Managed hosting services and their pros & cons compared to unmanaged hosting

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Managed hosting services and their pros & cons compared to unmanaged hosting

A crucial factor when starting an e-commerce site is to choose a good hosting service. The same goes for businesses that are growing or established ones, hosting needs may vary over time
(especially with Magento hosting).

Besides other solutions, managed hosting services provide a broad range of management solutions that allows companies to focus on their core business and assign hosting management to a reliable managed hosting service.

But what is managed web hosting and what are its advantages compared to unmanaged hosting?

In this article you will find out:

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Managed hosting services meaning

When launch your e-commerce business you have to consider hosting.

Amongst many solutions you have will have heard of managed hosting services. But what are managed hosting services really?

Managed hosting means that the hosting company is in charge of the complete handling of the server and the application (e.g. Magento, if you are running an e-commerce shop).

Instead of owning your own infrastructure, you lease servers or cloud resources from a hosting provider.

This means the hosting company takes over:

  • hardware and software setup and configuration
  • administration
  • management
  • support

Management services are varying between every hosting company.

Nevertheless, there are basic services a managed hosting service should provide like:

  • updating and patching the operating system
  • support around the clock
  • management of network infrastructure and hardware
  • at least basic security measures (e.g. protection against spam and viruses)
  • monitoring server performance and fixing speed problems

In a nutshell, managed hosting services ensure that your e-commerce site is available at all times.

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Hosting managed server vs unmanaged hosting: Pros & cons

Magento Server Hosting allows you to outsource the management of your hosting to a professional company and brings you many benefits (e.g. you don’t have to deal with meeting Magento hosting requirements at all).
But there are also a few disadvantages compared to unmanaged hosting.

Unmanaged hosting means that you own the servers your e-commerce site runs on and have full controls over everything. But you are responsible for maintaining them as well.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of both solutions:

Managed hosting: Pros & cons


  • time-saving (managing and maintenance is taken care of so you can focus on your core business)
  • cost-saving (no upgrading expensive hardware, no IT staff to run and maintain the server needed, no own servers, therefore no risks of damages)
  • reduced risk (technical support of highly specialized technicians always available)
  • reliable (managed hosting services guarantee that your site is constantly available and monitor all important operations)
  • flexible and fast solutions (e.g. scalability)
  • technology always up-to-date (a professional managed hosting company provides you access to the latest technology)


  • no own servers
  • control is given away to the hosting provider, therefore a highly professional and reliable company has to be chosen

Unmanaged hosting: Pros & cons


  • own servers
  • fully and autonomous control over processes and operations


  • time-consuming (you have to manage and maintain your own networks, storage, servers, updates, etc.)
  • can be costly (specialized IT staff for running and maintaining the server has to be employed, defect hardware has to be renewed)
  • support depends on the working hours of your IT staff
  • scalability is not given or complicated
  • usage of the latest technology depends on the budget

Summed up, the benefits of managed hosting services are quite obvious.

Relying on a professional hosting provider is a smart investment for your company.

Managed Hosting Services Advantages

Managed hosting services ensure your e-commerce site is performing well, you are protected against security threats, and supports you at all times.

Managed Magento: Advantages of fully managed Magento hosting

Especially for ambitious e-commerce shops using Magento, fully managed Magento hosting is a beneficial solution.

To reduce the answer to the simple but important questions what is Magento and what is Magento hosting to only one sentence: Magento is a powerful e-commerce software with outstanding flexibility, scalability, and security.

Advantages of fully managed Magento hosting are:

  • high performance for the best user experience (we recommend our top 10 tips on how to increase Magento website speed)
  • advanced security services against the majority of cybersecurity threats (see our checklist and tips on how to secure a Magento site)
  • managed and fully automated backups of your files and databases
  • monitoring and maintaining your website all the time
  • expert support available around the clock

If you want all of these advantages and more, MGT Commerce should be your first choice.

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With our Managed Hosting Services you get a highly reliable, scalable, low-cost cloud hosting solution, fully managed on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Combined with our managed high-performance stack, you get one of the fastest managed Magento hosting services worldwide.

Even a managed migration is nothing to worry about: You can concentrate on your business, while our skilled experts take care of the full and seamless migration of your website to the new setup in your AWS account free of charge.

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While unmanaged hosting was a popular solution in the past, nowadays managed hosting services are providing individual solutions in an easy and comfortable way.

With outsourcing your hosting to a reliable hosting provider you are making a good choice.

Managed hosting ensures you get the latest technology combined with the professional support of highly specialized experts.

Having such a powerful hosting solution working for you in the background is enabling you to concentrate on your main business like never before.

Contact us now to find out more about our managed hosting plans and the best choice for you.

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