Introducing Mgt Developer Toolbar for Professionals

Stefan Wieczorek —  July 22, 2012 — 4 Comments

Three years ago i started to work with Magento, so i installed the Version and i wanted to implement some features for a customer.
After some development days i was really frustrated because i didn’t know how to change some blocks or other things on the page.

I asked myself the following questions:

  • Which module, controller and action is called?
  • Where do i find the controller class which is responsible for the request??
  • How is the layout with it’s blocks are organized?
  • How can i add/change and remove blocks from the layout?
  • How do i enable the profiler?
  • How many database queries are executed?

After several debug weeks with a debugger (Zend Debugger) i began to understand what happens under the hood of magento.
Before i worked with Magento i implemented some other small projects with symfony 1.4. Symfony 1.4 has
a web debug toolbar by default with a variety of tools that assist with debugging or performance enhancements.

I thought it would be really nice to have such a great development tool for magento, so i started some research
for magento but i didn’t find usable extensions which provides information that i need for my daily work.

I am developer by passion, so i decided to develop a magento toolbar with features which symfony has by default.

Features of the Mgt Developer Toolbar

General information about of the request

  • Controller Module
  • Controller Class
  • Controller Action
  • Params ($_GET or $_POST)

Mgt Developer Toolbar Request Information

General information about the store

  • Website id
  • Website Name
  • Store id
  • Store Name
  • Store View Id
  • Store View Code
  • Store View Name
  • Cache Method

Mgt Developer Toolbar General Store Information

Layout Handles

  • List of handles

Mgt Developer Toolbar Handles

Overview of Events/Observer

  • global events/observer
  • adminhtml events/observer
  • frontend events/observer

Mgt Developer Toolbar Events and Observers


  • Overview of nested blocks

Mgt Developer Toolbar Nested Blocks


  • Show frontend Hints
  • Translate Inline
  • Clear Cache


  • Print out phpinfo()


  • List with name, execution time and memory consumption

Mgt Developer Toolbar profiler

Database queries

  • Information of how many database queries are executed
  • Average query length
  • Database queries per second
  • Longest query length
  • Longest query
  • Total queries
  • Number of insert queries
  • Number of update queries
  • Number of read queries
  • Number of delete queries
  • Number of Transactions

Mgt Developer Toolbar Database Queries

Do you have a demo?


Where can i get the Mgt Developer Toolbar?

The toolbar is FREE and you can download the extension in our store.

Download in our Store

Is this Toolbar available on github?


4 responses to Introducing Mgt Developer Toolbar for Professionals

  1. Hi Stefan

    Looks great as we currently use Commerce Bug which has a commercial license and this gives us a lot of what we need straight out of the box.

    FYI I think your first screen shot might be of the Handlers rather than General settings – just in case you wanted to update it :-)


  2. Hi Stefan!

    The dev toolbar is just what I need, but I have a problem getting it to show on the frontend. Is it because i have it deployed on my production (a thing that might not be the smartest thing), or are the anything else that might be wrong? It works just fine on backend, and if I put frontend hints on from the config i see them on my site. So I’m missing the actual toolbar from my frontend.

    Thanks for a nice and useful extension


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