How to Easily Configure Magento 2 Edit Order Extension

How to Easily Configure Magento 2 Edit Order Extension

Are you tired of canceling and recreating orders every time a customer requests a change? The Magento 2 edit order extension allows store admins to modify order details without canceling or duplicating orders.

In this tutorial, we will explain how to configure the Magento 2 extension and its best practices.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn how to edit orders using the extension without canceling them.

  • Discover features of the Magento 2 extension.

  • Understand how to modify order details, including billing and shipping.

  • Find out the top Magento 2 order edit extensions available.

  • Get step-by-step instructions to configure and use the extension.

Features of Magento 2 Edit Order Extension

1. Edit orders via pop-up

  • The extension allows admins to edit all information related to a pending order via a convenient popup window on the View Order page.

  • This eliminates the need to cancel the order and create a new one. The order ID remains unchanged after any modifications are made.

2. Modify the order's general information

  • Admins can quickly edit the order number, order date, order status, and key customer account details right from the popup, including:
    1. Name prefix, first name, middle name, last name, name suffix
    2. Date of birth
    3. Tax/VAT number
    4. Customer group
    5. Gender

3. Update billing & shipping addresses

Billing feature in Magento Edit Order extension

  • Admins can also easily change the payment method and shipping method to match the updated addresses.

  • The shipping cost is automatically recalculated after any changes.

4. Add, remove, or edit attributes

  • Magento 2 edit order extension enables admins to conveniently update the products on order from the backend without canceling it. From the edit popup, they can:

    1. Add or remove order items
    2. Change product quantities
    3. Update product prices
    4. Configure custom options like size and color
    5. Apply discounts
    6. Modify tax rates

5. Quick edit button

  • The Quick Edit feature allows editing all components of an order from a single all-in-one popup window.

  • This includes general order information, customer details, and individual order items.

  • Admins can access every editable section of the order details and make changes from one centralized place.

6. Log Order Grid

  • The Magento 2 edit order extension automatically logs every change made to an order through the module. It includes details like:

    1. Old and new values of each modified field
    2. Timestamp of when the change was made
    3. Admin user who made the modification
    4. The IP address from which the change was made.
  • Admins can view a detailed record of all the changes, who made them, and when from a dedicated log grid.

  • It allows for carefully tracking and managing the entire order editing history.

7. Restrictions on Specific Orders

  • Magento 2 edit order provides configuration options to restrict access to the order editing functionality.

  • Store owners can specify which types of orders can be edited and which admin users have permission to use the feature.

  • It ensures editing privileges are controlled based on responsibilities.

Top 5 Magento 2 Order Editor Extensions

Extension Provider Key Features
Mageworx - Edit orders via user-friendly pop-up without cancellation
- Modify order details, customer info, addresses, payment/shipping methods
- Add/remove/edit ordered items, quantities, prices
- Quick edit button to access all sections
- Log grid to track order changes
- Set staff permissions for order editing
Milople - Easily edit orders without recreating them
- Modify customer details, shipping info, product details
- Update item quantities based on stock and customer needs
- Change payment methods without redirection or cancellation
Mageplaza - Edit orders via pop-up on the View Order page
- Modify order info, billing/shipping addresses, payment/shipment

- Edit ordered items on the same page
- Quick edit button gathers all sections
- Log grid records all order updates
MageAnts - Edit customer details, order items, prices, quantities
- Update billing/shipping addresses
- Change payment/shipping methods
- Add/remove products or edit custom options
FME Extensions - Edit order status, date, items, quantities
- Modify customer, shipping, payment data
- Update/delete/create invoices
- Recalculate taxes after changes
- Return removed items to stock

Steps to Configure Edit Order Extension for Magento 2

Step 1: Enable the Extension

  1. Log into the Magento Admin Panel.

Navigate to the Magento 2 edit order extension

  1. Head to Stores > Configuration > edit order extension.

Step 2: Configure the Order Edit Extension Settings

Enable the Magento 2 edit order extension

  1. Select Yes to enable the Magento order edit extension.

  2. Select the order statuses to be shown on the dashboard.

  3. Choose the right option to update invoices, shipments, and credit memos.

  4. By default, enable the Quick Edit feature.

  5. Select Yes to auto-calculate the shipping fee and enable the return item to stock.

Step 3: Configure Shipment Grid

Navigate to add tracking in Magento 2 edit order extension

  1. Go to Actions > Add Track Shipping for Grid > Pop up add track shipping.

Add shipping details in Magento 2 edit order extension

  1. Enter the tracking details and click on Submit.

Step 4: Edit Order Details

  1. From the admin panel, navigate to Sales > Order > View Order > Edit Order.

Enter order details in the Magento 2 edit order extension

  1. Change the order number date and choose a status from the options.

Edit customer information in Magento 2 edit order extension

  1. Scroll down and select the option to edit customer information and fill in the details.

View the items ordered using Magento 2 edit order extension

  1. Edit the Items Ordered under the View Order section with custom prices.

  2. Click Update to add, remove, or change order quantity.

  3. Click Save Config to save changes.

Issues with Magento 2 Order Edit Extension

Issue Solution
Order Information Not Updating Clear the Magento cache and reindex the data. Ensure that the user has the necessary permissions to edit order information.
Check Magento logs for errors that may indicate underlying issues.
Error Messages When Editing Items Ensure that the products being added or updated are in stock and available. Verify that the product IDs and attributes are correct.
Re-save the product information in the catalog to refresh the data.
Inconsistent Order Totals Manually recalculate the order totals and save the changes.
Ensure that tax and discount rules are correctly applied.
Verify and update the payment information to reflect the correct totals.
Order Status Not Changing Manually update the order status in the backend.
Ensure that the workflow rules for order status changes are correctly configured.
Disable any custom scripts that might interfere with order status updates.
Cannot Cancel an Order After Editing Ensure that the order is in a state that allows cancellation.
Verify the extension settings to ensure that cancellations are permitted after editing.
Check the database for any integrity issues that might prevent order cancellations.


1. How does the Magento 2 Order Management extension help in editing orders?

The Magento 2 Order Management extension allows you to edit orders without canceling the order. It ensures smooth order management by avoiding the need to cancel and recreate orders.

2. Can I change order details without canceling the order in Magento 2?

Yes, the extension enables you to change order details without canceling the order. It ensures flexibility in managing existing orders.

3. What order data can be modified using the Magento 2 Order Management extension?

You can edit the general information, billing and shipping addresses, and product details. It allows modifications to the existing order data.

4. Does the extension work with the default Magento 2 setup?

Yes, the extension works great with the default Magento 2 setup. It provides an enhanced order management experience without interfering with the default Magento functionality.

5. How do I use Magento 2 Edit Order Extension from the order view page?

To use the extension, navigate to the order view page, click edit, and make the necessary changes to the order. This extension allows you to edit orders quickly and efficiently.



The Magento 2 edit order extension is a perfect way to manage order details from the backend without cancellation. In this tutorial, we explained how to configure the extension settings and its features in detail. Here is a quick recap:

  • Choose an extension that offers a user-friendly popup editor. It saves time and reduces errors.

  • Ensure the extension supports editing all critical order components. It includes customer details, addresses, payment, and shipping methods.

  • Look for automatic recalculations and updates. The best extensions will automatically adjust taxes, totals, and shipping costs.

  • Utilize features like quick edit and log grids. These tools provide centralized access to all editable order sections and detailed records of all modifications.

  • Manage editing permissions carefully. Restrict access to order editing functionality based on order status and admins.

Choose a managed Magento hosting plan to edit orders easily and scale your store as the brand grows.

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