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Over the last eight years, we from MGT-Commerce have learned from our customers how business-critical errors are, especially if you don’t notice them directly.
To profit from all cloud benefits, it is essential to make sure your e-commerce system runs reliably at all times:
If you run an online shop, for example, a Magento shop with an auto-scaling environment with multiple web servers you need a convenient logging solution to have an overview of the health of your online shop. In case of problems, you want to get notified as soon as possible not to lose revenue or to make a potential customer unsatisfied.

MGT Cloud Log - Makes log management easy

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In the following blog post, I will explain why we have decided to develop our own logging solution and what are the benefits compared to the existing solutions on the market.

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In any business, it’s imperative to have insurance for primary business tools, such as property insurance. When it comes to e-commerce businesses, a thoroughly thought backup strategy is your insurance. In case of an emergency, you can restore your shop very fast and get back to business as soon as possible.

Every bit of information on a website is of extreme importance and losing any of this information could cause major business’ loss. A 2007 University of Texas study showed that 43 percent of businesses that suffer massive data loss never reopen. Many of these companies end up closing their doors for good within two years of a significant data loss. You cannot predict what is going to happen in the future, but you can insure yourself against it causing a major problem to your business by backing up your Magento shop.

At MGT-Commerce we understand how backups are of extreme importance, so we always strive to create the best backup solutions in the market. Most recently we have developed the MGT System Manager to handle our Full Machine Image Backups (AWS AMIs).

MGT System Manager

MGT System Manager

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MGT Code Deploy

We are proud to release our newest solution MGT Code Deploy, a zero downtime deployment solution for Magento on AWS. The last few years taught us what our customers really need in order to rapidly release new features.

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CloudPanel“ width=

What is CloudPanel?

CloudPanel is a control panel to manage your server. It supports newest technologies ( NGINX, php-fpm, HHVM, redis cache, Varnish, Memcache and many more!  ). Now you can easily manage domains, databases, ftp / ssh users, cron jobs and backups via a clean and light interface.

This CloudPanel works as bridge between your server management and the cloud provider like AWS.

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As Magento owner, developer, or sysadmin you maybe know some performance bottlenecks and how to tweak your server for getting better performance. In this article, we from the Magento hosting service MGT-Commerce like to show you the benefits of using HHVM for Magento.

Magento needs a lot hardware recourse to perform well. Even if you have installed some additional third party extension, a large product catalog with many SKU´s or a higher traffic you reach the limits. Of course you can scale up your system by setting up a multi server environment, but this is expensive and takes a lot knowledge about how to configure every detail correct.

Facebook has developed HHVM from very similar reasons, more performance by using less hardware infrastructure. Instead of executing PHP code in high-level bytecode, HHVM translates the PHP code into x64 machine code which is around 40-50% faster!

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The configuration of an e-commerce shop like a Magento shop is essential, because we live in a world where every millisecond counts and we need this to be proved on every traffic peak. The customers/consumers have become increasingly impatient and if your shop has a slow response time it has a negative effect on your conversion rate. As an online merchant you need to make sure that your Magento shop can grow by changing the server and e-commerce configuration quickly if your business need this.

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