How to Install and Configure Klaviyo Magento 2 Integration

How to Install and Configure Klaviyo Magento 2 Integration

Looking to supercharge your Magento 2 store's email and SMS marketing? Klaviyo Magento 2 Integration connects your Magento 2 store with Klaviyo's advanced marketing automation platform. It allows you to create highly targeted, personalized campaigns. These campaigns drive sales and boost customer engagement.

In this tutorial, we will guide you through the step-by-step process. You will learn how to install and configure the Klaviyo Magento 2 Integration.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn how to install and configure Klaviyo Magento 2 Integration.

  • Discover the benefits of connecting your Magento hosting store with Klaviyo.

  • Understand how to sync customer, order, and product data between platforms.

  • Gain insights on creating targeted, personalized email and SMS campaigns.

Benefits of Klaviyo Magento 2 Integration

Feature Category Benefit Description
Seamless Integration Easily syncs data between your Magento 2.x store and Klaviyo, ensuring smooth communication and reducing manual data entry.
Personalized Marketing Create targeted email and SMS campaigns based on customer behavior, preferences, and purchase history to increase engagement and conversions.
Real-time Data Sync Ensures up-to-date customer, order, and product data for marketing, providing accurate insights and allowing timely campaign execution.
Multiple Store Support Supports syncing data from multiple Magento stores to Klaviyo, allowing for centralized marketing efforts and cohesive customer experiences.
Customizable Templates Design email templates tailored to your brand and audience to maintain brand consistency and enhance visual appeal for better engagement.
Comprehensive Insights Gain insights into customer behavior and campaign performance, enabling data-driven decision-making and continuous optimization of strategies.
Automated Campaigns Set up automated email and SMS campaigns for efficient marketing, saving time and effort while nurturing leads and driving repeat purchases.
Enhanced Engagement Increase engagement and conversions with personalized messaging, building stronger customer relationships and maximizing revenue potential.

Install the Klaviyo Extension in Magento 2

1. Log in to Your Magento 2 Server

  • Use your command line tool to log in to your Magento 2 server.

  • Navigate to the root directory of your Magento app.

2. Access the Klaviyo Extension

  • Run the command: composer require klaviyo/magento2-extension

  • This command accesses the latest version of the Klaviyo extension from Packagist.

3. Install Specific Version (Optional)

If you need to install a specific version, use: composer require klaviyo/magento2-extension:3.0.4-patch

4. Enable the Klaviyo Extension

  • Run: php bin/magento module:enable Klaviyo_Reclaim --clear-static-content

  • It enables the Klaviyo extension you just downloaded.

5. Enable Additional Modules

  • Run: php bin/magento setup:upgrade

  • It ensures that any additional modules required by Klaviyo are also enabled.

6. Confirm Module Activation

Check the output for Module 'Klaviyo_Reclaim' to confirm that the Klaviyo module is enabled and running.

7. Deploy Static Content

Ensure proper functioning of CSS and JS on your Magento 2 store by running the following: php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -f

Configure the Klaviyo Extension

Configure Klaviyo Extension

  1. In your Klaviyo account, go to the API keys tab.

  2. Open a new tab and access your Magento 2 store admin.

  3. Within the Magento admin, navigate to Settings, then click on Stores > Configuration.

  4. Under the Klaviyo dropdown in the General settings, select it.

  5. Enable the Klaviyo Extension by setting it to Yes.

  6. Now, go back to your Klaviyo account's API keys tab.

  7. Copy the six-digit Klaviyo public API key.

  8. Return to Magento and paste the copied API key into the corresponding box.

  9. While still on the Klaviyo API keys tab, generate a new private key.

  10. Paste this private key into the corresponding box in Magento.

  11. Using your private API key, authenticate and sync newsletter subscriptions from Magento to Klaviyo.

Set Up OAuth

  1. Open Magento and go to the Setup OAuth section.

  2. Assign a memorable name to your integration for easy identification later.

  3. Click Save Config to proceed with the setup.

Set Up OAuth: Save Configurations

  1. Navigate to System in the left-hand menu and choose Integrations.

  2. Find your integration name and click Activate. This action will prompt you to approve access.

Set Up OAuth: Activate Integration

  1. Click Allow to redirect to Klaviyo to complete the integration setup.

  2. Sign in to Klaviyo if prompted, or verify your account name and click Integrate.

  3. It adds the Magento 2 integration to your Klaviyo account associated with the API key used during setup.

  4. Confirm the success of the connection. You can check by opening your Klaviyo account in a new tab, clicking your account name, selecting Integrations, and looking for Magento 2 in the list.

Set Up OAuth: Confirm New Integration

Set a Newsletter List

Set Newsletter List

  1. In your Magento 2 store, navigate to the Newsletter section.

  2. From the options provided, choose the Klaviyo list where you want to sync your Magento sign-up form.

  3. Save your configuration settings by clicking on the Save Config button.

This process ensures that your Magento 2 store's newsletter subscribers are seamlessly integrated with Klaviyo.

