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Three years ago i started to work with Magento, so i installed the Version and i wanted to implement some features for a customer.
After some development days i was really frustrated because i didn’t know how to change some blocks or other things on the page.

I asked myself the following questions:

  • Which module, controller and action is called?
  • Where do i find the controller class which is responsible for the request??
  • How is the layout with it’s blocks are organized?
  • How can i add/change and remove blocks from the layout?
  • How do i enable the profiler?
  • How many database queries are executed?

After several debug weeks with a debugger (Zend Debugger) i began to understand what happens under the hood of magento.
Before i worked with Magento i implemented some other small projects with symfony 1.4. Symfony 1.4 has
a web debug toolbar by default with a variety of tools that assist with debugging or performance enhancements.

I thought it would be really nice to have such a great development tool for magento, so i started some research
for magento but i didn’t find usable extensions which provides information that i need for my daily work.

I am developer by passion, so i decided to develop a magento toolbar with features which symfony has by default.

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