Setting Up Buy X Get Y Free Magento 2 Promotions

Setting Up Buy X Get Y Free Magento 2 Promotions

Want to use the right promotions and boost sales? Offer your Magento customers a Buy X Get Y Free Magento promotion that cleverly uses SKUs, specific items in the cart, and tailored discounts. It will provide them with a deal they can’t refuse and turn casual browsers into repeat buyers. This tutorial will walk you through the steps to set up promotions.

Key Takeaways

  • Buy X Get Y Free promotions increase sales, clear inventory, attract new customers, and boost loyalty.

  • Magento 2 allows merchants to set up these promotions through an intuitive admin interface.

  • Magento's integration with digital channels broadens business promotion reach.

  • Buy X Get Y Free promotions on Magento 2 enable valuable customer data collection and analysis.

  • These promotions are most cost-effective and significantly enhance customer engagement.

Understanding Buy X Get Y Free Promotions in Magento 2

  • Buy X Get Y Free in Magento 2 is a form of discount. In such deals, customers are rewarded with free items when they purchase a specified quantity of a product.

  • An example is a "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" offer, which allows customers to receive a second item at no additional cost when they buy one. This type of promotion encourages larger purchases, helps clear out inventory, and introduces customers to new products.

  • Understanding Buy X Get Y free in Magento 2 promotions requires a grasp of the platform's advanced promotional rule configurations. Magento 2, with its user-friendly interface and flexible rule settings, allows merchants to set up these promotions directly from the admin panel.

  • Through the use of conditions and actions within the Cart Price Rules, store owners can specify several conditions and actions. It includes which products or categories the promotion applies to and purchase quantity thresholds. It also allows you to control the nature of the free item(s) customers can receive.

  • Magento 2 integrates with major email marketing tools, social media ads, and Google platforms. This allows targeted promotion of Buy X Get Y Free deals to customer segments most likely to convert based on different criteria. It can select customers based on demographics, past purchase behavior, and interests.

  • An example of targeted promotion is an outdoor gear store that connects Magento 2 to Mailchimp and Facebook Ads. They export a list of customers who previously bought tents and create lookalike audiences. They advertise a "Buy a tent, get a free camping chair" deal to the customers from the above list. The targeted reach brings a flood of sales from both existing and new customers, matching the target profile.

Why Use Buy X Get Y Free Magento Promotions

The "Buy X Get Y Free" promotions in Magento are a strategic marketing approach that businesses use to drive sales, clear inventory, and enhance customer loyalty. Here are several reasons why they are widely used and effective:

  • Increase Sales Volume: This type of promotion encourages customers to buy more than they originally planned to qualify for the free item. For example, A clothing store offers "Buy 2 shirts, get 1 free." Sales of shirts increase as shoppers buy in larger quantities for the discount. Older shirt designs are cleared out to make room for new stock.

  • Move Inventory: It's an effective way to clear out older or overstocked inventory without directly marking down the product's price. Strategically choosing which products to include helps move excess or outdated inventory.

  • Attract New Customers: Promotions like Buy X Get Y Free can attract new customers who are looking for value deals. Once these new customers visit your store, you have the opportunity to convert them into regular customers.

  • Up-sell and Cross-sell Opportunities: By strategically choosing which products to include in the promotion, businesses can guide customers toward higher-value items.

  • Flexibility in Marketing: You can target specific customer segments, set time-bound offers, or adjust the terms based on stock levels and sales performance.

  • Data Collection and Insights: Running such promotions allows businesses to collect valuable data on customer preferences and behavior. This data can be analyzed to improve future marketing strategies and product offerings.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Compared to other marketing forms like paid advertising, Buy X Get Y Free offers can be more cost-effective. The only cost is the free item, and higher volumes offset this. Engagement is boosted as customers interact more with the brand to get the deal and introduce others to your products/services.

    For example, An electronics store runs a "Buy a laptop, get a free mouse" offer vs buying pay-per-click ads.

    Cost breakdown:

    • 100 laptops sold at $500 each = $50,000 revenue

    • 100 free mice at $10 cost each = $1,000 promotion cost

    • Net: $49,000

    The same $1000 in PPC ads may have only generated a fraction of the sales. Plus the promotion engaged customers more actively in the brand and products.

Setting Up Buy X Get Y Free Magento Promotions

Step 1: Create a New Cart Price Rule

  1. In the Magento 2 admin panel, navigate to the 'Marketing' section.

  2. Select 'Cart Price Rules' under 'Promotions.’

Step-by-step guide on creating a new cart price rule in Magento 2

  1. Click on 'Add New Rule' to begin setting up your promotion.

Adding a new rule for Buy X Get Y Free promotion in Magento 2

  1. Enter the following information:

    • Rule name and description

    • If the rule is Active

    • Websites on which the rule is applicable

    • Customer groups eligible for the rule

    • Coupon code (if any)

    • Uses per customer limit

    • Priority

    • If the rule is set to public on the RSS feed

Entering details for a new Magento 2 cart price rule in admin panel

Step 2: Define the Conditions

Specify the conditions under which the promotion will apply. For example, you can set the rule to trigger when a customer adds a certain quantity of a product to their shopping cart. The discount will apply if these conditions are met.

Configuring conditions for Magento 2 Buy X Get Y Free promotion

Step 3: Configure the Actions

In the 'Actions' section:

  • Set ‘Apply’ to ‘Buy X get Y free (Discount Amount is Y).’

  • Set /Discount Amount’ to ‘1’. It is the quantity that the customer receives for free.

