How To Enable Magento 2 Out-Of-Stock Notification

How To Enable Magento 2 Out-Of-Stock Notification

The Magento 2 out-of-stock notification is a built-in feature of Magento (now known as Adobe Commerce). It is designed to inform customers when products are unavailable. This notification enhances customer satisfaction, reduces waiting time, and aids administrators in understanding product demand. This tutorial will guide you through configuring the Magento 2 out-of-stock notification to improve the user shopping experience and setting up Magento 2 product alerts.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore how Magento 2 Out-of-Stock Notification boosts customer satisfaction.

  • Explore the key features of Magento 2 Out-of-Stock Notification for a tailored user experience.

  • Learn how to configure and optimize Magento 2 Product Alerts for price and stock status changes, maximizing customer engagement.

  • Understand the impact of timely restocking and recovering potentially lost sales for e-commerce success.

  • Explore best practices for effective implementation of Magento 2 Out-of-Stock Notification.

  • Discover the importance of Magento analytics in tracking subscriber numbers and email engagement for informed inventory management decisions.

What is Magento 2 Out-of-Stock Notification?

Magento 2 Out-of-Stock Notification is a feature that allows customers to subscribe to unavailable items. When these products become available again, customers are notified. Magento retailers can utilize this feature to manage Magento inventory and boost sales by understanding market demand.

The Out-of-Stock Notification feature helps Magento store owners analyze product demand from the subscription list. It helps enable more informed stock management and ultimately enhances ecommerce growth.

Key Features of Magento 2 Out-of-Stock Notification

  1. Product Subscriptions: This feature enables customers to subscribe to products currently out of stock but in demand. It allows customers to receive notifications when these items become available.

  2. Category Compatibility: Magento 2 Out-of-Stock Notification seamlessly supports all default product categories in Magento 2. It includes configurable, simple, and Magento bundled products, ensuring its applicability across various product types.

  3. One-Time Notifications: Customers can receive a one-time notification when an item they are interested in goes out of stock. It helps them stay informed about product availability changes.

  4. Administrative Control: Magento store administrators can enable or disable low-stock or out-of-stock notifications per their business requirements. It grants them control over this feature's functionality.

  5. Quantity Customization: Administrators can define the threshold quantity that triggers low-stock notifications, allowing them to manage inventory more effectively.

  6. Customizable Frontend: The admin can customize the text on the frontend subscribe button, ensuring alignment with your Magento storefront's branding and messaging.

  7. Notice Message Configuration: Store administrators can customize the notice message above the subscription box. It provides additional information or instructions to customers regarding the subscription process.

Benefits of Using Magento 2 Out-of-Stock Notification

1. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

The Magento 2 Out-of-Stock Notification feature allows customers to subscribe for alerts, eliminating the need to check for product availability continuously. They receive email notifications when desired items are back in stock, increasing customer satisfaction. It contributes to higher Magento conversion rates and builds trust and customer loyalty.

2. Improved Customer Communication

Magento Out-of-Stock notification enables more effective customer communication by facilitating quick email notifications when products are restocked. It ensures customers do not miss out on desired purchases from your store.

Moreover, it centralizes information about customer preferences. It helps owners decide which products to prioritize for restocking, thus ensuring your inventory aligns with customer demand.

3. Timely Restocking of Popular Products

Maintaining a consistent supply of popular products is crucial for e-commerce success. Magento 2 Out-of-Stock Notification provides alerts before items run out, allowing you to reorder and replenish your inventory promptly. It keeps customers satisfied as their favorite items remain available when needed, ultimately resulting in higher Magento sales and customer retention.

4. Recovering Lost Sales

When products are out of stock on your ecommerce website, potential customers may turn to competitors for their purchases, resulting in lost sales. The out-of-stock notification feature resolves this issue by promptly informing customers about restocked products. It encourages users to complete their intended purchases on your Magento platform, thus recovering potentially lost sales.

5. Creating Social Proof

The Out-of-stock notification highlights a product's popularity and serves as social proof. It demonstrates the genuine demand for the product. It often leads to establishing a waiting list, further increasing its desirability and sales potential. This feature showcases the product's appeal, influencing potential buyers to join the waitlist.

Best Practices for Magento Out-of-Stock Notifications

  1. Prominent Placement: Ensure the out-of-stock notification option is prominently positioned and easily visible on your website.

  2. Utilize Multiple Channels: Consider using text messages as an alternative notification channel besides email. Collecting customer email addresses and contact numbers is essential to facilitate effective communication. It increases the likelihood of reaching customers promptly.

  3. Immediate Notification: Notify your customers promptly when a previously out-of-stock item becomes available again in your online store. Delayed notifications may reduce customer interest in making a purchase.

  4. Clear Subscription Process: Ensure that the process for customers to subscribe to out-of-stock notifications is straightforward and user-friendly. Avoid unnecessary steps or complex procedures that may discourage sign-ups.

  5. Customizable Alerts: Provide customers with the option to customize their Magento notification preferences, such as frequency (immediate, daily, weekly) and preferred notification channel (email, text message).

