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PHP is a scripting language that is used to create web pages. Rasmus Lerdorf initially developed it in 1994. The language has evolved since then, but its core principles have remained the same.

PHP is open-source, which means it can be modified and redistributed for free as long as the license terms are followed. It makes PHP an extremely popular programming language with millions of users worldwide, including some of the biggest companies such as Facebook, Magento, WordPress, and Wikipedia.

PHP FastCGI is a server-side scripting language and an alternative to PHP. The main advantage of this tool is that it loads scripts quickly and efficiently. It makes it more suitable for large websites. It also provides better security than PHP because scripts are executed on the server instead of being loaded in the browser.

Reduce CPU Usage Reduce CPU Usage

Reduce CPU Usage

Reduce CPU usage by caching computationally expensive calculations.

Faster Response Time Faster Response Time

Faster Response Time

PHP 8 provides better performance for projects that require high-level code execution. The performance improvements is 3 times compared to synthetic benchmarks.

Handle More Traffic Handle More Traffic

Handle More Traffic

PHP 8 focuses on scalability, a faster execution time, and support for asynchronous programming. It can handle more traffic and has improved performance for PHP scripts.

Benefits of PHP 8

Just-In-Time compilation Just-In-Time compilation

Just-In-Time compilation

JIT allows PHP to compile its code directly into machine code (code the CPU understands) without any help of an interpretation layer.

Union Types Union Types

Union Types

Union types are a recent addition to PHP 8. It combines two different types in a single variable. Programmers can work with various data types and have more control over the data.

The Nullsafe Operator The Nullsafe Operator

The Nullsafe Operator

PHP 8 introduced a new null-safe operator. It is written as the question mark (?) and solves the NULL value problem. It makes it easier for programmers to write code without worrying about null values.

Named Arguments Named Arguments

Named Arguments

Named arguments to provide a new way to pass arguments to a PHP function. It allows developers to specify arguments by the name of the argument instead of their position in the argument list.

Attributes Attributes


Attributes or annotations are structured metadata that specify properties for objects, elements, or files. It is easier to create classes, interfaces, and functions.

Match Expression Match Expression

Match Expression

The new match expression offers safer semantics and allows us to return values. It helps validate input, match content with regular expressions, or even log errors.

Consistent Type Errors for Internal Functions Consistent Type Errors for Internal Functions

Consistent Type Errors for Internal Functions

A PHP extension that helps to detect inconsistencies in the types of arguments passed to internal functions. Used as a tool for refactoring code so that arguments are similar.


PHP 8 is the latest language version that powers over 80% of websites. It offers several improvements over its predecessor, such as

  • Improved performance for PHP applications such as Magento
  • Support for Unicode
  • Support for object-oriented programming
  • Improvements to garbage collection and memory management
  • New features in the language syntax

PHP FPM is an abbreviation for PHP Process Manager. It is a process control system for the PHP language.

One of the benefits of using PHP FPM is that it enables us to execute scripts with a single thread. It does not require multiple processes or threads. It improves the server’s efficiency and Magento performance, which is critical when handling high volumes of requests.

PHP-FPM allows Magento sites to use memory and CPU resources more efficiently. It helps Magento sites to manage content better and serve websites faster.

PHP 8 is the latest version of the PHP programming language. The main difference between PHP 8 and PHP 7 is that it has a new engine called Zend Engine 3. It offers a more modern and faster execution environment with improved runtime efficiency.

PHP version 8.0 is a major update that makes PHP more developer-friendly by improving transparency. It contains new features and optimization improvements.

New features include

  • Named arguments
  • Union types
  • Constructor property promotion
  • Custom object serialization
  • Match expression
  • Nullsafe operator
  • Improvements in the type system and error handling

The PHP framework provides many tools to help the developer in the process of building the Magento application. It includes template engines and libraries that are already written for them.