Select the Right Magento 2 Mobile App Builder: Best Extensions

Select the Right Magento 2 Mobile App Builder: Best Extensions

Magento mobile app builder extensions assist merchants and store owners in creating tailor-made mobile applications compatible with their online stores. Recent data as of November 2023 indicates that mobile device users account for 54.58% of total website traffic.

These extensions facilitate access to ecommerce sites built on the Magento platform for users of smartphones and tablets, expanding the reach beyond desktop and laptop users.

This article will guide you in selecting the right Magento mobile app builders. It will also cover the top Magento mobile app builders to aid you in selecting the most suitable one for your business.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover how to select the right Magento mobile app builder based on capability, customization, UI/UX, and scalability.

  • Explore the top Magento mobile app builders, each offering unique features like voice search, barcode scanners, and seamless synchronization.

  • Learn how these builders empower businesses by enhancing backend functionalities and providing easy-to-use interfaces for efficient store management.

  • Understand the significance of cross-platform compatibility, user reviews, and free trial periods in choosing the most suitable Magento app builder for your e-commerce strategy.

  • Gain insights into leveraging Magento mobile app builders to seamlessly integrate Magento 2 stores with mobile platforms.

What is a Magento Mobile App Builder?

A Magento mobile app builder is a tool that offers ecommerce business owners a convenient means to expand their online store's reach. It provides an additional access point to their website, allowing them to create and customize native Magento mobile ecommerce apps. This approach is both flexible and straightforward, allowing you to:

  1. Convert your Magento website into iOS and Android apps.

  2. Retain all your ecommerce features and business processes.

To reach a wider audience, ecommerce store owners typically develop two native mobile apps for each store, one for Android and one for iOS. This strategy ensures a presence on the Google Play and Apple App Store, two of the largest global app distribution platforms.

How To Select the Right Magento 2 Mobile App Builder

  1. Capability and Customization: Ensure that the chosen Magento mobile app builder can accommodate a wide range of store features and customization options. These aspects significantly influence the ecommerce experience. It includes Magento product catalogs, user accounts, payment gateways, push notifications, and shopping carts.

  2. User Interface and Experience: Prioritize a builder with a strong track record in delivering a seamless user interface (UI) and enhancing Magento user experience (UX). The retention rate of users relies heavily on the platform's UI/UX quality.

  3. Performance: Evaluate the builder's ability to create fast-loading and responsive Magento designs. Performance is pivotal in providing an exceptional shopping experience.

  4. Cross-Platform Compatibility: To reach a broader audience, ensure the app builder can develop cross-platform apps for Android and iOS.

  5. User Reviews and Ratings: Seek insights from user reviews and ratings on various platforms and listing sites. This feedback can offer valuable information when finalizing your choice of a proficient Magento app builder.

  6. Scalability: Consider your Magento scalability plans. The chosen app should support increased product volume, orders, and visitor traffic as your business expands.

  7. App Store Launch: Assess how the app builder will assist you in launching your app on platforms such as the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

  8. Free Trial Period: Look for a builder partner that offers a free trial period. It allows you to assess the efficiency and expertise of the company before committing to a long-term partnership.

Top 9 Magento Mobile App Builders

1. Magento Mobile App Builder by SimiCart

SimiCart Magento App Builder Overview

The SimiCart Magento mobile app builder equips ecommerce stores with advanced sales and marketing tools. Leveraging unique user-messaging features and SEO capabilities, this native mobile app builder facilitates the creation of apps that can effectively reach a broad audience.

This app development tool also demands minimal coding expertise, ensuring online merchants can efficiently improve the mobile shopping experience.


  • Customized user messages tailored to users based on location, interests, and in-app activities.
  • Barcode Scanner for seamless connection between merchandise and the online store's database.
  • Voice and image search to simplify product information retrieval.
  • Google App Indexing enhances visibility on the world's largest search engine.
  • High-quality visual Design ensures a visually appealing interface.
  • Quick checkout feature offers a fast and streamlined buying process.
  • Multiple payment options support various payment methods.
  • A multi-vendor store enables multiple vendors to operate within the platform.
  • SEO optimization to drive organic traffic to the app.
  • Additional marketing tools include promotion modules like push notifications and deep links.
  • Data synchronization maintains consistency in store views, languages, categories, and products from your website.

