AWS Graviton2 - Next Generation Processors

Up to 40% higher performance at 20% lower cost

What is AWS Graviton2?

AWS Graviton processors are custom built by Amazon Web Services using 64-bit Arm Neoverse cores to deliver the best price performance. They deliver 7x more performance, 4x more compute cores, 5x faster memory, and 2x larger caches.

AWS Graviton2 processors add even more choice to help customers optimize performance and cost for their workloads. It delivers enhanced price-performance by 40% in comparison to present generation x86-fueled processors.

AWS Customer Experience

"We use Amazon EC2 M instance types for a number of workloads inclusive of our streaming, encoding, data processing, and monitoring applications, said Ed Hunter, Director of Performance and operating systems at Netflix. We tested the new M6g instances using industry standard LMbench and certain Java benchmarks and saw up to 50% improvement over M5 instances.”

AWS Graviton2 - Benefits

Proven to be a GameChanger for the Cloud Industry
40% higher performance at 20% lower cost

40% higher performance

AWS Graviton2 processors offer a significant leap with their instances, giving 40% higher performance at 20% lower cost for a broad spectrum of workloads.

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

AWS Graviton2 is built on a Nitro security chip with dedicated hardware and software, including always-on 256-bit DRAM encryption and 50% faster per core encryption performance.

Green - Less Energy Consumption

Green - Less Energy Consumption

The Arm-Based AWS Graviton2 processors have a lower energy consumption and carbon footprint than the x86-fueled processors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are Arm-Based instances better than X86 instances?

Considering the computational performance, Arm instances slightly have the edge over the x86 instances. Also, the cost-effectiveness of Arm-based instances is much better than the x86 instances. And the best-case scenario, Arm instances perform much better with "close to metal" applications.
Therefore, delivering up to 40% better price-performance for all workloads, ARM instances are comparably much better than x86 instances.

Q: Do you still support the X86 architecture?

A: Yes, we still support the x86 architecture, although the AWS Graviton2 provides 40% enhanced price/performance than the x86 processor. At MGT-Commerce, we prioritize customer satisfaction and believe that good performance plays a significant role in contributing to it. Therefore, we always utilize the best architecture to deliver better performance for our clients.

Q: How can I change from X86 to AWS Graviton2 instances?

A: Migrating to AWS Graviton2 from the x86 instance would only be possible through new servers as it's an entirely new architecture. Therefore, changing the instance type via CloudPanel won't be possible.
Contact us now, and we find the best migration solution for you.