize for Multiple Stores

  • If you have multiple stores in your Magento 2.x instance, set up the Feefo integration for each store one at a time.
  • Make sure all your stores use the same settings and branding. It helps give customers a consistent experience no matter which store they visit.
  • Manage reviews and insights for each store independently to gain store-specific insights.

9. Regularly Update and Maintain

  • Keep your Feefo integration up to date with the latest versions and patches.
  • Regularly perform compatibility tests and conduct necessary maintenance to ensure smooth operation.
  • Monitor for any potential conflicts or issues and address them promptly.


1. What is Feefo Magento 2 Integration?

Feefo Magento 2 Integration is a plugin. It automates the process of linking Feefo reviews with Magento 2.x ecommerce systems.

2. How does the Feefo Magento 2 Integration work?

The Feefo Magento 2 Integration plugin, lets you connect Feefo's widget to your Magento 2 store seamlessly. It enhances your brand reputation by displaying genuine customer reviews.

3. Can I connect Feefo with Magento 2 using Zapier?

Yes, you can use Zapier to connect Feefo with Magento 2. Set up triggers and actions to automate specific tasks between the two platforms.

4. Why is Feefo integration with Magento 2 important for ecommerce businesses?

Feefo integration with Magento 2 is business-critical. It helps enhance brand reputation. It collects genuine customer feedback. It automates processes to serve customers better.

5. Are there any additional features offered by Feefo Magento 2 Integration?

Feefo integration with Magento 2 is business-critical. It helps enhance brand reputation. It collects genuine customer feedback. It automates processes to serve customers better.

6. Which well-known companies have benefited from the partnership with Feefo?

Companies like Expedia and AXA have used Feefo's platform. They do this to boost their brand reputation and improve customer relationships.

7. How can Feefo Magento 2 Integration help businesses beyond automating tasks?

Feefo integration goes beyond automation. It helps businesses create custom workflows. It also assists in collecting genuine customer feedback. Additionally, it facilitates connecting with customers at a deeper level.



Integrating Feefo Magento 2 with your store will enhance your ecommerce businesses. It helps boost their online presence and build trust with their customers. By following this tutorial, you can:

  • Easily connect your Feefo account with your Magento 2.x store.
  • Automate the collection and display of genuine reviews from verified customers.
  • Enhance your brand reputation. Improve customer experience by showcasing Feefo reviews on your product pages.
  • Make data-driven decisions using Feefo's advanced features like NPS and insight tags.

Explore managed Magento hosting plans to integrate Feefo effortlessly with your Magento store.

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