Varnish Plus - high performance and scalability

Varnish Plus gives advanced users access to a unique set of modules and expert support that enable high-powered and scalable internet operations

What is Varnish Plus?

Varnish Plus offers a host of unique modules that can optimize your web performance, scalability and help you achieve business objectives. Modules include:

  • Varnish Massive Storage Engine
  • Varnish Enhanced Cache Invalidation
  • Varnish High Availability
  • Varnish Tuner
  • Varnish Administration Console
  • SSL/TLS support

Starting at € 199.00 / Month

Varnish Plus - high performance and scalability for your shop

Varnish Plus - boost your Magento performance and scalability


Varnish High Availability

Is is all about ensuring uptime for business-critical shops and maximizing performance by aiming to eliminate cache misses.

Varnish Massive Storage Engine

With the Varnish Massive Storage Engine your Varnish caching layer will be able to handle multi-terabyte data sets.

Enhanced Cache Invalidation

With Varnish Enhanced Cache Invalidation, invalidate your web content in real-time based on arbitrary relationships set by your business.

Varnish SSL/TLS Support

Varnish Cache Plus, an HTTP server and an HTTP client, offers SSL/TLS support on both the server and client ends.

Varnish Tuner

Based on statistics it gathers from the system in which it runs, such as OS and Varnish Cache. Varnish Tuner will make recommendations for improving your setup.

Varnish Administration Console

Varnish Administration Console (VAC) is a single point of control for all Varnish Cache server administration.

Varnish Custom Statistics

Varnish Custom Statistics (VCS) is a real-time statistics engine allowing you to aggregate, display and analyze user web traffic.

Varnish Support

One of the most valuable benefits of a Varnish Plus subscription is access to our dedicated, professional support services

Up to 250x Faster Magento

Varnish is fast as hell. Our tests show up to 250x improvements in transactions per second.


We provide the managed Varnish Plus solution only for our customers with a managed hosting plan.
Unfortunately we cannot install and configure any other server environments.
The managed Varnish Cache solution can be booked on top of all of our Plans (Basic - Multi Server) .

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