License Guide

License Guide

Single domain license key

This is the most common used license. When you buy an extension with a Single
domain license you can use the product on one single domain where only one
single commerce store is installed.
Please note, we do not change the license to a other domains 14 days after purchase.

As example:
1 license is always one domain

Additional license key for test-system

Additional license key for test-system is for free.
If you need a license key for a test-system please provide us a mail over the Help-Desk in your customer account.

There we need the information about the subdomain where the test system is reachable.
After proofing that the subdomain is a test-system we generate for you a new license key which can be downloaded in you customer account.

Multi domain license key

The Multi-domain license key gives you permission to use the product on all domains
you bought a single license for. For example, you are allowed to use the product on for example,, but not allowed to re-sell the extension to anyone.
If you are a developer or a web design company and want to use our product for your clients,
you should contact us before, we offer for resellers special offers.

The license key is only one file, so you can use it on a multistore installation
as well as on single magento installation.

General Information

For both the Single domain license key and the Multi-domain license key you are allowed to modify
and change as much as you'd like in the code, but you are not under ANY circumstances allowed to
re-sell or re-distribute the product in any way, even after it has been modified.
Although we are very reasonable people we will not accept violations of the
license-agreements as we spend quite many hours developing our products.

If you have any questions about our licensing please contact us support[at]mgt-commerce dot com