Pricing: $299

2. Magento 2 Mobile App Builder by MageComp

MageComp Magento 2 App Builder Overview

MageComp mobile app builder is a prominent player in the Magento field with over ten years of experience delivering ecommerce solutions, design services, and mobile app development.

Like SimiCart's mobile app builder, MageComp's solution offers a straightforward method for converting online stores into mobile apps, requiring no coding expertise. It offers swift loading times, personalized content, and a user-friendly interface that improves brand recognition and strengthens customer relationships.


  • Voice Search functionality.
  • Banner Slider for enhanced customer engagement.
  • Brand Slider to direct shoppers to preferred brands,
  • Prominent display of best-selling products on the homepage.
  • Compatibility with various product types.
  • Push Notifications for new product releases, offers, and updates.
  • One-Click Login via Facebook and Google.
  • Coupon Code Capability.
  • Comprehensive Coverage of Magento Shipping Methods.

Pricing: Starting from $19

3. Magento Mobile App Builder by Magetop

Magetop Magento App Builder

Magetop's Mobile App Builder quickly converts Magento stores into Android and iOS mobile apps.

This solution employs REST API technology to create a seamless link between a Magento store and its mobile app. REST API enhances the app's functionality for customers and grants store owners greater flexibility in app development.


  • Unified codebase for iOS and Android via React Native and Expo.
  • Effortless integration with prominent payment gateways.
  • Communication tools like push notifications, text messages, and emails.
  • Multilingual support.
  • Layered navigation and interactive homepage.
  • Comprehensive customer order history and account insights.
  • Product filtering, sorting, and quick search.
  • Product category listings, ratings, and reviews.

Pricing: $299 (Magento Open Source edition), $398.00 (Magento Commerce edition)

4. Magento 2 Mobile App Builder for iOS & Android by AppJetty

AppJetty's Magento 2 Mobile App for iOS and Android

The AppJetty Magento mobile app builder enables businesses to develop iOS and Android apps for Magento 2 within approximately one week. This tool offers a range of features to ensure a smooth customer shopping experience and streamlined store management.

It facilitates monitoring order details, notifications, and order fulfillment, simplifying store management through the Mobile Apps extension.


  • Streamlined single page/form for adding/removing products, quantity adjustments, and smooth payments.
  • Support for multiple Magento payment gateways.
  • Broad range of store views and banner options.
  • Extensive home screen customization via dynamic widgets, templates, and drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Deep links for enhanced functionality.
  • Firebase analysis for performance insights.
  • Order tracking capability.
  • Language translations.
  • Straightforward layout configuration with a dedicated admin dashboard.

Pricing: $79 (Professional), $199.00 (Professional +)

5. Mobikul Mobile App Builder for Magento 2 by Webkul

Mobikul by Webkul for Magento 2 Mobile Apps

The Mobikul Mobile App Builder ensures real-time synchronization between the mobile app and its associated website, simplifying the management of a Magento store.

Any alteration in the product inventory on the website is promptly updated in the Webkul-developed app. It eliminates discrepancies between the app's item count and the online store, enhancing the overall customer experience.


  • Total migration of all Magento site features to the mobile app being built.
  • Provisions for live chat with transcription capabilities for enhanced customer service.
  • Courier tracking to ensure the secure delivery of products.
  • An intuitive mobile app interface with optimized search results, fast browsing, and a simplified checkout process.
  • Real-time synchronization between the Magento 2 website and mobile app includes orders, customers, categories, and products.
  • Easy configuration and customization.
  • Default payment methods with multiple languages.
  • Strong UI and UX for customer retention and higher conversion.

Pricing: $299 (Magento Commerce), $598.00 (Magento Enterprise/Enterprise Cloud)

6. Mobile App Builder for Magento 2 by Mofluid

Mofluid Magento 2 Mobile App

Mofluid Magento 2 mobile app builder extension was developed to transition eCommerce and mCommerce. It is distinguished by its minimal effort requirement and the shortest time-to-market for the app.

Mofluid outperforms other mobile app builders in terms of performance. Additionally, its seamless user experience and user-friendly interface are instrumental in attracting new users and retaining existing customers.


  • Integration with payment gateways like PayPal and EBS.
  • Industry-leading loading speeds.
  • 24/7 mobile app support team.
  • Delivery tracking for customers through push notification technology.
  • Multiple custom Magento themes.

