We offer free 6 months support for all commercial products until you get 100% satisfaction.

We are not responsible for supporting free extensions, but we will try
to provide support if our technical team can arrange the time.

The following services are NOT covered by the 6 months support free option:

  • Compatibility check between Magento and other software packages
  • Installation
  • Integration of the purchased products
  • Error correction caused during buyer installation
  • Error correction caused during buyer software upgrade
  • Modules/themes customization
  • Product integration troubleshooting
  • Third-party developers consultation
  • Product version update with different module or theme

For all this cases you must purchase support hours.
Please note we create every extension with a maximum on testing before we release it.
However, we know that every magento shop has different third party extensions installed.
A lot of this extensions are not well developed.
Because of the flood of extension not well developed extensions or/and combinations it can be become to conflicts.
When we develop a new extension we try to make sure that it is so compatible as possible, but this can never
include all combinations or customizing of installed extensions and themes.

To guarantee no issues by developing or customizing something for you, we NEVER work direct on your server
and magento installation.
For extension support we always have to download your full store to install it in our local development environment.

If the support is done we first show you the result on a test-system, so you can be sure that it is done 100% correct,
before we change files back to your productive shop.