Magento Ecommerce Hosting Architecture Magento Ecommerce Hosting Architecture
Magento Ecommerce Hosting Flow Architecture Magento Ecommerce Hosting Flow Architecture
Redundancy Redundancy


Replication to protect against a single point of failure and get highest availability.

Scalability Scalability


Increase or decrease resources to maintain consistent performance.

Load-Balancing Load-Balancing


Distribute traffic across multiple Web-Servers.

Architecture Details Architecture Details
Multi Server Ultimate

Architecture Details

Magento Cloud DNS

DNS Route 53

Highly Available and Reliable Highly Available and Reliable

Highly Available and Reliable

Route 53 traffic flow re-routes users to another location if the main end-point is unavailable. Global DNS servers ensure consistent routing of end users to your Magento website.

Fast Routing Fast Routing

Fast Routing

Set up the DNS routing within minutes using a simple web service interface. It offers fast domain name registration and tools for visual traffic flow.

Amazon Route 53
How does Amazon Route 53 works? How does Amazon Route 53 works?

How does Amazon Route 53 works?

Amazon Route 53 is a scalable DNS service that connects user requests to appropriate servers hosting the Magento application.

Magento DDoS Protection

AWS Shield

Magento DDoS Protection Magento DDoS Protection

AWS Shield Standard

The AWS resources automatically have AWS Shield Standard enabled at no charge. It defends against common network and transport layer DDoS attacks targeting your Magento websites.

AWS Shield Advanced AWS Shield Advanced

AWS Shield Advanced

AWS Shield Advanced offers a higher level of defence against attacks on Magento sites. It includes Elastic IP, Elastic Load Balancing, and Amazon CloudFront.

Managed DDoS protection
What is AWS Shield? What is AWS Shield?

What is AWS Shield?

AWS Shield is a managed Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection service to minimize application downtime and latency.

Upto 250x faster Magento

Varnish Cache

Blazing Fast Page Loads Blazing Fast Page Loads

Blazing Fast Page Loads

The speed of the Magento shop is critical for user engagement and conversion rates. Varnish provides a fast-loading site for customers to complete their purchases quickly.

Better Search Ranking Better Search Ranking

Better Search Ranking

High performance is essential for SEO and increases site visibility. A fast-loading page ranks higher on search engines like Google or Bing.

MGT Magento Varnish Cache
MGT Varnish Cache Module for Magento 2 MGT Varnish Cache Module for Magento 2

MGT Varnish Cache Module for Magento 2

MGT Varnish cache is designed to optimize performance with features for cache management. It includes single-store purges, a cache warmer, and logs that record all purges.

Magento Load Balancing

Load Balancer

High Availability High Availability

High Availability

An Elastic Load Balancer maintains high availability by automatically scaling its request-handling capacity in response to incoming application traffic & distributing it to only healthy targets.

Monitor Monitor


Monitor the health and performance of Magento in real-time, identify bottlenecks and maintain compliance.

Elastic Load Balancing
Elastic Load Balancing Elastic Load Balancing

How elastic load balancing works?

Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) monitors the health of the targets and routes traffic only to healthy targets.

Magento NGINX

Web Server

Magento NGINX Magento NGINX

Lightweight Architecture

The lightweight architecture handles high and fluctuating data loads. It is consistent in RAM, and CPU usage.

Maximum Performance Maximum Performance

Maximum Performance

NGINX offers quick processing speeds, serving a high number of concurrent connections per second. It gets up to ten times faster than an Apache Web Server.

NGINX Architecture
How NGINX works? How NGINX works?

How NGINX works?

NGINX uses event-driven architecture where one master process controls many worker processes.

Magento Database

Dedicated Database Server (Master + Slave)

High Durability and Availability High Durability and Availability

High Durability and Availability

Amazon RDS enables point-in-time recovery for the database instance with automated backups. Multi-AZ deployments offer enhanced availability and durability for database instances.

Network Isolation Network Isolation

Network Isolation

Run the database instances in Amazon VPC to isolate the database in a virtual network. Configure firewall settings and control network access to the database instances.

Magento with Amazon RDS
How Amazon RDS with Magento works? How Amazon RDS with Magento works?

How Amazon RDS with Magento works?

Amazon Relational Database Service is a managed web service that lets us configure and manage the databases in the cloud.

Magento ElastiCache

ElastiCache Server

Magento ElastiCache Magento ElastiCache

Great Performance

The ElastiCache service works as an in-memory data store. It supports the most demanding Magento applications that require sub-millisecond response times.

Set up Scaling Quickly Set up Scaling Quickly

Set up Scaling Quickly

Setting up takes a few clicks in the AWS Management Console or CLI. Scale the Redis cluster environment up to 500 nodes and 500 shards.

in-memory caching
How elasticache server works? How elasticache server works?

How elasticache server works?

Amazon ElastiCache is a fully managed and in-memory caching service. It boosts Magento application and database performance.

