MGT Code Deploy - Zero Downtime Deployment

Introducing our zero downtime deployment solution for Magento on AWS.
MGT Code Deploy is AutoScaling-ready and supports multiple environments and users.


Built for Magento

We aimed to build the best possible solution for Magento hosted on AWS, to create a smooth deployment experience for our clients. Our integrated features are designed specifically for Magento applications and make deployment easier and faster than ever before.

Zero Downtime

Avoid downtime with MGT Code Deploy. By switching the release with a symlink, you can easily initiate "in-place" deployment.

Automated Deployments

MGT Code Deploy fully automates your Magento deployments across your development, test, and production environments. MGT Code Deploy scales with your infrastructure so that you can deploy to one instance or thousands.

Blazingly Fast

We developed MGT Code Deploy with highest performance in mind. High performance is achieved through running parallel tasks with a message queue working in the background.

Centralized control

Launch and track the status of your Magento deployments through the MGT Code Deploy interface.
New admins and users can be easily added and all changes are documented.