Magento 2 Cloud on AWS: Secure and Scale Your Online Store

Magento 2 Cloud on AWS: Secure and Scale Your Online Store

Are you looking for a comprehensive solution to host, secure, and scale your online store? Look no further than Magento 2 Cloud. This platform is designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes and provides a wide range of features. This guide will provide an in-depth overview of Magento 2 Cloud, including its key features, hosting options, and security measures. We'll also explore how you can leverage auto-scaling on AWS. Expand your store and get expert insights on safeguarding your store from cyber threats.

What is Magento Commerce Cloud?

Introduction to Magento 2 Cloud platform

Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition

Magento 2 Commerce Cloud is a top-tier e-commerce platform by Adobe. It offers a complete solution for managing and hosting your online store. It allows for effortless deployment and scaling of your store. You can ensure excellent security and performance.

Some key features of Magento 2 Cloud include:

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Magento 2 Cloud's hosting options are flexible and scalable due to its cloud infrastructure. You can adjust your hosting resources based on your store's traffic and performance requirements.

  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) Magento Commerce Cloud is a PaaS solution that provides a complete hosting environment for your store. It removes the web server management or software configuration.

  • Integration environment With functional layers, Magento 2 Cloud ensures smooth and efficient store operation.

  • Staging environments Magento 2 Cloud features staging environments that enable you to test Magento changes. It is useful before deploying them to the production environment variable.

  • Web application firewall (WAF) Magento 2 Commerce has an integrated WAF that safeguards your store against cyber threats like injection attacks and cross-site scripting.

  • Content delivery network (CDN) Magento 2 Cloud integrates with Fastly CDN for image optimization and improve store performance.

Note: Magento Commerce Cloud is suitable for large-scale ecommerce businesses. Small to mid-sized businesses should opt for Magento Open Source on a cloud hosting environment. It offers high performance, scaling, and reliability at a lower cost.

What are Magento Enterprise and Magento Commerce Software Cloud editions?

Magento software is available in three editions: Magento Open Source, Magento Commerce, and Magento Commerce Cloud. Here is how the other Magento editions differ:

  • Magento Open Source: This edition of Magento is free and open source. It provides all required e-commerce functions suitable for small businesses with limited budgets.

  • Magento Commerce: Magento Commerce software is a paid version that offers extra features and functions, catering to mid-sized businesses.

  • Magento Commerce Cloud Edition: The Magento Commerce Cloud stores are designed for large businesses. You get native cloud hosting on AWS or Microsoft Azure from the Magento team. It includes advanced features and scalability for enterprise businesses.

Is there a charge when we choose Magento Commerce Cloud?

Magento Cloud pricing is included in the Magento Commerce Cloud cost, which has a subscription fee. The price is based on annual gross sales and your Magento commerce cloud account.

However, hosting your Magento 2 store on AWS can be more cost-effective than other hosting options. It has a pay-as-you-go pricing structure and efficient resource allocation.

AWS Cloud Hosting Solution for Magento 2

AWS Cloud Hosting solution for Magento 2 Cloud stores

Amazon Web Services Hosting for Magento 2 Stores

The appropriate hosting service is critical to any e-commerce store. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has become a top choice among various hosting providers for Magento 2. This section will show the benefits of employing AWS for Magento cloud hosting.

Advantages of AWS Cloud Hosting for Magento 2:

  • Capacity to Expand AWS supplies nearly limitless growth capacity, allowing your store to scale smoothly as visitor numbers increase. This is particularly advantageous for companies with variable demands and seasonal sales patterns.

  • High Performance AWS delivers a robust cloud framework with low-latency global networks. It results in rapid page loading and a seamless customer shopping experience.

  • Affordability AWS employs a pay-as-you-go pricing structure. It means you only pay for the resources you consume, leading to substantial cost savings.

  • Security AWS offers enhanced security measures like data encryption and network firewalls. Frequent security updates protect your store from potential risks.

  • Adaptability As a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) provider, AWS enables you to deploy, manage, and scale your store quickly.

What is the optimal hosting server for Magento 2?

AWS is often regarded as one of the premier choices among the various hosting providers for Magento 2. It offers a scalable, high-performance cloud infrastructure and extensive feature set.

You can trust that your Magento 2 store operates on a secure platform by choosing AWS.