  6. Accurate Inventory Management: Maintain accurate and up-to-date inventory records to ensure products are correctly labeled as out of stock. Regularly audit your inventory to avoid disappointing customers with false notifications.

  7. Personalized Messaging: Tailored notification messages should be clear, concise, and customer-centric. Address customers by name when possible, and include essential product information in the notifications.

  8. Privacy and Data Security: Prioritize customer privacy and data security when collecting and storing contact information. Communicate your data handling practices and obtain consent for notifications.

Steps to Set Up Magento 2 Out-Of-Stock Notification

  1. Access the Magento Admin toolbar and click on Stores.

  2. In the Settings menu, select Configuration.

  3. In the Configuration window, click Catalog and choose Inventory from the sidebar.

  4. Locate the Stock Options section.

Magento 2 admin panel showing stock options setup for out-of-stock notification feature

  1. Under Display Out of Stock Products, choose Yes.

Magento 2 configuration settings to display out of stock products for customer alerts

  1. Finally, click Save Config in the top right corner to save your settings.

What are Magento 2 Product Alerts?

Magento 2 Product Alerts refer to a notification system where customers subscribe to a product page to receive Magento email updates regarding product price or stock status changes. This system encompasses two types of alerts: Product Price Alert and Product In-Stock Alert.

It allows customers to purchase the product at a more favorable price and be promptly informed when a desired item becomes available again.

How to Configure Product Alerts in Magento 2

  1. Go to Admin Panel > Stores > Configuration > Catalog > Catalog and locate the Product Alerts section.

Step-by-step guide on configuring product alerts in Magento 2 for customer engagement

  1. Under Allow Alert When Product Comes Back in Stock, select Yes to notify customers when previously sold-out products become available again.

  2. Choose the desired template for the in-stock notification under the Stock Alert Email Template.

  3. For notifying customers of price changes, set Allow Alert When Product Price Changes to Yes.

  4. Select the Magento template you wish to use for price alert notifications under the Price Alert Email Template.

  5. Under Alert Email Sender, choose the appropriate store contact for sending email alerts. You have three options: General Contact, Sales Representative, or Customer Support.

  6. Click Save Config in the top right corner to save your Magento configuration.

Steps to Configure Magento Product Alerts: Run Settings

  1. In the Magento Admin panel, navigate to Stores > Configuration > Catalog > Catalog, and expand the Product Alerts Run Settings section.

Detailed view of run settings configuration for Magento 2 product alerts system

  1. Determine the frequency at which you want Magento 2 product alerts sent.

  2. Choose the start time for sending the alerts. Product alerts should align with product price and inventory changes to avoid issues.

  3. Specify the recipient for Magento error email notifications if problems occur during product alert delivery.

  4. Set the sender and template for error email notifications under Error Email Sender and Error Email Template.

  5. Ensure you save your configuration by clicking the Save Config button.


1. What is the purpose of the Magento 2 Out-of-Stock Notification feature?

The Magento 2 Out-of-Stock Notification feature allows customers and store owners to subscribe to unavailable items. When products are back in stock, customers receive automated email updates. This feature is essential for businesses to keep customers informed about product inventory updates.

2. How does the Magento 2 Out-of-Stock Notification function benefit store owners?

For store owners, this feature serves as an automated solution to track product stock. It aids in understanding customer needs by tracking backorders and restocks. Administrators can efficiently manage product restocking, ensuring a smoother Magento shopping experience for customers and reducing the likelihood of items being on backorder.

3. Can the Magento 2 Out-of-Stock Notification extension be customized for specific customer groups?

Yes, the extension allows store administrators to tailor stock alerts for various Magento customer groups. This Magento customization option enhances the customer experience by offering personalized notification options that align with diverse customer preferences.

4. What are the key differences between Magento 2 Product Alerts and the Out-of-Stock Notification module?

Magento 2 Product Alerts encompass back-in-stock and price alerts, notifying subscribers about product status changes. Conversely, the Out-of-Stock Notification module focuses solely on restock alerts, informing subscribers when previously unavailable items are back in stock.

5. How does the Magento 2 Out-of-Stock Notification module affect business marketing strategies?

The module enhances Magento marketing strategies by creating social proof through stock subscription options. It showcases product popularity and potential demand. It potentially influences visitor behavior on the site, including guest visitors, impacting conversion rates.

6. Is there a requirement for developers to integrate the Magento 2 Out-of-Stock Notification feature?

No, the feature is readily available within the Magento 2 backend. Store administrators can activate this function via the dashboard's configuration settings. It does not require any additional development or plugin installation.

7. Can store owners access analytics regarding the effectiveness of the Magento 2 Out-of-Stock Notification feature?

Yes, the feature often includes an analytics dashboard. Store owners can track the number of subscribers, email open rates, and subsequent conversions from restock notifications. It provides valuable insights for inventory management and customer engagement strategies.


Magento 2 out-of-stock notification feature allows customers to subscribe to unavailable items and receive notifications upon restocking. This tutorial covered the configuration steps and benefits of the Magento 2 out-of-stock notification feature for enhanced customer satisfaction and inventory management.

You can enhance your Magento store's performance by exploring optimized Magento server hosting solutions, ensuring seamless operations and efficient customer experiences.

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