Magento Ecommerce Services in India: Top Development Companies

Magento Ecommerce Services in India: Top Development Companies

Are you looking for a functional ecommerce platform? Consider Magento eCommerce as a strong option for your needs. These services will help you with Magento development. They cover custom Magento solutions and Magento ecommerce development.

This article will explore the various Magento ecommerce services available in India. It will help you navigate the options and choose the best services for your needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand Magento Ecommerce development.
  • Learn about the benefits of Magento development services.
  • Discover the range of Magento ecommerce services available in India.

What Are Magento Ecommerce Services?

With built-in PHP, Magento helps programmers create Magento ecommerce websites. It empowers businesses to create captivating online experiences and drive sales.

Magento has a range of services, from development to maintenance and support. Major brands, like Nike and Samsung, use this open source platform. They use it to launch their online stores.

Benefits of Magento Ecommerce Services In India

1. Product Management

Get access to comprehensive inventory tracking and enhance the overall shopping experience. Use this feature during product setup and updates to provide detailed product information.

For Example, you can insert multiple images per product and review optional products. You can also create a favorites list for a smooth user experience.

2. Category Management

Simplify the process of finding and selecting products. Set it up during the initial site configuration and update it regularly.

For Example, you can keep the categories relevant and easy for customers to navigate.

3. Inventory Management

Keep track of your inventory to prevent stockouts or overstocking. Monitor stock levels during sales and seasonal peaks.

For Example, you can manage stock levels and support product imports and exports.

4. Client Account

Get detailed account management features (e.g., account status, transaction history, preferred catalogs, address book, and shopping cart management). Set up the account during user registration to provide personalized user experiences.

For Example, you can enhance the account regularly to maintain engagement.

5. Customer Service

Enhance customer interaction with contact forms and detailed follow-up options. Ensure customer satisfaction through email services. Implement this at site launch to ensure high satisfaction levels.

For Example, you can use this to respond to customer inquiries and feedback.

6. Order Management

Ensure smooth and efficient order handling. Streamline the entire order process from purchase to fulfillment.

7. Payments

Incorporate a wide range of payment methods (e.g., credit cards, PayPal,, and Google Checkout). Also, external payment modules like CyberSource, ePay, and eWAY can be used. Configure your store during the initial setup. Remember to update and include new payment methods.

8. Search Technology

Make it easier for customers to find products. Optimize this feature regularly to improve search accuracy.

For Example, you can implement user-friendly search capabilities with support for Google Sitemap.

9. International Support

Enable businesses to cater to a global audience. Apply this feature during the initial setup of your ecommerce store.

For example, you can offer multi-lingual and multi-currency features. This will let you target a global audience.

10. Promotional and Marketing Tools

Boost sales and customer engagement. Attract and retain customers during marketing campaigns and sales periods.

For Example, includes features for creating coupons, promotions, and other marketing strategies.

11. Analysis and Reporting

Integrate with Google Analytics to provide multiple reporting options. Continuously track performance metrics and make informed business decisions.

For Example, you can help businesses track performance and make data-driven decisions.

Top 10 Magento Ecommerce Development Companies In India

1. Krish TechnoLabs

Magento eCommerce services by Krish TechnoLabs

Krish TechnoLabs provides one of the best Magento web development services in India. Their experienced team of Magento developers provides top-notch Magento ecommerce development services. Here, developers contribute to its development of online stores with end-to-end Magento development.


  • Fully Managed Magento Hosting
  • End-to-end Magento Development Services
  • Free Migration and Development Project Assistance
  • Magento Website Development Services
  • Comprehensive Support and Maintenance Services


Services start at around $25 per hour. Customized packages are available to fit different project needs.

2. Orange Mantra

Leading Magento development company Orange Mantra

Orange Mantra in India is a leading Magento web development company in India. It is renowned for delivering scalable Magento solutions. It caters to a diverse clientele. It also provides comprehensive services for an enhanced online shopping experience.


  • Custom Magento Design
  • Performance Optimization
  • Cloud Integration
  • Migration Services
  • Post-Launch Support and Maintenance Services


Services start at approximately $20 per hour. Customized packages are available to fit different project requirements.

3. Orion InfoSolutions

Custom Magento website development by Orion InfoSolutions

Orion InfoSolutions is a renowned Magento development company in India. It is known for its innovative solutions and simple customizations. Examples include store development and enterprise solutions. They also include multi-store setups, third-party integrations, and mobile app conversions. Custom theme design and development in Magento 2 are also a part of it.


  • End-to-End Magento Development
  • WooCommerce Development
  • Magento Extension Development
  • Prestashop Development
  • Shopify Development


Services start at $25 per hour. Customized packages are available based on different project requirements.

