Set Up the Magento Cart for Your Online Store

Set Up the Magento Cart for Your Online Store

Setting up the Magento cart decreases cart abandonments and increases conversions. The shopping cart is a crucial part of an online store, bridging browsing and purchasing. It's where customers add products, choose quantities, apply discounts, and proceed to checkout. This tutorial will guide you through setting up your Magento cart for a seamless shopping experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Magento cart setup is critical to reduce cart abandonment and boost conversions.

  • The Magento cart links browsing and buying, making it integral to the shopping experience.

  • It's in the Magento cart that customers add items, adjust quantities, apply discounts, and initiate checkout.

  • This guide provides step-by-step instructions for setting up your Magento cart.

  • Proper setup of the Magento cart can provide a smooth, user-friendly shopping experience.

Why is Setting Up the Magento Cart Important?

1. Customization and Extensions

Customization capabilities provided by Magento cart are virtually unlimited. It features a range of extensions for your ecommerce Magento platform. These can be integrated to tailor the cart's functionality to your needs. Businesses can enhance the user experience and improve backend efficiency.

2. Responsive Design and Themes

Magento cart's responsive design ensures your ecommerce site is accessible across all browsers and devices. With various themes, you can align your site's look and feel with your brand. This ensures a high-quality mobile experience for your customers.

3. Integration and Third-party Services Support

Magento Cart offers useful integration capabilities. You can connect your e-commerce platform with payment plugins, marketing tools, and analytics services. This seamless integration simplifies site management, enhances user experience, and optimizes performance.

4. SEO and Marketing Features

Magento cart comes with inbuilt Magento 2 SEO and marketing tools that can bolster your site's visibility in search engine rankings. These features make it easier for potential customers to find your ecommerce store. They also increase site traffic and improve your conversion rates.

5. Security and Performance

Magento cart prioritizes the security and performance of your ecommerce platform. It offers regular updates and security patches to ensure your customer data is secure and your site runs smoothly. This, coupled with top-notch support services, guarantees a satisfying customer experience.

How to Configure Magento My Cart Link

The Magento shopping cart link is in the website header's upper-right corner. It shows the number of products added by customers.

You can configure it to display the total or the number of items regardless of quantity.

Find the "My Cart Link" section and define the "Display Cart Summary" settings.

Guide to configuring Magento My Cart Link

These are the available choices for you:

  • Display item quantities: The cart shows the total number of items and the quantity of each product.

Displaying item quantities in Magento Cart

  • Display number of items in cart: The cart shows the total number of items, but not the quantity of each product.

Showing total items in Magento Cart

How to Set Up Mini Cart?

When you click on the Magento shopping cart link, a mini cart is activated. It is accessible on every catalog page, allowing customers to easily review their added items.

Setting up a mini cart in Magento

To set up a mini cart in Magento, you should configure three options in the Mini Cart section:

  1. Specify if you want to enable or disable the mini cart in the "Display Mini Cart" field.

  2. Enter the "Number of Items to Display Scrollbar." This defines the number of items customers need to add before the scroll is enabled.

  3. Specify the maximum number of recently added items to display in the mini cart.

Mini cart settings in Magento's admin panel

How to Set Redirect to Magento 2 Cart?

The mini cart already contains all the information about the products added to the cart. Therefore, there is no urgent necessity to redirect customers to the shopping cart page after adding products. The redirect is disabled by default.

You give your customers the choice to proceed to the shopping cart page, making the checkout process feel less forced. Additionally, you have the flexibility to choose a different scenario. Navigate to the "Shopping Cart" section and toggle the "After Adding a Product Redirect to Shopping Cart" option to enable or disable it.

Redirect options in Magento 2 Cart

How to Define Quote Lifetime?

Occasionally, customers abandon their shopping carts for an extended period but eventually return to make a purchase. However, it's important to note that the prices of the products may have changed during their absence.

To determine the duration for which the quoted price remains valid, please complete the "Quote Lifetime (days)" field under the "Shopping Cart" section.

Setting Magento cart quote lifetime

How to Configure Cart Thumbnails?

Thumbnails assist customers in visualizing the products they have added to the cart. Typically, they accurately represent the chosen products. However, in cases where products have variations, the thumbnails in the cart may not correspond to the added items.

In the case of configurable and grouped products, the images correspond to either the product variation or the parent product image.

