Magento 2 Fax Field: Show Fax Field In Magento 2 in 6 Steps

Magento 2 Fax Field: Show Fax Field In Magento 2 in 6 Steps

Want to collect your customers’ fax number details? Magento 2 fax field can help you do so. It lets businesses enhance customer interaction. It allows seamless collection of fax numbers during registration or checkout. This article explains why and how to enable the Magento 2 fax field.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the Magento 2 fax field and its setup.

  • Learn to activate the fax field for customer use.

  • Explore benefits in customer interaction and legal compliance.

  • Discover its utility across various industries.

  • Gain insights into communication and operational enhancements.

What is Magento 2 FAX Field?

What is Magento 2 Fax Field

The fax field in Magento 2 is a configurable option within the customer information settings. It allows the collection of fax numbers during registration or checkout.

By default, Magento 2 includes this option but leaves it to the store admin to activate it if needed. This flexibility lets admins tailor the registration form to suit their business requirements and customer preferences better.

Enabling the fax field involves a few simple steps within the Magento 2 admin panel. Store administrators can choose to make the fax field visible and required. It ensures it appears on customer address forms. This setup is especially useful for businesses that need comprehensive contact details for their operations.

Why Use Fax Field in Magento 2?

Reasons Explanations
Comprehensive Data Collection Enables the collection of complete contact information. Useful for businesses that value detailed customer profiles.
Flexibility in Customer Interaction Allows communication through traditional methods. Preferred by some businesses and customers.
Enhanced Customer Service Facilitates quick dispatch of documents like Magento invoices or contracts via fax. Meets specific customer needs.
Legal and Documentation Needs Useful in industries where faxed documents are considered legal and binding. Provides a reliable method of transmission.


Steps to Show Fax Field in Magento 2 Store

  1. Access Your Admin Panel: Start by logging into your Magento 2 admin panel. It is your control center for making any configuration changes.

Access Admin Panel to Configure Magento 2 Fax Field

  1. Go to Store Settings: Once logged in, navigate to the Stores menu. From there, select Settings followed by Customers.

Store Settings for Magento 2 Fax Field

  1. Adjust Customer Configuration: Under the Customers menu, click on Customer Configuration. This area allows you to customize how customer information is gathered and displayed.

Customer Configuration for Magento 2 Fax Field

  1. Expand Address Options: Look for the section titled Name and Address Options and expand it. Here, you will find various fields related to customer addresses that can be adjusted.

Address Option in Magento 2 Fax Field

  1. Enable Fax Field: Find the field labeled Show Fax and set it to Required. This action will make the fax field visible and mandatory for customers during the checkout process or when managing their accounts.

Enable Magento 2 Fax Field

  1. Save Your Configuration: Don’t forget to save your changes by clicking on the Save Config button at the top right of the screen. It will apply your new settings.


Use Cases and Benefits of Magento 2 Fax Field

Use Cases Benefits
Legal Industries Faxes are often legally binding. They are essential for contracts and official documents.
Medical and Healthcare Quick and secure transmission of patient records and prescriptions. Used where digital methods are not preferred.
Manufacturing and Supply Facilitates rapid order confirmations and dispatch advice. Ensures timely communication in supply chain processes.
Financial Services Immediate transmission of signed forms or applications. Speeds up processing times.

Best Practices for Magento 2 Fax Field

Practice Description
Verify Compatibility Ensure Magento 2 is updated for compatibility and security.
Test Functionality Test the fax field in a staging environment before going live.
Provide Clear Instructions Offer clear explanations on forms for why fax details are needed.
Assess Field Utility Regularly evaluate the necessity of the fax field for your business.
Secure Data Transmission Use encryption for fax data to enhance security.

Troubleshooting Common Errors for Magento 2 Fax Field

Issue Solution
Fax Field Not Displaying Check 'Show Fax' settings, save configuration, and clear cache.
Data Not Saving Verify database permissions and check for interfering scripts or modules.
Compatibility with Custom Themes Update theme files to include the fax field, and consider professional help.
Fax Transmission Errors Ensure fax settings and services are correct; check logs and contact support.


1. How do I enable the fax field in the checkout process for Magento 2?

To enable the fax field in the checkout process for Magento 2, start by logging into your admin panel. Navigate to 'Stores' then 'Settings' and select 'Customers.' Click on 'Customer Configuration', and under 'Name and Address Options,' find and set the 'Show Fax' field to 'Required.' Don't forget to save your changes to ensure the fax field appears during checkout.

2. What is the purpose of collecting fax number subtleties during registration in Magento 2?

Collecting fax number subtleties during registration in Magento 2 allows businesses to gather complete contact information. This is particularly useful for enhanced customer service and legal compliance, as faxed documents can be considered binding and official.

3. Can customers still use fax machines to send information if I enable the fax field?

Yes, enabling the fax field in your Magento 2 store allows customers who still use fax machines to send information directly to your business. This method facilitates the quick transmission of documents like invoices or contracts.

4. What is meant by "Fax is the telephonic transmission of scanned printed material"?

Fax, or telefacsimile, is the telephonic transmission of scanned printed material, such as text and images, usually to a telephone number connected to a printer or other output device. In the context of Magento hosting, it refers to the ability to receive faxed orders or customer information securely.

5. How does integrating the fax field impact the comment and copy elements on a website?

Integrating the fax field allows you to add comments or copy regarding fax usage directly on the registration form in Magento 2. It helps inform customers about the option to transmit information via fax, ensuring they are aware of all the communication methods available to them.



Configuring the Magento 2 fax field unlocks new communications channels for e-stores. It offers several key benefits:

  • Enhanced Communication: Enables comprehensive customer interaction through traditional methods.

  • Legal Compliance: Provides a reliable method for transmitting legally binding documents.

  • Improved Service: Allows quick dispatch of documents like invoices or contracts.

  • Flexibility: Adapts to different business needs and customer preferences.

  • Business Efficiency: Facilitates operations across various industries, enhancing workflow and documentation processes.

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