Magento backend server

Admin Server

Admin Server Admin Server

Long Processes

Run long backend processes like stock or product imports and updates.

Split Traffic Split Traffic

Split Traffic

The backend traffic is fully split from the frontend. Customers can shop while no backend process blocks the magento shop.

more control over backend operations
How Admin Server works? How Admin Server works?

How Admin Server works?

The Admin server serves the backend requests for fast response and reduces the server load.

Magento Network File System

NFS Server

Easy File Access Easy File Access

Easy File Access

Multiple Magento Web Servers get read/write access to the data stored on the NFS.

Centralized Centralized


An NFS server runs based on a standard Unix network protocol (RFC 1094, RFC 1813, RFC 3530, RFC 7530). The stored information is centralized for all clients.

central storage for the media files.
How does the NFS server works? How does the NFS server works?

How does the NFS server works?

An NFS uses a basic system where a “mount” command will prompt the server to link with several clients.

distributed search and analytics engine


Magento Elasticsearch Magento Elasticsearch

Query & Analyze

Perform and combine many types of searches like structured, unstructured, geo, and metric. Use aggregations to zoom out and explore trends in data.

Speed Speed


Elasticsearch uses inverted indices with finite state transducers for full-text querying. It allows us to access the Magento data at fast speeds.

data analytics and visualizations
How does elasticsearch server works? How does elasticsearch server works?

How does elasticsearch server works?

Magento requests Elasticsearch to find relevant product ids. Based on the results from Elasticsearch, Magento loads the products from the standard MySQL database.

Magento Test system

Test Server

Isolated System Isolated System

Isolated System

Get an isolated environment for debugging and creating changes. The test system provides a separate and clean space from the production servers on a separate instance.

Zero Downtime Zero Downtime

Zero Downtime

Magento stores rely heavily on performance and site availability. The test server ensures that the code works perfectly and does not affect response times.

MGT Code Deploy
Test new features to detect bugs Test new features to detect bugs

Test new features to detect bugs

The Test System is a clone of the production system. You can test changes/settings or new extensions without touching anything on the live site.

Best CDN for Magento

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Reduce Latency Reduce Latency

Reduce Latency

Deliver data through 410+ globally distributed Points of Presence (PoPs) to reduce latency. Get automated network mapping and intelligent routing.

Improved Security Improved Security

Improved Security

Advanced security with traffic encryption and access controls. Use the AWS Shield Standard to defend against DDoS attacks.

Amazon CloudFront
How does a CDN works? How does a CDN works?

How does a CDN works?

CloudFront delivers the content through a worldwide network of AWS data centers called edge locations. When a user requests the content, Cloudfront routes it to the edge location that offers the lowest latency.

MGT Add-On’s MGT Add-On’s
Included Modules for Magento

MGT Add-On’s

Magento Security

MGT Web Application Firewall

MGT Web Application Firewall MGT Web Application Firewall

DDoS Attack Mitigation

Mitigation against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks prevents downtime.

Magento Backend IP Restriction Magento Backend IP Restriction

Magento Backend IP Restriction

Allow access to your Magento backend only to whitelisted IPs.

Magento WAF
Web Application Firewall for Magento Web Application Firewall for Magento

Web Application Firewall for Magento

With our Magento 2 module, you can block IPs, countries, and bots and configure the rate limit to prevent HTTP flood attacks that may affect availability and site performance.

zero downtime deployment

MGT Code Deploy

MGT Code Deploy - Zero Downtime MGT Code Deploy - Zero Downtime

Zero Downtime

MGT Code Deploy offers zero downtime and enables the deployment of multiple AWS instances simultaneously. “In-place” deployment is possible by switching the release with a symlink.

Centralized Control Centralized Control

Centralized Control

Launch and track the status of Magento deployments on the MGT Code Deploy interface. Easily add new admins and users, and all changes are documented.

Automated Deployment
How does MGT Code Deploy works? How does MGT Code Deploy works?

How does MGT Code Deploy works?

Avoid downtime during application deployment, and reduce the complexity of the entire process. No more risks with manual deployments.

High Performance Components

The server-side components are optimized and well-tuned to run Magento.

AWS Graviton AWS Graviton

AWS Graviton

Next generation Arm-Based processors for up to 40% higher performance at 20% lower cost!



NGINX is a high-performance edge web server with a minimal memory footprint.

MGT Control Panel MGT Control Panel

MGT Control Panel

An easy to use control panel to manage the server and the AWS cloud.



High performance MySQL version with an xtraDb storage engine, up to 270% faster, more stable, and consistent.

Debian Debian


Debian is probably the most stable and trusted Linux distribution.



PHP with FastCGI Process Manager. Multiple PHP Versions are available.

Redis Redis


Redis is an advanced key-value in-memory data structure store used as a database, cache, and message broker.

Elasticsearch Elasticsearch


Elasticsearch is a distributed RESTful search engine built for the cloud.

Varnish Cache Varnish Cache

Varnish Cache

By using Varnish to speed up your Magento store, you can achieve up to 250x faster speeds.


