Top 5 Time-Saving Tips for Managing your Magento Store

Top 5 Time-Saving Tips for Managing your Magento Store

The Magento eCommerce platform is one of the most scalable solutions. It is a complex application that can be difficult to manage.

Whether you are an ecommerce site owner or web developer, optimizing the management process and time-saving is essential.

If you are looking for ways to save more time while managing a Magento store, this article is right for you.

1. CRM Integration in Magento

CRM Integration for Magento store

CRM is a Customer Relationship Management technology. It helps manage customer data.

  • Data management

Use a CRM system to collect, monitor, and share data. You can sync data to save time on data management.

  • Meet customer demands

It helps to create marketing campaigns, emails, and chat centers. You can also use case management systems.

Keep track of customer needs. Understand their needs through the CRM system. You can automate tasks and services.

  • Enhance user engagement

With CRM, you don’t have to analyze data on customer behavior. You can add stores and identify trends. You can also add customer reviews.

It enables you to check customer history. You can use it to enhance the user’s online shopping experience.

2. Use Managed Magento Hosting

Managed Magento Hosting for Magento store

The backend workloads of Magento hosting are complex. Managed Magento hosting is a service where your hosting provider is responsible for server and software management.

The hosting provider takes away all your technical and maintenance workloads. It can eliminate your worries about maintaining a Magento store.

Features of Managed Magento hosting includes:

  • Migration
  • Hourly full backups
  • Server-side security updates
  • Cache management
  • Monitoring
  • Compliance and certifications
  • Firewall and data encryption

Delegating such tasks to a reliable hosting provider will save you time. It will help you focus on growing your Magento store efficiently.

3. Inventory and Order Management Software

Inventory and Order Management Software for Magento store

  • Track your inventory in real-time

You might spend several hours checking your inventory status. It may come from many locations.

With inventory management, you get real-time updates on your stocks globally. You can add new sources and products. You can also streamline your orders.

  • Manage orders

Order management software helps manage returns and refunds. You can take care of order replacements. These tools will help manage stocks of products.

Order management tools keep track of the physical store’s packages.

  • Inventory management

A poorly managed inventory can lead to low stocks and canceled orders.

Inventory management tools offer a centralized system. This system can arrange the inbound orders. You can also manage them with your stored goods.

Inventory management software is helpful to manage stocks on a single admin panel.

4. Use Magento Extensions to save time

Magento 2 Extensions

Extensions are a powerful way to increase the functions of your Magento store. It can boost performance and decrease workloads.

Here are some useful Magento commerce extensions to help you save time:

  • SEO suite extension

You may have large product categories. Use SEO suite extension to update meta tags, alt text, URLs, etc. It will require a lot of time if you choose to do this manually.

  • Magento 2 GDPR extension

A GDPR extension improves the compliance of your online stores. A compliance extension saves you time. It also helps you avoid GDPR penalties.

  • Social media integration

You can add many social media channels to your store. It helps save time on social media management. You can easily log in and interact with customers. It allows you to post high-quality content.

  • Order status extension

Order status extensions offer push notifications on orders. You can quickly notify customers about their shipment. It helps to keep track of orders. You can edit the order status. It helps in maintaining data from many sources.

  • GeoIP Detection and Redirect

It is not easy to add regional currencies and languages to every Magento web page. Advanced GeoIP Redirect extension redirects users to regional storefronts. It redirects store viewing, languages, and currencies based on the customer’s location.

5. Outsource Marketing

Outsource Magento Marketing - Managing tips for Magento store

Outsourcing marketing tasks can help you get sales faster. Marketing agencies specializing in Magento ecommerce will provide:

  • Paid advertising
  • Content management
  • Branding
  • Improved sales and traffic

You can create responsive designs for mobile devices.


The small updates can ease management tasks. It can also remove potential risks.

  • Create an FAQ page
  • Create a LiveChat extension
  • Use tools for updating product pages.
  • Use an extension to sync Magento cash transactions. It will ease accounting tasks.
  • Stay alert on Magento store taxes for different regions.


There's no denying that managing a Magento open-source store on your own is a long-drawn process.

You can follow the tips mentioned in this article to productively manage your e-commerce store.

The technical workloads of a Magento store can be managed by a hosting provider. Discover MGT-Commerce for fully managed Magento hosting.

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