AWS cloud hosting is an outstanding choice for Magento 2 stores. Managed Magento hosting on AWS will ensure your store runs optimally, even during peak traffic.

Magento on AWS Cloud Compared to Traditional Hosting.

AWS cloud hosting offers a range of benefits over traditional hosting solutions for Magento. It includes greater scalability, reliability, and security features. Additionally, AWS cloud hosting provides greater flexibility.

You get a wide range of services and integrations available to meet the needs of any eCommerce business.

Aspects AWS Cloud Hosting on Magento Traditional Hosting Solutions
Scalability Highly scalable, with on-demand resources available. Limited scalability, often requiring upgrades or migration to new hardware.
Reliability High availability and redundancy. Relies on a single server, with no backup options.
Performance High performance due to distributed resources Limited performance, may be impacted by traffic spikes or hardware limitations.
Security Robust security features, including data encryption and network isolation. Basic security features, may require additional investment to ensure data protection.
Cost-effectiveness Pay-as-you-go pricing model, with no upfront costs. Upfront costs and ongoing maintenance expenses can be high.
Flexibility Offers a wide range of services and integrations. Limited customization options, may be restricted by hardware limitations.

How to Secure Magento 2 Website

Implementing security measures for Magento 2 Cloud

To ensure your Magento store's security, consider using the following measures:

1. Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Filtering and monitoring incoming traffic with a WAF helps protect your online store. It defends against common web attacks such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and DDoS attacks.

2. Regularly update the Magento version.

Keep your Magento store up-to-date with the latest security patches. The Magento 2 version was released to protect against newly identified security risks.

3. Server-side security

Ensure that your Magento cloud hosting provider takes care of any server-related security, such as:

  • WAF - Web Application Firewall
  • Server monitoring
  • Server-side software upgrades
  • Intrusion detection and prevention systems
  • Regular vulnerability scanning.
  • Disaster recovery plan.
  • Minimizing downtime during an attack or system failure.

4. Implement strong password policies.

Enforce robust passwords for admin users and customers. It minimizes the risk of unauthorized access.

5. Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

Add an extra layer of security by requiring users to provide a second form of authentication. It includes a one-time code sent to their mobile device and their password.

6. Use secure connections.

Ensure all data transfers between your store and users are encrypted using SSL/TLS certificates.

7. Regularly monitor and audit.

Review your store's logs and perform security audits. Identify any suspicious activity or potential vulnerabilities.

Magento on AWS Cloud Security Benefits

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers several advantages for Magento hosting. It includes enhanced security and improved web server response time.

By hosting your Magento 2 store on AWS cloud, you can benefit from the following:

1. Advanced security features: AWS provides built-in security features such as data encryption, network firewalls, and regular security updates. It protects your store from potential threats.

2. Compliance and certifications: 3AWS holds numerous security certifications and follows strict PCI compliance standards. It ensures that your data is handled securely and by industry best practices.

3. Improved server response time AWS's global network of data centers allows for low-latency connections. You get fast server response times, providing a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

4. Scalability and flexibility AWS's scalable infrastructure allows you to grow your store as your business expands quickly. You get the flexibility to customize your hosting environment to meet your specific security requirements.

What is Managed Magento cloud hosting on AWS?

Managed Magento cloud hosting on AWS is a hosting solution that provides a fully managed environment for your Magento store.

AWS offers the infrastructure, and the hosting provider maintains and scales the web servers based on demand. Some services provided on managed cloud hosting include-

  • AWS infrastructure The hosting infrastructure is built on AWS. You get cloud scalability, flexibility, and reliability.

  • Managed services The managed hosting provider handles technical support, security, monitoring, and maintenance. allowing you to focus on your business.

  • Auto-scaling The hosting environment is equipped with auto-scaling capabilities. It allows automatic adjustment of resources to handle traffic fluctuations.

  • Backups and Disaster Recovery Managed cloud hosting includes backups, disaster recovery, and business continuity planning. It ensures the continued availability and integrity of your store's data.

  • Enhanced security Managed cloud hosting has enhanced security features such as SSL encryption, web application firewall (WAF), and DDoS protection.

Managed Magento cloud hosting on AWS provides a hassle-free and secure way to host and manage your Magento store.

