Advantages of Magento 2: Unbeatable Reasons!

Advantages of Magento 2: Unbeatable Reasons!

Magento has been the leading software for eCommerce businesses since its release in 2007. In June 2020, The Magento 1 support ended, so it is now high-time for businesses to upgrade to Magento 2.

What is Magento all about? Find out more here!

Magento is an open-source program for eCommerce businesses that;

  • Allows maximum customizability , and
  • Can be easily implemented.

However, the amount of freedom in website creation can also be daunting. Mostly because you need to keep your web shop up-to-date and running 24/7.

So from the numerous options of eCommerce platforms, Why should you choose Magento for your business?

Magento Versions: The right program for every need!

Magento Versions: The right program for every need!

Magento 2 comes in different versions to fulfill the diverse needs and requirements of each user.

Magento Open Source

This version is free and can be downloaded directly from the Magento website. It allows maximum freedom when it comes to hosting and support. The additional cost of eCommerce comprises hosting, domain names, safety features, possible add-ons, and extensions and is adjustable to every eCommerce budget.

Magento Commerce

It comes with more support options than the open-source version and provides additional features. This version is the better choice for established businesses because it also includes higher fees.

Magento Commerce Cloud

This is a cloud-based version of Magento, which includes server costs. It comes with additional safety features for cloud-based hosting, while still offering the same customizable templates as the on-premises version.

Advantages of using Magento: The 6 most important benefits!

Advantages of using Magento: The 6 most important benefits!

The use of Magento as an eCommerce platform brings several advantages. Here are the top 6 Magento benefits!

1. Customer experience

Customer experience

Magento provides an excellent customer experience.

Customers like to browse product catalogs quickly and want to have the smoothest, fastest check-out possible. Fast check-out without any hiccups keeps your conversion-rates high, whether your online shop is B2B or B2C.

The check-out process provides an overview of the cart items every step of the way, which eases customers into closing deals easier and easily rechecking their orders.

Magento has improved PayPal integration using the address from the client´s PayPal account makes billing easier. Also, further registration before buying is not necessary.

2. Enhanced Mobile Experience

Mobile usability: A key factor for your eCommerce success.

Mobile usability: A key factor for your eCommerce success.

A growing trend in eCommerce is the use of mobile phones for shopping. Customers have become impatient and leave websites that are unoptimized for mobile use. Browsing on mobile devices is slower.

Therefore, a useful search function is what you need to keep your customers happy with their mobile shopping experience. On Magengo, the check-out option on mobile devices has improved to stay ahead of mobile shoppings growing trend.

3. Product Catalogs with Magento

Product Catalogs with Magento

It was never easier to keep your catalog of products up-to-date until Magento 2 hosting came through.There is no type of product that you can´t sell with Magento 2.

Even your Category Management department will thank you for using Magento because it:

  • Makes monitoring your online shop listings easy to manage
  • Allows control of your products from multiple computers that have access to your Magento 2 admin panel, and
  • Gives usage feedback for your listings.

4. Magento Analytics

Magento Analytics

Necessary in online marketing is a reliable analytics tool because it;

  • It illustrates website traffic
  • Most bought products, and
  • Simplifies bookkeeping with digital sales reports.

Additionally Magento works with market leader Google Analytics!

5. SEO and Magento

SEO and Magento

Magento comes with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) capabilities, so your store is findable on Google and other search engines.Furthermore, it provides a feature where you can optimize your content according to primary and secondary keywords. But it doesn’t stop there.

In our SEO Guide for Magento, find out all about improving overall search rankings.

6. Magento Security and Safety Features

Magento Security and Safety Features

As has grown customary when it comes to safety standards, you can implement two-factor authentication with Magento 2, which provides the latest, best security measures for your web shop.

The software receives frequent security updates through its large team of developers, so breaches or data theft from your store are less likely.

Magento provides SSL (secure sockets layer) to secure and encrypt your content and data in need of protection. However, there are various other safety features to choose from, such as the

Magento Security Scan!

Again, Magento 2 opts for maximum customizability and allows you to implement as many features as you need. But keep in mind not to implement too many features as that decreases usability and speed.

Magento Hosting: The perfect match!

Magento brings numerous advantages. If you're still unsure about Magento being the best solution for your eCommerce needs, consider this:

  • Due to its immense popularity, Magento has the most significant support network of any open-source eCommerce software and over 300,000 developers worldwide!
  • Also, Magento works with most third-party applications to cater to your every need when it comes to building your very own online store.

One of the essential points for a successful online business with Magento should be considered and well thought out on its hosting features.

How do I host a Magento site?

When choosing the best Magento hosting provider for you, consider these four crucial factors that are significant for the success of your online business.

  1. Performance,
  2. Speed,
  3. Scalability and
  4. Security.

We at MGT-COMMERCE have specialize in exactly this:

  • We offer a mature Magento Hosting on AWS carefree package with simultaneous flexibility. And the best: You only pay for what you need and when you need it!

  • MGT-Commerce offers one of the fastest managed Magento hostings worldwide!

  • We are balancing hosting and servers well. Without lowering your website´s functionality. Therefore, MGT-COMMERCE manages to keep your conversion rates top-notch.

If you´re unsure whether you need managed or unmanaged hosting, you can compare here.

We also provide free migration of your store and 24-hour customer support. We are here to provide answers and resolve any doubts. Contact us now!

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