Enable Consent at Checkout

  1. Go to the Configuration page in your Magento 2 store.

  2. Under the Klaviyo section, find and click on Consent at Checkout.

Enable Consent at Checkout: Click Consent

  1. You'll see options for collecting email and SMS consent separately.

  2. Under the Email section, select Yes to Subscribe contacts to email marketing at checkout.

  3. Choose the email list you want subscribers to sync to, such as a newsletter list.

  4. Enter the text for the email opt-in checkbox.

Enable Consent at Checkout: Configure Email Opt-In

  1. Similarly, under the SMS section, select Yes to Subscribe contacts to SMS marketing at checkout.

  2. Choose the list of SMS contacts to sync to.

  3. Use the Sort order option to change the placement of the consent boxes if needed.

  4. Once done, click Save Config in the upper right corner to apply the changes.


  • Consent will sync once the customer completes the order. If applicable, they must confirm their subscription due to double opt-in.

  • By default, the email consent checkbox won't appear for users already logged in to your Magento 2 store.

  • Adjust the sort order if you've rearranged the checkout page layout.

Enable Webhooks

  1. Access the admin dashboard by navigating to Stores > Configuration.

  2. In the Configuration menu, locate and click on Klaviyo, then select the Webhooks tab.

  3. Generate a webhook secret and input it into the corresponding Webhook Secret field. This secret acts as a validation key for Klaviyo. Ensure it's a secure combination of letters and numbers.

Enable Webhooks: Generate Webhook secret

  1. If you are using a multi-store integration, enter the webhook secret only in the default configuration. This secret will validate all store configurations.

  2. For each webhook you wish to enable, select Yes from the dropdown menu.

  3. To learn more about Klaviyo-supported webhooks, refer to the guide in the Klaviyo Help Center.

  4. Save your configuration settings.

How is Data Synced Between Klaviyo And Magento 2.X

1. Customer Data Sync

  • When a customer interacts with your Magento store, their details sync with your Klaviyo account. It includes their name, email, and contact info.

  • It keeps your customer data current for segmenting and personalizing emails.

  • Klaviyo's API securely and efficiently handles data transfer, ensuring customer privacy.

2. Order Data Sync

Whenever a customer places an order on your Magento store, important information such as the

  • Order ID

  • Items purchased

  • Total cost

  • Shipping details

are sent to your Klaviyo account.

This process helps monitor purchasing patterns, analyze orders, and create focused email campaigns based on previous purchases. The integration effectively syncs order data between Magento and Klaviyo. It offers insights into customer purchasing behaviors.

3. Product Data Sync:

Product information, like

  • Names

  • Descriptions

  • Prices

  • Availability

syncs between your Magento store and Klaviyo.

It allows you to create personalized product recommendations in emails. It considers customer preferences and browsing history. With synced product data, you can customize marketing messages. You can feature relevant products. It increases conversions and engagement.


1. What is Klaviyo Magento 2 Integration?

Klaviyo Magento 2 Integration is a connection between your Magento 2 store and Klaviyo. Klaviyo is a marketing platform. This integration enables you to use Klaviyo's features to enhance your email marketing efforts.

2. What are the key features of Klaviyo Magento 2 Integration?

The key features of Klaviyo Magento 2 Integration include seamless subscription management, native integration with Magento 2, and the ability to collect email addresses for marketing purposes.

3. How do you subscribe to Klaviyo Magento 2 Integration?

To subscribe to Klaviyo Magento 2 Integration, sign up for a Klaviyo account if you don't have one already. Then, follow the steps to connect your Magento store with Klaviyo.

4. Are there any additional resources available for Klaviyo Magento 2 Integration?

Yes, you can browse articles for more information on Klaviyo Magento 2 Integration. You can also visit the community forum or check out the supporting resources on GitHub.

5. Is the Klaviyo Magento 2 Extension publicly accessible?

Yes, the Klaviyo Magento 2 Extension is publicly accessible. You can download it from the official Klaviyo website or through Magento's marketplace.

6. How do we integrate Klaviyo with multiple Magento stores?

Klaviyo supports integrating with multiple Magento stores. It enables you to manage email marketing campaigns for all your stores from one Klaviyo account.

7. Where can I find commonly asked questions about Klaviyo Magento 2 Integration?

You can find commonly asked questions and get answers in the community forum. Here, you can connect with peers and share insights about using Klaviyo with Magento 2.



Klaviyo Magento 2 Integration enhances email and SMS marketing efforts in Magento 2 stores. Here's a quick recap:

  • Easily sync data between your Magento 2.x store and Klaviyo. It reduces manual data entry and ensures smooth communication.

  • Craft targeted email and SMS campaigns. Base them on customer behavior, preferences, and purchase history to boost engagement and conversions.

  • Keep customer, order, and product data up-to-date. It provides accurate insights and allows for timely campaign execution.

  • Sync data from multiple Magento stores to Klaviyo. It streamlines marketing efforts and enhances customer experiences.

  • Design email templates tailored to your brand and audience. It maintains consistency and enhances engagement.

Explore managed Magento hosting services for effortlessly integrating Klaviyo into your Magento store.

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