2-Step Guide to Add a Magento 2 Packaging Option

2-Step Guide to Add a Magento 2 Packaging Option

Ready to reduce shipping costs and impress your customers? Magento 2 packaging options allow businesses to customize the packaging of their products to meet specific requirements. From gift wrapping to eco-friendly options, you can provide the packaging to meet your customers' preferences.

In this tutorial, we will explain the steps required to add a packaging option and its best practices.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover how Magento 2 packaging options optimize e-commerce strategies.

  • Learn to tailor packaging choices to customer preferences and enhance brand identity.

  • Explore cost-saving benefits through optimized package sizes and efficient delivery.

  • Understand the importance of sustainability with eco-friendly packaging solutions.

  • Ensure regulatory compliance and avoid penalties by meeting specific packaging requirements.

Benefits of Magento 2 Packaging Options

Benefits of Magento 2 packaging option

1. Customizable Packaging Options

  • Magento 2 allows merchants to offer customizable packaging options.

  • It is useful for businesses that need special packaging for branding reasons. Customers can choose options at checkout, like the date and time of delivery for products.

2. Cost-effective Shipping Solutions

  • Magento 2 supports the configuration of different packaging types for single shipments. Shipping carriers charge based on the number of packages, weight, and dimensions.

  • Adjusting package sizes to match the items to be shipped can lower each shipment's volume. By packing many items into one package, you can cut shipping costs and save space.

3. Enhanced Product Protection

  • Proper packaging options ensure that products are well-protected during transit. Magento 2 allows for specific packaging materials and methods to protect fragile or high-value items.

  • It reduces the risk of damage during shipping, thereby decreasing the rate of Magento order returns.

4. Sustainability

  • Magento 2 enables businesses to install sustainable practices by offering eco-friendly packaging options.

  • Merchants can choose recyclable materials, helping to reduce their environmental footprint. Customers who are conscious of environmental issues appreciate these options.

5. Improved Branding Opportunities

  • Customized packaging is an excellent tool for branding.
  • Merchants can design their packaging to include logos, brand colors, and other elements.
  • It makes the unboxing better for customers and serves as a form of advertising.

6. Multi-warehouse Support

  • For businesses operating from multiple warehouses, Magento 2 offers advanced packaging options.

  • It includes picking the warehouse based on the customer's location. It also depends on the availability of stock at that location.

  • The flexibility helps in reducing delivery times and shipping costs.

7. Regulatory Compliance

  • This customization might involve incorporating certain labels, warnings, or instructions mandated.

  • Products like pharmaceuticals, food items, or hazardous materials have strict guidelines. These guidelines are for packaging, design, and content.

  • These can vary depending on the type of product, the origin, and the destination country.

  • Magento 2 allows for the change of packaging to meet these requirements. It ensures that businesses do not face legal penalties.

Configuring Packaging Options in Magento 2 Admin Panel

Step 1: Add a packaging option

  1. Log in to your Magento 2 Admin Panel.

  2. In the sidebar, navigate to Stores > Shipping > Packaging.

Create new Magento 2 packaging option

  1. Select 'Create New Packaging' option.

  2. Fill in the details like name, type, tare weight, tare weight unit, and largest weight.

Packaging details for Magento 2 packaging option

  1. Tare weight is the weight of the empty package.

Step 2: Fill the Outer and Inner Dimensions section

  1. Fill in the details for the length, breadth, and height of the package when measuring from outside.

Outer dimensions for Magento 2 packaging option

  1. Fill in the details for the package's length, breadth, and height, measuring from the inside.

Inner dimensions for Magento 2 packaging option

  1. Select the unit of measurement from the dropdown menu.

  2. Click on Save Config at the end.

Best Practices for Shipping Options in Magento 2

1. Configure Shipping Methods Thoroughly

  • Magento fulfillment supports various shipping methods, including flat rate, table rate, and free shipping.

  • Flat rate shipping is a type of shipping where the cost is determined by the size of the package and not its dimensions.

  • Table rate shipping is a type of shipping method where the price is based on weight and number of items.

  • Ensure that each Magento shipping method is configured to apply the shipping rate automatically.

  • This is based on the customer’s location, the weight of the package, or the subtotal of the order. This flexibility helps you offer more personalized options to your customers.

2. Offer Free Shipping Options

  • Free shipping is a useful tool for increasing conversion rates. Consider offering free shipping once a customer’s order reaches a certain threshold.

  • It not only brings in larger orders but also increases customer satisfaction.

  • In Magento, you can set up this feature by configuring the free shipping conditions.

3. Use Custom Shipping Rules

  • For unique needs, Magento allows for custom shipping rules. Shipping rates are reduced for specific products or surcharges during high-demand periods.

  • Custom shipping rules help shape the service for your business model and customers.

4. Integrate Multiple Shipping Carriers

  • To provide shipping service options, integrate multiple shipping carriers into your Magento setup.

  • Customers will have a choice of service providers and shipping speeds from which to choose.

  • Configuration of each carrier's API ensures accurate shipping costs and delivery times.

5. Monitor and Adjust Shipping Costs

  • Adjust shipping costs to changes in carrier rates, packaging options, or business goals.

  • Magento provides tools to update and manage these costs. It ensures that your shipping rate settings remain optimal for your business.

  • Magento 2 supports integration with shipping carriers like FedEx, UPS, and USPS. These integrations have real-time shipping rate calculations.

  • It ensures the shipping costs displayed to the customer are up to date.

6. Provide Detailed Shipping Information

  • Transparency in shipping costs reduces cart abandonment and builds trust with your customers.

  • It allows customers to make informed decisions about their purchases.

  • All the details of shipping methods, rates, and delivery times should be on your product pages.

7. Leverage Shipping Promotions

  • Use promotions such as limited-time free shipping, discounted rates, or faster shipping upgrades.

  • Customers are more likely to buy products if there is a discount on shipping.

  • Promotions are a great way to encourage purchases during sales or holiday seasons.


1. Can Magento 2 packaging options help reduce shipping costs?

Yes, optimizing package sizes reduces shipping rates and saves space.

2. How does Magento 2 support sustainability in packaging?

Magento 2 enables businesses to offer eco-friendly packaging options using recyclable materials.

3. Does Magento 2 allow customization for branding purposes?

Yes, customized packaging options provide branding opportunities with logos and brand colors.

4. Is it possible to configure shipping methods in Magento 2?

Yes, Magento 2 supports configuring shipping methods, including free shipping and custom rules.

5. Can Magento 2 integrate with many shipping carriers?

Yes, integrating many shipping carriers allows customers to choose based on their preferences.



Magento 2 packaging options help businesses avoid legal penalties and ensure product safety. The tutorial outlines how to configure Magento 2 packaging options, as well as their benefits and best practices. Here's a concise recap:

  • Customizable Choices: Tailor packaging to customer preferences, from gift wrapping to eco-friendly materials.

  • Cost Efficiency: Optimize package sizes to reduce shipping costs and enhance delivery efficiency.

  • Sustainability Focus: Reduce environmental footprint with eco-friendly packaging options.

  • Brand Enhancement: Elevate the unboxing experience with customized packaging showcasing brand identity.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensure legal requirements are met, avoiding penalties.

Leverage the power of managed Magento hosting to fully capitalize on packaging capabilities and drive business growth.

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