Why Choose MGT-Commerce for Managed Magento Hosting?

We offer professional, highly reliable expertise in Cloud Hosting for Magento. Years of experience have taught us the ideal ways of saving server costs for our clients while maintaining maximum performance and security. Customer service quality and availability receive particular attention at MGT-Commerce.

We're Innovative

In a fast-paced industry such as ours, keeping up with new trends and technologies is essential. Our business processes are designed to shoulder the challenges of future markets and our staff's knowledge and skills are always up to date, or ideally, even ahead of time.

We're Perfectionists

Our services are perfected for your use, bundled in what experience has shown to be the best solutions. Security, migration, performance, monitoring, and customer service are all coming from our well-trained team of AWS and Magento experts.

We Do Not Sell Hardware

We are our customers' partners, not resellers. Every Magento store has different needs, and serving each of our customers with the individually best solution is our main responsibility. All parts of our services are designed for your efficiency. You can trust our word and rely on our professionalism.

We're Experienced

Experience from working with AWS and Magento for over 7 years has taught us how to optimally work out the combination of these two for effective cloud hosting. Our experience in topics such as security, server efficiency, optimal use of technology, and performance puts us ahead of our competition.

Uncompromising Quality

Powerful technology is only useful in the hands of skilled engineers. Investing in the training of our staff and extensive research for new developments ensure the high level of quality in our services. Quality also means being there for our customers whenever they need us, with 24/7 expert support.

We Love Technology

The excitement never ends in the constantly changing area of cloud computing. Advanced technological proficiency, adaptability, and creativity navigate us through on this journey of hard work and passion. Sustainable relationships with our technology partners ensure optimal process flow.

We take care of your servers so you can take care of business!

MGT-Commerce Cloud Hosting on AWS for Magento consists of turnkey solutions,
optimised to make complexities easy to handle and relieve our clients
from workloads and unnecessary costs.

Focus on your
Our Support Team
We handle the hosting
for you 24/7/365