Scaling Magento Store with AWS AutoScaling

Auto-scaling feature in Magento 2 Cloud on AWS

As your e-commerce business expands, it becomes crucial to have a scalable infrastructure. Scaling web servers can efficiently handle increased traffic and demand.

Magento 2 Cloud on AWS offers automatic scaling capabilities. Your Magento store can adapt to changing workloads.

What is Magento with Auto-Scaling on AWS?

Magento with AWS AutoScaling refers to automatically scaling your hosting resources. It accommodates fluctuations in traffic and demand.

With auto-scaling, your Magento store can dynamically scale up or down based on predefined metrics. You can also use AWS's extensive suite of cloud services, including MySQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, and more.

However, achieving the full potential of auto-scaling requires a proper understanding of its configuration, testing, and monitoring.

That’s why the cloud hosting provider ensures optimal performance and cost-effectiveness with AWS Auto-Scaling.

What are the advantages of using AWS for Magento hosting and scaling?

  • Improved performance AWS auto-scaling optimizes resource allocation, preventing slowdowns or downtime during traffic spikes.

  • Cost-efficiency Auto-scaling allows you to pay only for the resources you use. It reduces costs during low-traffic periods.

  • Flexibility AWS offers various services and tools tailored to your store's unique requirements. It enables seamless integration with your existing infrastructure.

How to optimize Magento 2 with auto-scaling on AWS?

  • Create custom Amazon Machine Images (AMIs). It speeds up deployment time by including required libraries and software components.

  • Define crucial performance metrics, such as CPU utilization. It helps to scale your resources with your Magento workload effectively. AWS CloudWatch is the go-to choice for monitoring these metrics.

  • Utilize AWS Auto Scaling to design an Auto Scaling group. The auto-scaling group manages instances behind a load balancer, ensuring consistent Magento web performance.

  • Familiarize yourself with Auto Scaling Groups and Dynamic Auto Scaling.
    It helps set resource maximums and minimums for dynamic resource allocation.

  • Scale up AWS AuroraDB for enhanced database performance. Apply auto-scaling strategies similar to those used for EC2 instances.

  • Combine predictive scaling based on past system performance. Use dynamic scaling policies to ensure the smooth handling of predicted and unexpected load increases.

How Does AWS Auto-Scaling Work?

AWS auto-scaling works by monitoring your store's performance and adjusting resources in real time based on predefined rules and metrics.

Here's an overview of the auto-scaling process on AWS:

  • Define scaling policies: You'll need to create rules that dictate when to scale up or down based on specific metrics. It includes CPU usage or the number of active users.

  • Set up CloudWatch alarms AWS CloudWatch monitors your store's performance. It triggers scaling actions based on the metrics and thresholds defined in your scaling policies.

  • Launch and terminate instances When an alarm is triggered, AWS auto-scaling adds or removes instances from your Magento 2 Cloud environment. The cloud hosting provider adjusts resources to match the current demand.

  • Load balancing As new instances are launched, load balancing distributes traffic to ensure even load distribution and optimal performance.

  • Pre-provisioned infrastructure AWS maintains a pool of pre-provisioned instances. The cloud hosting provider rapidly deploys the instances during scaling events to minimize latency.

AWS provides a robust, flexible auto-scaling solution that improves Magento 2 performance and cost-efficiency. It simplifies the deployment process and integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure.


Selecting the appropriate hosting solution is crucial for the success of your e-commerce business.

AWS cloud hosting provides a highly-scalable, secure, and cost-effective infrastructure ideally suited for Magento 2 Cloud Hosting.

Every aspect, from enhanced security measures to enabling auto-scaling on AWS, contributes to a seamless online shopping experience.

To summarize the main points of this article:

  • AWS cloud hosting provides a robust infrastructure for Magento, offering improved performance, reliability, and cost savings.

  • Ensuring your Magento store is secure from cyber threats is essential. It is highly recommended to implement security measures like WAF and prevent injection attacks.

  • Auto-scaling on AWS is a powerful feature. It dynamically adjusts your resources to accommodate fluctuating traffic and demand.

Now is the perfect time to leverage the power of Magento Cloud Hosting for your online store.

With a robust hosting, security, and scaling foundation, you can confidently provide an exceptional e-commerce experience. Get more information about hosting Magento on AWS cloud.

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