4. Magneto IT Solutions

Comprehensive Magento eCommerce services by Magneto IT Solutions

Magneto IT Solutions specializes in providing comprehensive Magento ecommerce development services. It focuses on creating scalable and robust ecommerce solutions. Its Magento app development platform helps create a high-performing Magento store. It does this by using the latest software development solutions.


  • Magento Marketplace Development
  • Magento API Development
  • Magento Extension Development
  • Custom Magento 2 Development
  • Magento B2B Development


Services start at $30 per hour, with project-based pricing available.

5. TatvaSoft

ERP and CRM integration services by TatvaSoft

TatvaSoft offers a wide range of tailor-made and end-to-end customized Magento services. It also includes mobile app development and web development. It has cloud solutions, big data and analytics, and testing and QA services. Magento experts provide tailored solutions to meet diverse ecommerce goals.


  • Custom Magento Store Development
  • Magento Integration Solutions
  • Magento Upgrade Services
  • Post-Development Support and Maintenance Services
  • SEO and Marketing Services


Pricing starts at $20 per hour, with flexible engagement models.

6. Aureate Labs

Digital marketing solutions for Magento by Aureate Labs

Aureate Labs is a trusted name in Magento ecommerce website development. It uses a special feature called the Headless Commerce. Through this, it delivers customer-focused experiences for global brands. Its expertise lies in providing comprehensive eCommerce solutions. Examples include UI/UX design, development, and ongoing support for both B2C and B2B clients.


  • Custom Magento Development
  • PWA Development for Magento
  • Magento Performance Optimization
  • Hyva Frontend Integration
  • Magento Migration Services


Hourly rates start at $35, with custom project pricing available.

7. Foreignerds INC

UX/UI design services by Foreignerds for better user experience

Foreigners INC's Magento developers offer Magento web development services. It offers dedicated digital business solutions for small, mid, and large-scale enterprises.



Services start at $25 per hour. Comprehensive packages are available based on project needs.

8. Planet Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Scalable Magento eCommerce solutions by Planet Web Solutions

Planet Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a prominent Magento Ecommerce store development company. Its dynamic team of Magento developers provides curated Magento development services in India.



Hourly rates begin at $28, with custom pricing plans available for larger projects.

9. Ceymox Technologies

Flexible Magento development services by Ceymox Technologies

Ceymox Technologies is one of the leading Magento ecommerce platforms for online businesses. Their development team delivers innovative and customized eCommerce solutions. They provide services that add immense value to the development process.


  • Magento Store Development and Management
  • Magento Hyva Theme Development
  • Custom Magento Theme Development
  • Magento PWA Development
  • Magento 2 Consulting


Services start at approximately $20 per hour. Tailored packages are available based on specific project needs.

10. FutureSoft India

Continuous improvement in Magento services by FutureSoft India

FutureSoft India is a reputable Magento store development company in India. It delivers refined ecommerce solutions that drive business success. They ensure their user-friendly ecommerce services can help grow your Magento store.


  • Multi-Vendor Marketplace Development
  • Multi-Channel and Headless Commerce
  • App Integration Services
  • Store Customization
  • Migration and Upgrades


Services start at around $18 per hour. Custom packages are available based on the complexity and requirements of the project.


1. What to consider when choosing a Magento development company?

Look for experience, expertise, client reviews, range of services, and pricing. Ensure the company has certified Magento developers and a proven track record.

2. How much does Magento development typically cost?

Hourly rates for Magento development in India range from $20 to $35. Project-based pricing depends on the complexity and scope of the project.

3. What are the benefits of using a Magento development company in India?

India offers cost-effective solutions and access to a large pool of skilled developers. Companies in India are known for their quality and client-centric approach.

4. Can Magento companies in India handle custom Magento development?

Yes. These companies offer tailored solutions to meet unique business requirements. They provide ongoing support and maintenance.

5. What makes Magento a popular choice for e-commerce in India?

Magento is flexible, scalable, and highly customizable. It is ideal for businesses that want to create unique and engaging online stores.

6. Can Magento integrate with advanced technologies like AI and AR?

Yes. Magento can integrate with advanced technologies such as AI and AR. It allows businesses to offer personalized shopping experiences and interactive features.

7. What are the security features of Magento?

Magento supports multiple payment gateways and SSL certificates. It has built-in security features to protect customer data and ensure secure transactions.



Magento ecommerce services in India offer comprehensive support, including custom development, maintenance, and optimization for businesses of all sizes. It is used to:

  • Create ecommerce websites with inbuilt PHP.
  • Offer comprehensive solutions, including development, maintenance, and customization.
  • Implement multi-lingual and multi-currency operations for their businesses in India.
  • Explore benefits, including robust product, inventory, and order management.

Explore the benefits of advanced Magento server hosting options to empower your Magento ecommerce services in India.

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