What are AWS Graviton Processors?

AWS Graviton Processors AWS Graviton Processors

AWS Graviton is an ARM-based processor built by Amazon Web Services. It has 64-bit ARM Neoverse cores to deliver the best price performance. The processors offer 7x more performance,
4x more compute cores, 5x faster memory, and 2x larger caches.

Graviton3-based instances support a wide range of general-purpose, compute-intensive, and accelerated workloads. It includes application servers, microservices, machine learning, electronic design automation, and video encoding.

AWS Graviton3 processors provide up to 25% better compute performance and 2x higher floating-point performance. It offers up to 2x faster cryptographic workload performance than AWS Graviton2 processors.

AWS Graviton3 processors deliver 3 times better performance for ML workloads and include bfloat16. It supports DDR5 memory with 50% more memory bandwidth compared to DDR4.

Up to 40% Price Performance

AWS Graviton3 processors enhance price performance by 40% compared to x86-fueled processors. The latest AWS Graviton3 offers 25% better compute performance than Graviton 2.

Amazon’s C7g instances are the first EC2 instances powered by the Graviton 3 processor. The C7g instances offer up to 25% better performance than the C6g instances.

Up to 40% Price Performance Up to 40% Price Performance

Enhanced Security for Cloud Applications

AWS Graviton processors enable us to run the Magento application securely. It features memory encryption, dedicated caches for every vCPU, and pointer authentication.

EC2 instances powered by AWS Graviton processors are built on the AWS Nitro System. It has the AWS Nitro security chip with dedicated hardware and software for security functions.

Enhanced Security for Cloud Applications Enhanced Security for Cloud Applications

Up to 60% less Energy

Graviton3-based instances use up to 60% less energy for the same performance than the previous comparable EC2 instances.

Up to 60% less Energy Up to 60% less Energy
Extensive Software Support Extensive Software Support

Extensive Software Support

AWS Graviton processors support Linux operating systems, including Amazon Linux 2, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE, and Ubuntu. Popular AWS services and partners for security, monitoring, and CI/CD support AWS Graviton-based instances.

Available with Managed AWS services Available with Managed AWS services

Available with Managed AWS services

AWS Graviton-based instances are available with managed AWS services. It includes Amazon Aurora, Amazon RDS, Amazon MemoryDB for Redis, and Amazon EKS. The services deliver price-performance benefits of AWS Graviton processors.

PHP compatibility PHP compatibility

PHP compatibility

Graviton supports the latest PHP versions to deliver up to 37% faster execution time than its predecessors. PHP runs up to 40% faster on the AWS Graviton than on the Intel-based instance, with a 20% cost reduction.

AWS Customer Experience

Netflix Netflix

“We use Amazon EC2 M instance types for a number of workloads inclusive of our streaming, encoding, data processing, and monitoring applications, said Ed Hunter, Director of Performance and operating systems at Netflix. We tested the new M6g instances using industry standard LMbench and certain Java benchmarks and saw up to 50% improvement over M5 instances.”

Twitter Twitter

“Twitter is working on a multi-year project to leverage AWS Graviton-based EC2 instances to deliver Twitter timelines. As part of our ongoing effort to drive further efficiencies, we tested the new Graviton3-based C7g instances. Across a number of benchmarks that we’ve found to be representative of the performance of Twitter workloads, we found Graviton3-based C7g instances deliver 20-80% higher performance vs. Graviton2 based C6g instances, while also reducing tail latencies by as much as 35%. We are excited to utilize Graviton3-based instances in the future to realize significant price performance benefits.”

Discovery Discovery

“We began using AWS Graviton2-based instances during our summer of major sports broadcasts including the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. Graviton2 was used in our caching services for our front end Subscriber Management and the Media Asset Management platforms to reach 175M viewers with 7x better performance compared to the x86-based instances we were using previously. As Graviton2 has up to 40% better price performance, Discovery are investigating how to scale further adoption across other use cases.”


The ARM instances slightly have the edge over the x86 instances for computational performance. The ARM-based instances offer a cost reduction of 40% than the x86.

Arm instances perform much better with “close to metal” applications. It delivers 40% better price performance for all workloads.

Migrating to AWS Graviton3 from the x86 instance is possible through new servers as it is a completely new architecture.

Changing the instance type via CloudPanel won’t be possible. Please contact us for a suitable migration solution for your requirements. Our team will carry out the migration process to the new server.

Yes, we still support the x86 architecture. The AWS Graviton3 provides a 40% enhanced price performance than the x86 processor.

At MGT-Commerce, we prioritize customer satisfaction and believe that good performance plays a significant part in that contribution.

We use the best architecture to deliver better performance for our clients.

ARM processors are integrated as an SoC or system-on-a-chip. It focuses on overall resource management, including low energy consumption and lower heat production.

For example, ARM architectures do not have simplified cooling systems. However, x86 CPUs favor high-end processing speed over low power consumption.

ARM designs focus on smaller form factors, battery life, removing cooling requirements, and reducing cost. ARM instances are comparably much better than x86 instances.

No, Graviton processors offer more computing performance with 20% less cost. Popular Graviton customers have reported reduced costs when compared to the x86-based instances.

Companies like Exberry have seen 50% lower latency and 70% lower cost by switching to Graviton 2. Honeycomb Inc. noted a 50% price-performance improvement over Intel instances.

NextRoll Inc. observed up to 50% total cost savings over previous generation EC2 instances for the workloads. Magento businesses gain a better price performance with the new Graviton-based instances.

Yes, the AWS Graviton processors support PHP-based applications like Magento. AWS instances using Graviton processors are purpose-built CPUs. It is used for serving web applications as fast as possible. AWS Graviton is available to host any PHP application, including Magento.

Certainly, Amazon Web Services (AWS) continues to support the earlier version of Graviton, known as Graviton1, alongside the newer iterations. Our team is available to assist you in setting up both the latest Graviton versions and the earlier Graviton1, ensuring a seamless integration tailored to your specific needs.