Elasticsearch - High Performance Search

Take the most advanced search engine for your magento shop to increase your sales and customer satisfaction

Managed Elasticsearch for Magento on Amazon AWS Cloud

Elasticsearch is a distributed, blazing fast RESTful search engine, built for the cloud. Elasticsearch is highly scalable and used by some biggest companies in the world.

Increase your sales and customer satisfaction!

Starting at € 99.90 / Month

Elasticsearch - High Performance Search for Magento

Fully Managed Elasticsearch for Magento on Amazon AWS

Fast Return on Investment! Take the most advanced search engine for your magento shop to increase your sales and customer satisfaction.
By default magento's built in search is very slow and gives you bad search results.
The search in your shop is one of the most important functionality for your customers.
Customers that don't find products they are searching for, leaving your store and go to your competitors.

Elasticsearch - distributed restful search and analytics


Elasticsearch is built for the cloud and scaleable, it allows you to start small and grow with your business. It is built to scale horizontally out of the box.

High Availability

No more worries about an offline search engine! The elasticsearch cluster detects and removes failed nodes and servers automatically. In case a node is offline, it reorganizes itself.

Elasticsearch is based on Apache Lucene to provide the most powerful full text search capabilities available in any open source product.


Checkout our demo to see how Elasticsearch works in frontend and
how to manage your search terms in backend.

Frontend Demo Backend Demo

Features of our Extension for Magento

Very Fast Search Results

The most important fact is that a search engine must deliver very fast and good search results. Our elasticsearch extension for Magento provides this feature out of the box.

Manipulate Search Results

With just a few clicks you can manipulate
each search result to your needs.
You can sort search terms by relevance,
name, price or manually by position.

Attribute Search Weight

By default the attributes name, description, short description and sku are configured as searchable attributes.
You can add further attributes with a weighting.


When a customer starts typing the first letters, our realtime autocomplete starts suggesting and highlighting possible search results.
You can configure the number of results, show price, show short description, short description length.

Preview Of Search Results In Backend

For each search term you have a list of the exact results which your customers see in frontend. This gives you a great overview about the results provided by elasticsearch.


Customers search with different words
for the same product.
For example:
Ipod -> i-pod -> i pod -> apple ipot
You can add synonyms comma seperated for each search term.

CMS Blocks In Search Result Page

You can select CMS blocks which will be displayed before and after the search results. You can put commercial banners or search-engine-friendly text for each search result.

Rock Stable & Solid Code

Created by developers with more than 4 years magento and >= 10 years php development experience. We deliver clean and extendable source code.

Further Features

  • Misspelling correction
  • Faceted search
  • Multi stores support
  • Cluster support
  • and many more


What customers say

Managed Elasticsearch for Magento
Rated 5/5 based on 3 customer reviews

Amazing Magento search engine

Review by customer review by Jonathan Harper (Mini Sport Ltd) for Managed ElasticSearch

5/ 5stars

After having many issues with SOLR search, I needed to find a solution to give me a powerful search engine that had the performance and produce the results for my clients. After testing the Elasticsearch Extension it quickly became clear that this was the solution we had been looking for. Installation and support from MGT is the best I have experienced from the many Magento experts I have dealt with. Thanks for your support!

Elasticsearch what else?

Review by customer review by Sebastian K. for Managed ElasticSearch

5/ 5stars

We have tried many search solutions, but nothing was the right. The most solutions and extensions giving bad search results. With the extension form mgt we have now one of the best solutions we every had!!! The installation was done fast and professional. Thanks, Bastian

All you need is a perfect search engine!

Review by customer review by Tristan Nathan for Managed ElasticSearch

5/ 5stars

I am really happy with this elasticsearch. The usability of the extension is great and the developer support is awesome. Now the module is integrated perfectly with my magento installation and the search performance is excellent. Thank you very much!

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