  • Enter the value of ‘Maximum Qty Discount is Applied To’ to limit the number of discounts that can be applied.

  • Enter the quantity the customer needs to purchase to qualify for the discount in the Discount Qty Step (Buy X) field.

  • Set Discard subsequent rules to ‘Yes’ to prevent other discounts from being applied to the purchase.

Setting up action rules for Magento 2 promotions in the admin interface

Step 4: Complete the Label

In the ‘Label’ section, enter ‘Default Rule Label for All Store Views’ for all your stores and ‘Default Store View’ for the current store.

Completing the label for Magento 2 cart price rule in promotion setup

Step 5:Save and Test the Rule

  • Click ‘Save.’

  • Run tests to ensure the rule is working as expected.

Saving and testing the Buy X Get Y rule in Magento 2 to ensure effectiveness

Use Case Examples of Buy X Get Y Free Promotions

Buy X Get Y Free promotions come in various formats. Each option achieves different marketing objectives, from increasing average order value to moving old stock.

1. Simple Quantity Trigger:

Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) is the most straightforward example. It can apply to the same item (e.g., buy one t-shirt, get another t-shirt free) or across product categories (e.g., buy a t-shirt, get a pair of socks free). It's effective for quickly moving stock and attracting customer interest.

2. Incremental Rewards

"Buy Two, Get One Free" or "Buy Three, Get Two Free". This strategy encourages customers to purchase more items to receive more free goods. It's mostly applied to products that customers tend to buy in multiples, like household goods, groceries, or personal care items.

3. Tiered Promotions

Offers that increase the reward with the purchase amount, such as "Buy one, get one 50% off; buy two, get one free". This method can gradually increase the average order value by incentivizing customers to buy more to get a better deal.

4. Category-Specific Offers

"Buy X from category A, Get Y from category B free." This approach is used to cross-sell products from different categories. For example, buying a coffee maker and getting a pack of gourmet coffee beans for free. It introduces customers to products they might not have considered buying initially.

5. Threshold Offers

"Spend $100, Get a Free Gift". This variant focuses on the total spend rather than the quantity of items purchased. It's effective for pushing customers to add more items to their carts to reach the threshold for the free item. It can be a great way to clear out small, high-margin items or samples.

6. Seasonal or Event-driven Promotions

"Buy any swimsuit, Get a beach towel free" during summer or "Buy any ski gear, Get thermal gloves free" in winter. Tailoring promotions to the season or specific events can tap into the customer's immediate needs and interests. It boosts the promotion's relevance and effectiveness.

7. Loyalty Program Incentives

"Buy five coffees, Get the sixth free." This type of promotion encourages repeat business and is commonly used in cafes and restaurants. It can also be applied to online businesses through a digital loyalty program, rewarding repeat purchases over time.

8. Limited-Time Offers

"This weekend only: Buy any two beauty products, Get a free lipstick." Limiting the time frame for a promotion creates a sense of urgency, encouraging customers to make purchases sooner.

9. Exclusive Member Offers

"Members Only: Buy any laptop, Get a free laptop bag." Offering exclusive promotions to members of a club or subscription service adds value to being a member and can incentivize sign-ups.

10. New Product Launches

"Buy our new smartphone, Get a free screen protector." It is a strategic way to promote the launch of a new product by bundling it with a complimentary item.


1. How do I set up a "Buy X Get Y Free" promotion in my Magento 2 store?

To set up a "Buy X Get Y Free" promotion in your Magento 2 store, navigate to the Marketing section and select 'Cart Price Rules' under 'Promotions.' Click 'Add New Rule,' fill in the necessary rule information, define the conditions and actions, and click ‘Save.’

2. Can I specify the maximum quantity on which the discount is applied in a "Buy X Get Y Free" offer?

Within the 'Actions' section of the shopping cart price rule, you can specify the 'Maximum Qty Discount is Applied To.' This setting controls the number of free items a customer can receive as part of the promotion in your Magento 2 store.

3. Is it possible to apply a "Buy X Get Y Free" promotion to specific products using SKUs in Magento 2?

When setting up your promotion, you can specify particular SKUs in the conditions section of the new rule. It allows the "Buy X Get Y Free" offer to apply only to selected products, providing more control over your Magento 2 store's promotions.

4. How do I determine the number of free products a customer can receive in a "Buy X Get Y Free" promotion?

In the 'Actions' tab during the setup of your shopping cart price rule, you'll find the 'Discount Qty Step (Buy X)' field. This field lets you define the purchase quantity required for the customer to qualify for the free product(s). It helps effectively control the number of free items in the offer.

5. Can I offer more than one free product in my "Buy X Get Y Free" promotion in Magento 2?

You can offer multiple free products in a Buy X Get Y Free promotion by adjusting the 'Discount Amount' in the actions section of the rule setup. This amount represents the number of free items a customer will receive. It allows for flexibility in the promotion's structure in your Magento 2 store.


Buy X Get Y Free Magento promotions allows store owners looking to benefit from strategic discounting. We covered how to implement such promotions effectively using Magento 2's user-friendly admin interface.

Ensure your promotions attract attention and drive tangible results:

  • Identify and select the specific products (via SKU) that will be part of your promotion.

  • Utilize the "maximum qty discount is applied" feature to control the number of free items a customer can receive.

  • Implement specific coupon codes to make promotions exclusive and trackable.

  • Precisely define which cart items the discount applies to through the "discount is applied to" field.

  • Set conditions to limit the free items offered, ensuring promotions are aligned with your inventory and sales goals.

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