How To Set Minimum Order Quantity Per Product In Magento 2?

How To Set Minimum Order Quantity Per Product In Magento 2?

Are you looking to optimize your inventory management and increase sales? The Magento 2 minimum order quantity per product extension allows you to set a minimum quantity for each product in your store. This ensures that customers must order at least the specified amount.

This tutorial will cover how to configure the minimum order quantity with its benefits and common error messages.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the importance of setting a minimum order amount.
  • Discover the benefits for both store owners and customers.
  • Learn how to set error messages for minimum quantity restrictions.

What Is Magento 2 Minimum Order Quantity Per Product?

Magento 2 minimum order quantity per product feature balances profit margins with feasible prices. It makes it easier to manage revenue and inventory.

Magento 2's default setup does not restrict order quantities for specific products or customer groups. This extension enables you to limit small orders from wholesale customers. It prevents large orders of popular items with limited stock. Additionally, it ensures better service for individual customers.

Store admin can set minimum quantities for each customer group to ensure profitability. They can avoid losses from low-margin orders. Error messages guide customers in meeting these requirements effectively. It allows them packing and shipping costs.

Benefits Of Implementing Minimum Order Quantity In Magento 2

Features of Magento 2 Minimum Order Quantity Per Product

1. Increased Average Order Value

You can encourage customers to purchase a minimum quantity and simplify larger purchases. This strategy increases your average order value and enhances your profit margin. It is particularly effective during peak sales periods or promotions, driving higher revenue.

2. Improved Inventory Management

Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) help maintain optimal stock levels. It reduces the risk of stockouts and overstocking. Default Magento 2 allows the admin to set minimum and maximum order quantities. It ensures efficient inventory control. It enables you to manage seasonal products or high-demand items in your inventory.

3. Streamlined Order Processing

Larger order quantities enable more efficient order processing and fulfillment, saving time and resources. It streamlines your operations and allows you to focus on strategic growth activities. Implementing this during high-traffic periods can significantly enhance operational efficiency.

4. Better Supplier Relationships

You can implement MOQs to help meet minimum purchase requirements set by suppliers. You can source products in bulk and foster stronger partnerships. Also, it helps you to negotiate better terms and secure reliable supply chains. This approach is valuable when launching new products or entering into new supplier agreements.

8 Steps To Configure Minimum Order Quantity Per Product In Magento 2

  1. Open your Magento 2 admin panel.
  2. Go to Stores > Settings > Configuration.

Navigate to the configuration settings in Magento 2 admin panel

  1. Select Inventory under the 'Catalog' section.

Select inventory settings under catalog in Magento 2 configuration

  1. Expand the section under 'Product Stock Options'.

Product stock options configuration in Magento 2 admin panel

  1. Set the minimum quantity in the 'Minimum Qty Allowed in Shopping Cart' field as per your business requirements.

Setting minimum order quantity to 2 in Magento 2 product page

  1. Choose a Customer Group if you want to set different minimum quantity limits. You can do this for specific groups.
  2. To set a minimum quantity limit for all groups, enter the desired number by selecting ALL GROUPS.
  3. Click on the 'Save Config' button.

For example, if you set the minimum quantity to "2", customers trying to purchase only 1 item will see a message stating, "The fewest you may purchase is 2."

Example of setting minimum quantity to 3 in Magento 2 product page

Note: If a customer selects a quantity greater than the minimum (e.g., 3), they will be able to proceed to checkout. They can do this without encountering an error message.

Best Practices For Handling Minimum Order Quantity Error Messages

1. Be Specific

Clearly state the minimum order quantity required for the product in question. The error message should specify the exact quantity the customer needs to purchase.

2. Offer Alternatives

Suggest similar products with lower or no minimum order quantities, if available. This helps prevent customers from abandoning their cart due to quantity restrictions.

3. Provide Contact Information

Include a way for customers to indulge in further assistance or inquiries. This ensures a smooth customer experience, even if they encounter limitations.