Pricing: Undisclosed pricing plan

7. Magento 2 Mobile App Builder by KnowBand

KnowBand's Magento 2 App Builder

The Magento 2 Mobile app builder by Knowband is an eCommerce mobile app builder that does not require coding skills. This module allows customization of the app's themes and font styles for enhanced appeal.

It facilitates seamless synchronization between websites and mobile apps. This synchronization ensures consistent content across platforms, ultimately enhancing the customer experience.


  • Product reviews and rating capability.
  • One-tap Facebook and Google social login.
  • WhatsApp chat integration for customer service.
  • Support for a "spin-a-wheel" extension for unique merchandise discounts.
  • Efficient homepage designs with a simple Magento checkout process.
  • Secure login options with fingerprint and OTP.
  • Diverse payment and delivery options.
  • Real-time website synchronization.
  • Push alerts for enhanced custom order tracking.

Pricing: Starting at $199.20

8. Magento 2 Mobile Apps from MageNative

MageNative Magento 2 Mobile Apps

Magento 2 Mobile Apps by MageNative is recognized for offering cost-effective eCommerce solutions that streamline app development for eCommerce business owners.

It is a top choice for taking businesses online and delivering customers a seamless online shopping experience. MageNative also facilitates effortless synchronization of products and data from the Magento store to the new app without significant effort.


  • Attractive and eye-catching interface with multi-lingual and RTL support.
  • Synchronization capability.
  • Support for all product types.
  • Push notifications.
  • Native payment gateways for faster transactions.
  • Advanced search functionality.
  • Social media login support.
  • Multiple secure payment options.
  • Efficient management of extensive product catalogs.
  • Customer access to provide reviews and feedback.

Pricing: Starting at $399.00

9. JMango360 Mobile App Builder by JMango

JMango360 App Builder for Magento

JMango360 Mobile App Builder is a notable Magento mobile app extension offering an award-winning solution for swiftly converting a Magento website into iOS and Android apps. These native apps can be customized to include personalized features. No coding skills are necessary for app development or user engagement within the store.

A significant advantage of choosing JMango as the extension of choice is that app creation through this extension is entirely cost-free and carries no obligations.


  • High security.
  • Integration with social media for logins and sharing.
  • Built-in marketing tools to enhance conversion rates.
  • Comprehensive platform for strategic guidance and Magento mobile app assistance.
  • Provision of a native Magento mobile app for increased revenue generation.
  • User-friendly shopping cart experiences.
  • Cross-device app development with a single code base.
  • Streamlined app development through drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Unlimited push notifications.
  • Synchronization of goods, prices, stock levels, photos, user administration, shipping, and payment options.

Pricing: Free


1. How can I enhance my ecommerce presence using Magento mobile app builders?

Using Magento mobile app builders allows seamless integration between your Magento store and mobile platforms. It ensures a cohesive mobile experience for your customers, improving the buying experience. These builders facilitate the utilization of multiple shipping and payment methods, enhancing the backend functionality of your app.

2. What advantages do Magento app builders offer for retail businesses?

Magento app builders enable retail businesses to build apps without extensive coding knowledge, fostering a user-friendly mobile shopping environment. They streamline synchronization between the Magento store and mobile platforms, enhancing the overall buying experience and ensuring compatibility with various Magento POS systems.

3. How do top mobile app builders contribute to using Magento for a shopping app?

Top mobile app builders for Magento simplify creating a shopping app by providing comprehensive backend support. They ensure synchronization between your Magento store and the mobile app, allowing businesses to build their app easily. These builders offer diverse payment and shipping methods, optimizing the shopping experience.

4. Can Magento mobile app builders accommodate the synchronization of multiple platforms?

Yes, Magento mobile app builders facilitate synchronization between your Magento store and various mobile platforms. This synchronization ensures a consistent shopping experience across different devices. They also support multiple shipping and payment methods, enhancing the backend functionality of Magento.

5. How can I leverage Magento app builders to optimize my ecommerce business?

Using Magento app builders empowers businesses to build their apps effortlessly without extensive coding expertise. They enhance the mobile shopping experience by ensuring synchronization between the Magento store and mobile platforms. These builders support diverse payment and shipping methods, optimizing backend operations.


Magento mobile app builder extensions allow businesses to create customized mobile applications compatible with their Magento online stores. It enhances reach and user experience on mobile platforms. This guide covered an overview of the top Magento mobile app builders, highlighting their features, prices, and functionalities. It also helps in choosing the right Magento mobile app builders for your business.

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