Built for Magento Built for Magento

Built for Magento

The MGT Code Deploy executes Magento-related commands before, during, and after the deployment. It includes flush caches, rebuild static files and individual settings. If required, customers can enable maintenance mode on multiple servers at once via Code Deploy.

Faster Deployments Faster Deployments

Faster Deployments

The deployments are done in parallel and offer zero downtime. MGT Code Deploy enables developers to deploy new code while the site is available to customers.

Centralized control Centralized control

Centralized control

Launch and track the status of Magento deployments on the MGT Code Deploy interface. Easily add new admins and users, and all changes are documented.

How it works

The deployer initiates a new deployment from the MGT Code Deploy interface. The deployment package is prepared by cloning the git repository and executing additional commands.

The deployment package is shipped to instances connected to the environment. The instances show the latest version after the switch, and the “after deployment commands” are executed.

1. Log in to the interface

To start a deployment, log in to the MGT Code Deploy interface. Select the environment to deploy from the top right corner.

How it works How it works

2. Add a new Deployment

  • Navigate to “Deployments” and click on “New Deployment.”
  • Select a branch or tag to deploy.
  • At the end of the form, select “After Deployment Commands.” It is executed after the deployment is completed.
Add a new Deployment Add a new Deployment

3. Building Deployment Package

The MGT Code Deploy software will start building the deployment package. The building process of the deployment package has the following steps:

  • Cloning the git repository
  • Validating the git repository
  • Executing defined “After Clone Commands” like - php bin/magento setup:upgrade php bin/magento setup:di:compile php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy
Building Deployment Package Building Deployment Package

4. Delivering Deployment Package

After building the deployment package, MGT Code Deploy ships it to each instance and waits until all instances are ready.

All instances get the latest version by switching a symlink. After switching the symlink, we execute the defined After Switch Commands.

Delivering Deployment Package Delivering Deployment Package

5. Switch Release

Lastly, the selected “After Deployment Commands” are executed. For example, it executes commands such as Clear Magento Cache, Redis cache and Purge Varnish Cache.

Switch Release Switch Release


Zero Downtime Zero Downtime

Zero Downtime

MGT Code Deploy offers zero downtime and enables the deployment of multiple AWS instances simultaneously. “In-place” deployment is possible by switching the release with a symlink.

User Management User Management

User Management

Create and manage multiple users easily. The administrator assigns environments, allowing a user to deploy them.

GIT Support GIT Support

GIT Support

MGT Code Deploy is compatible with all Git repositories. Use private GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab, or your Git repository.

Fully Managed Fully Managed

Fully Managed

MGT Code Deploy is shipped as a fully managed deployment solution. Our specialized team will help with any questions or technical assistance.

Automated Deployment Automated Deployment

Automated Deployment

Automate the Magento deployments across the development, test, and production environments. MGT Code Deploy scales with the infrastructure to deploy to one or thousands of instances.


Zero downtime deployment is a deployment method where the Magento website is never down or unstable during the deployment process.

There are methods to achieve zero downtime deployment -

Zero downtime deployment with Adobe Commerce
Adobe Commerce runs the application in maintenance mode during the deployment phases. It takes the site offline until the deployment is complete. The downtime depends on the size of the site and the number of changes.

MGT Code Deploy
The MGT Code Deployment tool makes deploying releases much faster and easier. The tool initiates in place deployments via a simple interface. With its cutting-edge technology, the deployments are executed with high speed.

No, MGT Code Deploy is not a CI/DI automation tool. It helps to minimize human errors and offers zero downtime deployment.

Yes, the deployment tool is a fully managed solution, and we offer 24/7 support for our clients.

Yes. MGT Code Deploy is available as an add-on solution for single-server hosting plans.

No, the deployment tool ensures that if the deployment fails, it does not affect the running site. It enables the developers to safely deploy the new changes without breaking anything on the live site.

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