Amazon ElastiCache is a fully managed caching service to boost Magento site performance. It allows accessing Magento data with microsecond latency and high throughput.

ElastiCache eases the load on the database. It is compatible with Redis or Memcached, two popular open-source caching technologies.

For Redis, the ElastiCache works as an in-memory data store. It supports the most demanding applications like Magento that require fast response times.

Create and manage users and set up Role-Based Access Control for Redis commands. Scale for higher loads without adding the costlier databases.

The service provides high availability by detecting primary node failures. It quickly adds a replica if needed.

Amazon ElastiCache comes with no upfront costs as AWS only charges for the consumed resources.

Varnish Cache is used to accelerate web application speed. It is applied as a caching HTTP reverse proxy. Reduce page loading times for Magento websites significantly.

It stores or caches a copy of a webpage the first time a user visits. After that, Varnish Cache serves all future requests for the same Magento content.

Varnish is highly scalable and matches the traffic demands of a Magento website. It helps manage several concurrent requests from Magento users without overloading the server.

The advanced caching system uses fewer backend server resources to save infrastructure costs. Accelerate content-heavy dynamic pages and improve the overall performance of the Magento 2 stores.

Fast loading times improve the SERPs of the online store and increase conversion rates.

Elastic Load Balancing automatically distributes incoming Magento traffic across multiple targets. It includes one or more Availability Zones.

It allows the delivery of content with high availability and automatic scaling.

The ELB automatically responds to incoming site traffic and scales its request handling capacity.

The service is useful for monitoring the health and performance of Magento. The health metrics give insight into traffic for each service on an EC2 instance.

Easily load balance across AWS resources using a single load balancer. ELB is designed to handle traffic spikes for the Magento ecommerce platform.

The service can scale and load balance millions of requests per second. It handles sudden traffic patterns.

Yes, AWS has globally distributed servers and lets you select the data center nearest to the target region. AWS offers more than 80+ Availability Zones in 27 geographic regions worldwide.

It offers the highest network availability for the Magento store. AWS Regions offer low latency and high network quality.

The hosting server location impacts Magento website performance and SEO ranking. Our team will recommend the correct AWS regions to host the store.

Zero Downtime Deployment is where the Magento website is never down or unstable during deployment.

It is useful when the Magento site goes through frequent changes. It includes system upgrades, configuration changes, security upgrades, and more.

The Magento website can remain available to users while changing the Magento application. The web server does not serve the changed code until the deployment stage is complete.

We offer MGT Code Deploy , a zero downtime deployment solution for Magento. It automates the Magento deployments for the development, test, and production environments. The solution is designed for Magento applications that run on AWS.

MGT Code Deploy makes the deployment process much faster and easier. It runs parallel tasks with a message queue in the background for high performance.

The interface helps track the status of the deployment phase. The admin can create and manage multiple users and assign unique environments to each user.

Yes, we can transfer the SSL certificate for the website during the migration process. We also offer a free SSL certificate to validate the Magento site on the internet. It helps maintain the website’s ranking on search engines.

We will do our best to help with any technical queries.

Our plans come with a money-back guarantee of 14 days after initial sign-up. You should be 100% happy with our service, nothing less.

Yes, we offer round-the-clock support for our customers any day of the year. The fastest way to get customer service is via the professional ticket system.

We have an average response time of under 15 minutes. Log into the MGT Commerce account and start a new ticket. Our support team will offer quick issue resolution for any technical queries.

MGT offers managed migration of the Magento site to the new AWS account.

It does not matter which hosting type the previous web host was. Our team will carry out a smooth migration. The migration is usually completed within 1-2 business days.

We offer the Amazon Shield to defend against Magento DDoS attacks. Shield provides detection and automatic inline mitigations. It minimizes Magento site downtime and latency. There are two tiers of AWS Shield: Standard and Advanced.

The plan includes the MGT WAF , which sits on top of AWS WAF. It is used to defend against frequent web exploits that cause downtime or consume excessive resources.

The MGT test system is a different configured environment. It is a copy of the production system. The test server allows testing of any changes and updates before applying them to the live site.

We offer hourly backups to ensure a disaster recovery plan in case of accidental loss. The individual services come with configured security features to protect the Magento shop.

NGINX is a popular web server that allows the best possible performance for Magento. It has an event-driven approach that handles multiple requests.

The web server processes thousands of concurrent requests. It offers quick request interpretation so that customers have a smooth user experience.

NGINX has a minimal footprint and uses fewer resources.

A content-heavy website like Magento is delivered much faster using the NGINX server.

Elasticsearch is a distributed search and analytics engine. For Magento, it offers a high-speed full-text search. It uses an indexing service for related searches instead of searching the entire database for the match. As a result, it provides a super fast response to user queries.

It helps to complete the purchase funnel quickly and boost conversions. Elasticsearch suggests related products, prices, and customer ratings.

It can narrow the information on search results for customers.