4. Use Positive Language

Instead of focusing on the error, emphasize the benefits of purchasing the minimum quantity. Examples include discounts or faster shipping. Positive framing can encourage customers to proceed with their purchase.

Use Cases & Bulk Discounts For Store Owners

Use Case Description Bulk Discount Benefits
Wholesale Products Set higher MOQs for wholesale products. This way, you can ensure profitable order volumes and streamline fulfillment. The Magento 2 admin can restrict order quantities based on customer groups. Offer tiered discounts based on order quantity to incentivize larger purchases and build customer loyalty. Bulk discounts simplify the ordering process for wholesale customers.
Seasonal Items Implement MOQs for seasonal products to minimize leftover stock and optimize inventory turnover. Set minimum order quantities per product or category using Magento 2's native features or extensions. Provide bulk discounts to encourage customers to buy larger quantities. This helps you clear out seasonal inventory more quickly. Also, it maximizes sales during peak demand periods.
Perishable Goods Set MOQs for perishable items to ensure timely consumption and reduce waste. Magento 2 allows you to define minimum order quantities at the product level. Offer discounts for larger purchases to move perishable inventory faster and minimize spoilage. Bulk pricing incentivizes customers to buy more, reducing your risk of loss.
Custom or Made-to-Order Products Establish MOQs for custom or made-to-order products. This way, you can justify production costs and maintain profitability. Use Magento 2's inventory management features to track and control stock levels. Provide bulk discounts to encourage larger orders. You can offset the higher production costs associated with custom or made-to-order items. This helps you achieve economies of scale.

Common Errors

Error Description Possible Causes
Access Denied (HTTP 403) Occurs when trying to access a page without proper permissions Wrong credentials or insufficient user role permissions.
Invalid Form Key Appears in Magento admin and storefront when submitting a form with a large amount of data Updating Magento, installing extensions, creating configurable products, and adding many related products.
"There has been an error processing your request" Generic errors can appear during various operations. Examples include installing/updating Magento or extensions and changing settings or template files. Specific cause is not provided; check the error log for details.
Outdated module error "The following modules are outdated: Vendor_Module schema: current version - x.x.x, required version - z.z.z" Switching git branches in the dev environment, updating Magento or extensions
Element 'block', attribute 'class' not accepted Occurs in Magento 2.2.x+ Outdated Magento 2 themes or extensions
Module defined in multiple locations "Module 'Company_Module' from 'app/code/Company/Module' has been already defined in 'vendor/company/module'" Installing or updating a Magento 2 extension that exists in both app/code and vendor directories.
Allowed memory size exhausted "bin/magento Fatal error: Allowed memory size of xxx bytes exhausted" when running bin/magento command PHP memory limit configuration
No such entity Appears when trying to load a non-existent object in the Magento 2 Repository Class Usually caused by third-party Magento extensions.


1. Can I set a minimum order quantity for all products at once?

No. The minimum order quantity settings are applied at the individual product level. You need to configure each product separately.

2. What happens if a customer tries to add a quantity lower than the minimum?

If a customer attempts to add a quantity lower than the specified minimum, they will see an error message. They will be able to proceed with the purchase once they adjust the quantity.

3. Can I set different minimum order quantities for different customer groups?

Yes. Magento 2 allows you to define minimum order quantities based on customer groups. This feature is useful for setting specific rules for wholesale customers or other customer segments.

4. Will setting minimum order quantities affect my sales?

Setting minimum order quantities can help optimize your sales and profit margins. By defining the minimum quantities, you can ensure that customers purchase products in quantities that align with your business goals.



Magento 2 minimum order quantity per product helps increase average order values by disabling checkout if the subtotal is below the set amount. It helps store owners to:

  • Set minimum order quantity per category extension for specific products.
  • Add a limit to order quantity lower than the minimum order quantity in the shopping cart.
  • Set a suitable threshold as per their requirements.
  • Use a plugin to lower order quantity of specific products.

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