Configuring cart thumbnails in Magento

You can group and configure product images within the Shopping Cart section.

  • Product Thumbnail Itself: The product thumbnail a customer adds to their cart is used.
  • Parent Product Thumbnail: The thumbnail of a parent product is used.

Magento cart thumbnails admin configuration

How to Specify Minimum Order Quantity?

  • To encourage more purchases or set specific sales targets for customer groups, you can configure the "Minimum Qty Allowed in Shopping Cart" option. This feature allows you to control the minimum quantity required for items to be added to the shopping cart.

  • To set it up, navigate to Stores > Configuration > Catalog > Inventory > Product Stock Options.

Admin settings for minimum order quantity in Magento

Based on your configuration, various customer groups will view the specific quantity required to add items to their cart.

Implementing minimum order quantity in Magento

How to Configure Minimum Order Amount?

An additional shopping cart option in Magento that promotes purchases is the minimum order amount. This feature requires customers to meet a specific subtotal to proceed with the checkout process. If the subtotal is not met, the checkout button will not be available.

Additionally, you can request orders to be shipped to multiple addresses to meet the minimum order amount per address.

Setting minimum order amount in Magento

How to Set Up Gift Message Options?

Considering that the shopping cart is the final step before checkout, it's logical to allow customers to leave gift messages during this stage. Gift messages enhance the personalized experience and leave a positive impression.

By default, Magento enables you to easily configure gift messages, allowing you to activate this option effortlessly within seconds.

Enabling gift messages in Magento cart

How to Check Magento Shopping Cart Rules?

Magento store owners have Magento shopping cart price rules that can be configured to offer discounts. These rules let you set conditions and offer coupons for customers to use during checkout or in their shopping cart.

Managing shopping cart rules in Magento

Benefits of using Magento Cart

  • User-friendly admin panel: The Magento 2 cart has a user-friendly Magento admin panel, making it easier for business owners to manage their online stores. For instance, through this panel, you can promptly change the types of products on display. You can also update new software versions or publish articles to engage your audience.

  • Seamless browsing experience: Magento cart is designed to provide an excellent browsing experience across various devices, including phones. This feature is essential to retaining customers who rely on mobile devices for shopping. They can easily browse the list of products, add items to the cart, and make purchases all in one place.

  • Highly customizable: Businesses can create a unique shopping experience with a Magento cart. A wide range of customizable services can be tailored to your business needs. For example, you can customize user accounts, implement various checkout options, or adapt to changes in customer behavior.

  • Value-added features: Magento cart has numerous value-added features that help to enhance the end-user experience. Functions like gift messages, minimum order amount, and special discounts add value to business customers. This promotes customer loyalty and encourages repeat purchases.

  • Expert support: Magento cart is backed by a robust community of software experts. They are always ready to provide help with any issues or challenges. There are numerous online resources and tutorials available. They can guide you through the different features and functionalities of the Magento cart system.


1. What is the best way for users to navigate through the Magento cart?

Navigation is intuitive in the Magento cart. Users can easily browse through different product categories and check out reviews. They can also click the cart icon to view their shopping cart information.

2. Are any gift and discount options available for buyers in the Magento cart?

Magento cart provides added value with functions like gift messages and special discounts. These features promote customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases.

3. How can businesses customize their service with the Magento cart?

Magento cart is highly customizable. Businesses can tailor user accounts, implement various product options, and adapt to changes in customer behavior to create a unique shopping experience.

4. Can I access the Magento cart on my phone or any other device?

The Magento cart provides a seamless browsing experience across various devices, including phones. Users can browse products, add items to the cart, and purchase all in one place. Selecting the right Magento hosting service optimizes your website for mobile devices and ensures smooth navigation.

5. What content can businesses share using Adobe Commerce's Magento cart?

Businesses can publish articles, product information, and software updates through the Magento cart.

6. What support solutions are available if I face issues with the Magento cart?

A robust community of software experts backs the Magento cart. Numerous online resources, tutorials, and extension services can assist you with any challenges.


With a Magento cart, store owners can easily configure carts to display relevant information and enhance the shopping experience. It offers a wide range of features and customization options to cater to the needs of both buyers and sellers. Managed Magento hosting simplifies online shopping by offering a reliable and secure environment for store owners and shoppers.

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